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Session 6 of the Chairman's Journal September 5, 1829 - July 20, 1830 Vol 1, 169 - 233, and 236


Sepr. 5Chairman return

The Chairman resumed his Duties at the university.

Subproctor's report. A report was received from the Assistant-Proctor(P43631) regarding the Police of the Institution during the Vacation.


[EVENT: Student Status:Readmission  ] Carr readmission. A letter was received from Mr. W. Carr(P29459) requesting to be readmitted to the University & processing well for the future ( See June 25)

Carr(P29459) to enter. [EVENT: Student Status:Readmission  ]  The case was laid before the Faculty in the Evening & the petition agreed to unanimously.

[EVENT: Boarding  ] Hotelkeepers instructed. The Secretary of the Faculty was requested to make Known to the Hotelkeepers the regulation of the Board of Visiters regarding the cleaning of Dormitories etc.


Gordon(P34060) not of age. Genl. Gordon(P47637) called to [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] admit his Son to certain classes. He was not yet 16, but wanted a month or two only: The Chairman received Him on his own responsibility.

Lewis Do.Mr. Lewis(P31105) was similarly circumstanced & admitted.

Gillespie in re [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ]  admission. A letter was received from a Mr. Gillespie(P31290) regarding his entering the University which was answered.


Sepr. 8.

Notice of Lectures. [EVENT: University Administration  ]  The Secretary to the Faculty was directed to put up a Notice of the hours of lecturing and eating.


Walton Gambling. Mr. Walton(P30361) was spoken to – the Chairman(P43624) having heard that he had [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Gambling  ]  played cards during the vacation. He said he had but would not repeat it. – His object was to be very studious during the ensuing session.

Temple Dismissal. Mr. Temple(P21774), a student of last session, received an [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ]  Honorable dismissal.

B. Moseley & C. Johnston offences during vacation. Messrs. B. Moseley(30883) and Ch. Johnston(P23571) confirmed of by the A. Proctor(P43631) of [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Gambling  ] having played cards during the vacation. Called voluntarily to report themselves: they declared that they played merely for amusement: and that they certainly would not have done even that during the Session. They were admonished.

Janitor Complained of. The Janitor(P43949) was informed that the Professors had Complained of his want of industry during the vacation.

SubProctor residence.[EVENT: Boarding  ] The SubProctor was told that Mr. Randolph(P43648) permitted him to occupy the hotel(PL8435) in which he now resides with his Family.

Proctor(P43627) in re Dormitories. The Proctor was informed that he had better reserve the right of nailing up the intermediate door in the Dormitories, should circumstances require it. This was done after a consultation with Messrs. Randolph(P43648) &Cabell( P43614).

End of the Vacation.


Session of the University of Virginia


1829 & 1830

Commencing Sepr. 10th. 1829.

Sepr. 10th.

Mr. Saunders in re admission. Mr. Saunders was desirous of Knowing whether a poor nephew of his, whom he is desirous of lending to the University [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ]  could be admitted without uniform, as he was already provided with Clothes. The Chairman(P43624) said that, as it was a case of Poverty, he would consider it sufficient for the youth to provide himself with a uniform coat. Mr. Saunders likewise said that it was a general complaint in the neighborhood that the lectures began so early, they could not breakfast in time for the students who might reside in their families. The Chairman(P43624) informed that there was no power of altering the hours of lecture.

Mr. Meriwether in re [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ]  admission. Mr. Meriwether(P44730) called with three young gentlemen who had a letter stating that Mr. M. had power from their guardian to select classes for them. The Proctor(P43627) had very properly referred the case to the Chairman(P43624), to know whether their delegated Authority were sufficient. The Chairman instructed the Proctor [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] to admit them Mr. Meriwether wished farther for permission to board and lodge them. These students being relations of his, permission was granted subject to the approval of the Faculty(CB0105).

Mr. Gray in re admission. Dr. Harrison(P25515) called with a Mr. Gray(P44745), candidate for admission into the University, but who will not be 16 until January. the Chairman(P43624) considered it [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] right to receive him into the Institution, but not to matriculate; Dr. H. said he would reside in his house with him.


Sept. 11.

Instructions of subProctor. Mr. Wertenbaker(P43631) [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] was especially instructed to take charge of the Duties of Police – to inspect the Dormitories and Hotels etc. according to the Enactments.

Mr. Royal in re [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] admission. Mr. Royal(P25410) desired to know whether he would be compelled to take the ticket of the Professor of [EVENT: Course Reference:Chemistry  ] Chemistry and [EVENT: Course Reference:Materia Medica  ] Materia Medica, having already attended one session – in order to graduate in the Medical School – the Chairman(P43624) informed Mr. Royal that there was no other requisite than qualifications.


SubProctor Residence - Music Master. The assistant Proctor(P43631) being desirous of occupying his [EVENT: Boarding  ] hotel(hotel), soley, Mr. Bigelow(P44369) - the Music Teacher – assented another room. The Fencing Room was assigned to him so as not to interfere.

SubProctor - Stock on Lawn. The assistant Proctor(P43631) was informed that Stock were, every night, on the lawn. He was directed to consult with the Proctor on the subject.

Proctor's Commission. [EVENT: University Administration:Banking  ] The assistant Proctor(P43631) consulted the Chairman(P43624) regarding some complaint which had been made about the Proctor(P43627)'s commission: the Proctor seemed to the Chairman to be acting Correctly- the complaint was that he charged a commission upon all that was deposited with him, instead of upon that which he “administered”!!

Somervail in re [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] admission of his wards. Dr. Somervail(P44696) of Essex(PL4389) requested the Chairman(P43624) to direct the Studies of his wards – J.(P36321) & A.(P26410) Baynham – a letter to this effect was Accordingly written to the Proctor(P43627).


[EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] Mr. L. Perry certificate in favor of. The Chairman(P43624) received a letter from Mr. Davis(P33195) in favor of Mr. Luther Perry(P44368), a candidate for reception into the University, who had been dismissed 4 years ago: and from Mr. Mosby, in favor of Mr. Radford(P29842) a dimissed student.

Meeting of Faculty(CB0105). At a meeting held at the house of Dr. Emmet(P43625) several matters were brought before the Faculty, as contained in the minutes of that body.


Sepr 15.

[EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] Mr. Radford allowed to matriculate. Mr Radford(P29842) was permitted to matriculate on pledging himself to the Chairman(P43624) to obey the rules and regulations of the university.

[EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] Mr. L. Perry(P44368) allowed to matriculate. Mr. Luther Perry was allowed to matriculate In pledging himself to obey the rules and regulations of the University.


[EVENT: Student Conduct:Clubs and Organizations  ] Patrick Henry Society. Messrs Wickham(P34257)&Radford(P29842)requested leave for the Patrick Henry society(CB0087) to meet in a room of the Hotel(PL8434) recently occuppied by Mr. Minor(P44605). [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Temporary permission was granted.

Mr. Leitch to [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] Matriculate. Mr. Leitch(P28166), not yet of ago, matriculated a month in two of it, was allowed to attend lectures until he could legally matriculate.

Mr. Gretter is re [EVENT: Student Status  ] graduation. Mr. Gretter(P30464) is desirous of offering himself for graduation in[EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Mental Philosophy in the course of a month. He was told that rules were about to be made that graduation might take place at particular periods, and that his case would then he considered.


Circular to Parents. The Chairman(P43624) prepared a Circular for the Proctor(P43627) to be sent to the Parent or Guardian of each Matriculate, according to the Enactments.

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was directed to have a copy of the Bye Laws of the University suspended in each hotel: and to remind the Hotelkeepers of the Bill of Fare made out last Session ( see Jany. 24.)


Mr. Wilkinson.Dr. Patterson(P43634) mentioned to the Chairman(P43624) that he had Received a letter from Mr. Geo. Taylor requesting that Mr. Rob. Wilkinson(P30691) – a disorderly student of last session might be again admitted to the Institution and he (DP.) requested a meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) to consider the subject. The Chairman had been more alarmed for the permanent discipline of the place by this proposition than by any thing which has occurred since the commencement of the University.

An applicant for [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] admission into the University.


By a reference to the Chairman’s Book for Oct. 15 the [EVENT: BoV Meeting  ] Board of Visitors will discover that a report reached the Chairman(P43624)of great drunkenness existing and considerable disturbance in the road between the University and Charlottesville: The informant afterwards stated that one of these disorderly persons was Rob. Wilkinson(P30691) This young man had been admitted by the Procter(P43627) in promising to furnish a certificate from West Point(CB0187) where he had previously been – this certificate has not been furnished to this date. Mr. Wilkinson on having examined on [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] the change of drunkenness. (see Oct. 16) admitted the fact & on being told that the Chairman(P43624) must mention the fact to his Father – W.(P30691) begged this course might not be pursued; and he would pledge his word and honour not to repeat the violation of that or any other enactment. a few months after this the young man was again found intoxicated and, there was every reason for believing was in habit of dissipation: the Faculty(CB0105) dismissed him: but on the petition of certain students to "suspend the sentence" and offering to be his sureties and to give afirmation of any repetition of the offence : he was again accused. On the 8th of June (see Chairman’s Book) Mr. Parker(P44703), one of the sureties called upon the Chairman to say he had reason to believe that Wilkinson was still in habit of drinking & farther begging leave to be withdrawn from his suretyship: The Chairman advised him to hold on & not to tell Wilkinson that he had been to the Chairman but to threaten W. he would do so, if he had any further reason for suspicion. The session having so near to close and fearing that the Faculty(CB0105) would certainly dismiss him &leave him to pursue the dictates of his own dangerous volition impelled the Chairman to this course: [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] whilst he at the same time wrote (June 29) to Wilkinson’s father desiring him to have some one to take charge of him, stating that he believed the Faculty(CB0105) would certainly readmit him the following session.

Even after this at the final examination, W.(P30691) delivered in a most disrespectful paper to one of the Professors, but as he disclaimed all intention of offending, nothing was done to him under this time of offences. Unmitigated by a single redeeming good quality – the Chairman(P43624) expressed himself to D.P.(P43634) as most


firmly opposed to the young Man's readmission: as if he could not conduct himself in the right path when under sureties There was no prospect of his doing so without them: & as besides, in the Chairman’s opinion the sentence was merely suspended during the existence of this guardianship: and evidence of improvement would consequently be necessary before he could be again received into the Institution.

The Chairman(P43624) stated to Dr. Patterson(P43634) his conviction that the majority of the members of the Faculty(CB0105) would certainly refuse him [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ]  admission : but he at the same time, stated that if the sense of the Faculty(CB0105) were desired by him, he would call them together.


Mr. Conway(P43888)complained of Mr. Wertenbaker(P43631). Mr. Conway complained that Mr. Wertenbaker should have found fault with his having received a young man into his Hotel(PL8432) & Dormitory who was not a Student. The Chairman(P43624) said Mr. Werterbaker had acted correctly. Mr. Conway in his own excuse said that Mr Brockenbrough(P43627) had sent the young man to him.


Assistant Proctor. The assistant Proctor(P43631) was directed to place up a Copy of the Enactment regarding uniforms.

Meeting of the Faculty(CB0105). The Faculty were requested to meet at the house of the Chairman(P43624), who consulted them regarding the [EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] admission of two young gentlemen, who were desirous of attending only two classes & had no written permission from their guardians. The Faculty(CB0105) advised the Chairman to admit them, subject to the approval of the Guardians. Dr. Patterson(P43634) at this meeting brought forward the case of Mr. Wilkinson(P30691) (see 19): the Faculty were so decided against his reception that no vote was taken.

Order sanctions. The Chairman(P43624) sanctioned the purchase of Cavallo's Philosophy by Mr Harris of Mr MClelland.


Janitor objected to. The Chairman(P43624) informed the Janitor(P43949) that the Professors objected strongly to his insolence and inefficiency. The Chairman himself has the same remarks to make.


and a day or two ago the Proctor(P43627) in complaining of him, said he could get Billy Johnson(P44749) & a young man of the name of Brockmann(P44750) to preform the duties, he thought, for the same money. This the Chairman(P43624) mentioned to the Faculty(CB0105) who seemed to approve of the arrangement.

Proctor in re Gilliam. The Proctor(P43627) wished to know whether a Mr. John W. Gillian might [EVENT: Boarding  ] occupy the same rooms as two of his friends. This would give a preponderance of 3 to Mr Gray(P44367) – The Chairman(P43624) sanctioned the assignment, leaving the Proctor to make up the deficiency in the other hotels by the next mon.

Mr Neale(P37172)wrote to the Chairman(P43624) [EVENT: Student Status:Dropping a Class  ] to request leave, for reasons stated in his note, to quit the class of [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy. The Chairman(P43624) said he would contact the Faculty(CB0105) thereon.


Mr. McCulloch(P26207) for his diploma. Mr Rob McCulloch(P44752) wrote to the Chairman for a [EVENT: Student Status  ] Diploma for his son, who had graduated in the [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine  ] School of Medicine. The Chairman(P43624) informed him that the Diploma should be finished, as soon as the new printed form arrived from Philadelphia(PL4362).

Anderson Uniform.Mr. Anderson(P30121) requested permission to wear a light jacket during the warm weather. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Permission was granted.

Professor's Cows. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) complained that the Students were incommoded by the Professors' Cows. The Chairman(P43624) informed some of the Professors of the circumstance.

[EVENT: Student Status:Dropping a Class  ]  Mr. Cary Selden in re Classes. Mr. Cary Selden(P44754) begged to know whether he could be allowed to leave the School of [EVENT: Course Reference:Ancient Languages  ] Ancient Languages & join that of [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy. The Chairman(P43624) referred him to the Professors of those Schools.


Students to join Cotillion Parties. Messrs Henderson(P23394), Daniel(P42814), King(P39880), Gretter(P30464), Anderson(P30121) and Barclay(P31399) desired leave to visit Charlottesville(PL4204) this evening for a Cotillion Party. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ]  Permission was granted.

Alleys inspected. Complaints having been made of the Laws of the Professor rendering the alleys offensive. The Chairman(P43624) inspected them with the Ass. Proctor(P43631) and suggested alterations.


Sepr 26.

Mr. McClelland Uniform. Mr. McClelland(P43847) [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ]  apologized for having been out of Uniform: he said his clothes were not yet prepared.

A. Proctor Uniforms. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was reminded to notice any Breach of the [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] uniform Law.

Several Students were spoken to on the Subject of [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniforms.

Mr. Darniell(P23478) requested leave to go after dark to Charlottesville(PL4204). [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Permission granted.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Curfew Violation  ]  [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] One of the Students having played the Flute later than the hour of 10. Intimation was sent to him of the violation, after which he ceased.


[EVENT: General Misconduct:Theft  ] Negro stealing - flogged. The Chairman(P43624) having heard, that the fellow Thornton(P44757) had returned to the University and committed another fraud; and that certain Students had had things stolen from their rooms, he directed the assistant Proctor(P43631) to have the Man tried. This was done & he was directed to receive 39 lashes at the public whipping post.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Curfew Violation  ] Students absent at night without leave. Messrs Randolph(P44764), Scott(P36593) & Page(P25004) were reported by the A Proctor(P43631) as having been at a debating Society without leave. As the Law is in ?, and the gentlemen may not have been aware of it – the A. Proctor was directed to have it affixed in the diff hotels.

H. Carr [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] wearing a Dirk. Mr. Hollings Carr(P32474), reported to have worn a dirk was sent for - He denied the charge.

Mr. Tutwiler Junr. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ]  Uniform. Mr Tutwiler Junr(P23853) desired to be excused from wearing uniform for about a month: as his Brother is in the North & will bring the cloth with him. Mr. Tutwiler's circumstances seeming to the Chairman(P43624) to require an indulgence – [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] permission was granted.

Neale [EVENT: Student Status:Dropping a Class  ] to leave a class. At a social Meeting of the Faculty(CB0105), this evening, the Chairman(P43624) laid before the Faculty the case of Mr. Neal(P37172), desirous of learning the class of [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Permission was granted on the reason contained in the Petition. (on the File)


Sepr. 29.

Disturbance ar Mr. Xaupi's. A letter was received from Professor Patterson(P43634), stating he had some reason to belive that [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] several students were intoxicated late the late Cotillion Party at Mr Xaupi(P43832)'s – The A. Proctor(P43631) was instructed to go and see Mr. Xaupi and to inform him, of such were the fact the Chairman(P43624) would refuse all permission to the students to attend his parties.


Hotelkeepers absent. The Chairman(P43624) called upon Mr. Conway(P43888) & found he had gone to Orange. The absense of the Hotelkeepers giving rise to difficulties. The Chairman requested them to state their desire to quit the University to him in writing.

[EVENT: General Misconduct  ] Asst. Proctor Report. Mr Wertenbaker(P43631) exhibited a report of the duties in which he had been engaged- The report was approved. The Chairman(P43624) directed Mr Wertenbaker to by the effect of his own Authority in some of the minor cases such as those of early rising & uniform & not to appeal to them except his admonitions were disregarded.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] Mr. Willes late rising. Mr Wertenbaker(P43631)'s report having stated that Mr. Willes(P21842) said he might be marked as always late in bed. and that Mr. Wertenbaker might spare the necessity of reporting him. Mr. Willes was sent for. He said he had no desire to go against the laws – had no idea his remark would have been reported to the Chairman(P43624) although he admitted that the A. Proctor(P43631) might imagine he was in earnest, when he made it. The impropriety of lying so long in bed habitually, was pointed out to him. Having repeated his desire to observe every law of the University, he was admonished and discharged.

Wertenbaker & Dr. Blaettermann in re Xaupi(P43832). Mr Wertenbaker(P43631)'s report having stated that Mr Xaupi(P43832) mentioned Dr Blaettermann(P43621) as having been in another part of the house with some friends, on the night of the last Cotillion Party – a note was sent to Dr Blaettermann requesting him to call, when convenient, on the Chairman(P43624).

S. A Minor ,[EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] admission of a Student. Mr S. A. Minor(P44760) called to beg the admittance into the University of a relation who wanted a few months of being 16 on inquiry of the young man it appeared that he would not be 16 until the 8th of July next. [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] The application was, consequently, refused.


Oct 1.

Meeting of Faculty(CB0105). A meeting of the Faculty was called for the purpose of filling up circulars & for other business.

[EVENT: Boarding  ] Radford Eppes & McClelland to live outside. Mr Radford(P29842), Mr Eppes(P34324), and Mr McClelland(P32799) desired to live in a house outside the precincts - the two former in order to have greater facilities for study. The latter because his Chimney smoked. The Chairman(P43624) said he would attend, as far as he could, to their comforts, but that their new application could not possibly be granted. The plea argued by Mr McClelland, he was told, might be assured by almost every Student in the University as well as by the Chairman himself, during the prevalence of certain winds.

Dr Blaettermann in re Xaupi(P43832). Dr Blaettermann(P43621), whom the A. Proctor(P43631)'s report stated to have been present at a Cotillian party where there was [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] drinking said he saw none of it. He went for some of his family that were at the party.


Mr. Page [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ]  desires to quit. Mr Cary Selden Page(P25004) said his Mother wished him to leave the University: he [EVENT: Fee:Tuition  ] begged to know whether money could be refunded him. [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] The Chairman(P43624) said such had not been the custom.

Mr Gretter [EVENT: Student Status  ] in re Graduation. Mr Gretter(P30464) wished to know when he could be examined for graduation in [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Mental Philosophy. He was told that that depended upon the Professor and himself.

A Proctor Certificate. A certificate was given the A. Proctor(P43631) of having performed his Duty satisfactory to the Chairman(P43624) during the last three months.


[EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] J. H. Carr and Robt Walton violate the Enactments. The report of the Assistant Proctor(P43631) stated that John Hollings Carr(P32474) and Robt Walton(P30361) were frequently in the habit of visiting a Confectionary in the neighborhood. The investigation of the case was not entered into as Mr J Randolph(P44763) - a connexion of Mr Carr's was expected at the University in the course of the following day.

A. Proctor weekly report. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly report to the Chairman(P43624).


Mr Selden Student. Mr Cary Selden(P25004) called to beg the Chairman(P43624)’s influences to get him [EVENT: Fee:Tuition  ] some of the money, which he had deposited, refunded. The Chairman referred him to the particular Professors concerned.


Mr Sauders in [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. Mr Saunders(P36825) was spoken to a second time for not wearing his Uniform.

Darniell forged summons from Chairman. Mr.Darniell(P23478) called upon the Chairman(P43624) with a forged(Luir.?) summons from the Chairman. He seemed much relieved in finding that it was so.


Walton violates the Enactments. Mr.Walton(P30361) who was complained of for having gone to Mr. Cox(P44766)'s went only for Segars and eatables: [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ]  never drank there did not know that going to a Confectioner's for this purpose is an offence – slept all night at Charlottesville(PL4204) and at a Tavern(PL8556): went to see a friend from Louisa(PL4790) – said he did not know that staying out all night was against the law. He was told that such were violations and was cautioned against committing them again. The Chairman(P43624) has great reason to believe that this young man is not going on well.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] H Carr Summoned. Mr Hollings Carr(P32474) was summoned on complaints made against him but he was not within the University.

Mr. Michie to [EVENT: Boarding  ] board outside. Mr. James Michie(P35220) desired to know whether he could board with his particular friend Mr Jones: - The Chairman(P43624) [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] granted him permission subject to the approval of the Factuly.

Mr Randolph [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform law. Mr. Randolph was reminded that he was violating the uniform law by appearing out of his Dormitory without his uniform. He stated that he knew such was the written law but did not know it would be enforced. He was told that all the written laws would be enforced.

Willis [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. Mr Willis(P21842) was spoken to for being without his uniform on Sunday.

A. Proctor with Mr Conway. The A. Proctor(P43631) was directed to speak to Mr Conway(P43888) [EVENT: Boarding  ] for having admitted a young gentleman into a Dormitory before he had been distributed by the Proctor and also to mention to him that he had not sent in any reports of those who are late at Breakfast as required by the Enactments of the Faculty(CB0105).

Mr. Page [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ]  Withdraws. Mr C. S. Page(P25004) having fulfilled the Enactments was allowed to withdraw


Oct. 7.

Hollings Carr charged with [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] various offences. Mr. Hollings Carr(P32474), having informed that positive evidence had been afforded of his calling frequently at Mr Cox(P44766)'s and that [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ]  he was in the habit of drinking there - says he generally calls there for cigars – was not aware that calling at a Confectioners’ was against the Enactments :- has no reason to assign for his [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] repeated violations of the Uniform law: - slept one night in one of the young's men Dormitories : did not sleep at a Tavern. – slept all night at a Tavern on Saturday Night.

He was severely censured for these offenses and informed that on the slightest repetition the Chairman(P43624) would write home to his guardian: and lay the case before the Faculty(CB0105).


Mr Marshall [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ]  violated the uniform law. MrMarshall(P31135) having according to A. Proctor(P43631)'s report appeared a second time without Uniform in the [EVENT: Library  ] Library after having had his attention drawn to the matter by the assistant Proctor - was sent for. He said he did not know that it was any part of the Duty of the assistant Proctor to notice violations of the Uniform Laws. He was told of his error and required to be more particular in future.

Mrs. Grey in re Servants. Mrs Grey(P45981) was spoken to on account of complaints made against her by the students for want of proper attendance of Servants(CB0854). She promised to look to the matter.

Examin. of a Candidate for a degree. A meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was called to examine Mr Gretter(P30464), a Candidate for graduation in [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy.

Wickham withdraws. Mr Cary S. Wickham(P34257) having fulfilled the necessary enactments, received his Dismissal.


A Proctor's report. The assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly report. His attention was directed to some points of police.

Mr Conway's Report. First Report of late risers was received from Mr Conway(P43888). N. B. no report is expected where there have been no violations.


Oct. 12.

A. Proctor in re Drinking Shops. The Chairman(P43624) had some conversation with the Assistant Proctor(P43631) on the subject of having a man of the name of Cock presented for keeping a Tipling Shop between the University and Charlottesvile.

Mr. Willes asks leave for a Party. Mr. Willes(P21842)on the part of the Boarders at Mr Conway(P43888)’s requested leave to have a party at the Hotel(PL8432). The Chairman(P43624) granted permission on condition that their expenses shared be no more than $1.50 per head. He reminded him, likewise, that the managers would be expected to keep good order and that the Students must appear in [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform, or he - the Chairman would be compelled to notice the circumstance.


Laws to be printed. As the Chairman(P43624) is desirous that some of the supplementary laws should be better know to the Students than they are, he has prepared them for publication in the “Museum” and as the University would only have to pay for Presswork & Paper, he directed the Proctor(P43627) to have as many stuck off as there are copies of the Enactments remaining. In this manner many useful things may be promulgated at very trifling expense to the University.

The Chairman desire to have occasional Parties. The Chairman(P43624) might to have mentioned for reasons already stated that he has been desirous of having a cotillion party occasionally in the University. Those at The Midway Hotel(PL8546) are objectionable - by drawing the Students away from the University after dark & inducing them to frequent Taverns etc. and, moreover, a Party never occurs without some one or other having present at it without leave. The party on Friday night at Mr Conway’s(PL8432) has been instituted by Students to whom the Chairman has spoken and who consider the parties outside the University as objectionable.


Ritchie & Brockenbrough witho Uniform. Messrs Ritchie(P40534) & Brockenbrough who board with Mr. Brockenbrough(P43627) were met at a distance from his house [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] without uniforms. They were spoken to. – the Chairman(P43624) regrets that in the Execution of the Uniform law he meets with but little assistance except from the A. Proctor(P43631): yet almost all seem impressed with its value.


Oct. 15.

Marshall Uniform. Mr Marshall(P31135) [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ]  called to say, that he had been seen again today without uniform. – that the omission was accidental.

Mr. Darneill(P23478) begged to go home for a few days on the plea that he was desirous of asking his Father whether he might not be allowed to attend another class. The Chairman(P43624) said he could not give him permission.


Mr Baynaham for not having name on Door. Mr John Baynham(P36321) was complained of by the Assistant Proctor(P43631)[EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] that on being asked why he had not his name on the Door – he said he did not intend to place it there.

Mr Baynham(P36321), being sent for, stated that he said so in joke – meant to procure a Plate.

Anderson & Nicholson v. Proctor. Messrs Anderson(P30121) & Nicholson(P41585) addressed a letter to the Chairman(P43624) (see the file) complaining that the Proctor(P43627) [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] did not furnish them with wood. The note was laid before the Proctor who returned an answer, which is on the file.

Mr. M. Walton & Mc.Mahon [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] intoxicated. The Assistant Proctor reported that he had positive evidence that Mr. Walton(P44769) & Mr. Mc.Mahon(P30570) were intoxicated a day or two ago.

Walton for having been [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] intoxicated. Walton(P44769) is a young man of good abilities and generally attentive in his lecture room- but disposed to the insular in his habits. The Chairman(P43624) feeling that be must be dismissed, owing to this circumstance, if brought before the Faculty(CB0105), sent for a friend of Mr. Walton's - Mr. Benj Mosely(P30883) from Georgia, who is a highly exemplary Student, and mentioned to him the offence which Mr Walton had committed which was not solitary. - Mr. Mosely said he would see the Chairman, with Mr. Mosely, soon after; and pledged his word and honor, if permitted to remain, that he would not willfully violate the enactments, again.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] This pledge, given in the presence of Mr Moseley, the Chairman(P43624) accepted -whereupon he reprimanded Mr. Walton(P44769) in the Strongest Terms, pointing out the miseries attendant upon the vice both as regarded himself and his friends, at which the young man was much affected; and he concluded by informing him that he (the Chairman) would write


to his Parent upon the subject. Mr Walton was very anxious to have this last part of the punishment communted: but the Chairman was inescerable

A. Proctor E. Watson [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ]  Uniform. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) stated that in meeting Mr Egbert Watson(P28139) without Uniform and mentionng the circumstance to him; he answered that he "had not it on because he had left it at home."

Mr Egbert Watson(P28139), being sent for, stated, that [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ]  he meant no disrespect by his answer - that he was anxious to obey the laws, but had not thought of his Uniform.

Gretter Examined. A meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was called to examine Mr. Gretter(P30464) - Candidate for graduation in [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy.


Mc.Mahon violates the laws. Mr. Mc.Mahon(P30570) complained of by the Assistant Proctor(P43631) [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] for having been intoxicated, was sent for. He denied the charge but admitted having taken spirit. He was severely reprimanded and told that his Father would be written to: had having promised reformation and earnestly entreated that this time such a course should not be pursued - he was told that the part which related to writing home should be suspended over him: be that it would be carried into execution if the Chairman(P43624) should have reason to believe that he was not going on well hereafter.

Bigelow Music Teacher. Mr. Bigelow(P44369) - the Music Teacher- desired accomodation for his Pupils - The Proctor(P43627) was spoken to on the subject.

Walton Florida. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] A letter was written to Mr. Walton(P44770) of Florida(PL4407) according to the sentence delivered to his son yesterday.

Dr Patterson Lecture hours. Dr. Patterson(P43634) complained that Dr. Blattermann(P43621) was occupying the same hour as had been assigned him by the Chairman(P43624) for his extra class. - Dr. Blattermann was spoken to on the subject, who said he would see Dr. Patterson.


A Proctor [EVENT: Boarding  ] Dormitories. The A. Proctor(P43631) having again complained of Mr Gray(P44367) and of Mr Conway(P43888). [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ]  for not having their Dormitories cleaned out in time: the Chairman(P43624) informed those Hotelkeepers that, on the next complaint of consequence, the Chairman would be compelled to have them before the Faculty(CB0105) to be fined. Mr Rose(P43866), with fewer servant(CB0856) never offends in this respect.


Cases of violation of [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. The Chairman(P43624) gave to the Assistant Proctor(P43631) the names of Messrs. King(P39880), Beirne(P40947), F Gray(P41221) & Springs(P25464) - whom he saw without uniform last night, directing the Assistant Proctor to inquire into the causes of there not appearing in Uniform.

Letter to the Professors. The Chairman(P43624) addressed a note to the Professors, begging the favor of them to notice [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] violations of the Uniform Law. The Chairmean has already stated, that he has scarecly received a complain on this subject, although violations have repeatedly occured even in lecture rooms.

Demonstration of [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Anatomy  ] Anatomy. The Demonstration of Anatomy Surgery desired to have the bell rung at 4 PM. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Leave was granted.


Tailors complained of by A. Proctor. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) stated that the Tailors in Charlottesville are [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] the cause of many violations of the Enactments regarding Uniform. The Chairman(P43624) directed the A. Proctor to see Mr Price(P44773) and to inform him that unless he was more particular they must patronize another Tailor.

Springs new [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. Mr Springs(P25464) was spoken to seriously for being without his Uniform on Sunday. He promised to obtain a new Uniform.

Prof. Harrison in re Gretter. Prof. Harrison(P25515) stated that Mr Gretter(P30464) was at church this day [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] without Uniform. The A Proctor(P43631) had already spoken to him on the subject.

Mr J. W. Waller applies for a Certificate. A letter was received from Mr. J. W. Walller(P33769) asking for a certificate of his having attended a [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine  ] Course of Medicine in this University. The Chairman(P43624) informed Mr. Waller that he had not attended a fall course in the meaning of the Philadelphia Faculty

Letter from Dr Cullen. A letter was received from Dr. Cullen(P44776) of Richmond begging to Know of a Mr. Marx who has attended a course of lectures at Boston, Philadelphia & Baltimore. Could be able to graduate in one Session at this University. The Chairman(P43624) informed him that Qualifications are alone regarded here.

A Proctor report. The A. Proctor(P43631) exhibited his Report on the 17th.


Janitor does not ring the Bell regularly. The Janitor(P43949) was censured for having rung the Bell at 3 instead of 1/2 past 2; as appoined by the [EVENT: BoV Meeting  ] Board of Visitors, and was told he must ring it at the former period. He said Mr. Tucker(P43619) did not lecture till 3 and he had concluded that some understanding had taken place between Mr. Tucker and the Chairman(P43624) on the subject.


Prof Tucker. A letter was received from Prof Tucker(P43619) stating, that, for reasons mentioned in his letter, which is on the file, he had determined to lecture at 3 o'clock; and consequently, that ringing the Bell at 1/2 pas 2, would be a useless ceremony.

Chairman's note to Professor Tucker. The Chairman in answer to professor Tucker(P43619) agreed that under such circumstances it would be needless; and that he would instruct the Janitor(P43949) accordingly; although the Enactments give the Chairman(P43624) no discretionary power.

Dr. Perry. Dr. L. Perry(P44368) stated that he found the practice, in which he was engaged in the neighborhood, prevented him from preparing for examination in the diff. schools which he attended. So he desired to know if he could not be examined. The Chairman(P43624) said the reason he assigned was a good one, but he recommended him to the different Professors.

Mr Price Tailor. Mr Price(P44773) - the Tailor - called and stated that the complaints, made against him were entirely devoid of foundation.


A. Proctor special report. The A Proctor(P43631) was required to report to on the cause of chasing of cows on the lawn at nights. The Chairman(P43624) has for the last year been asking the Proctor to keep the stock off, and is desirous of learning the impediments thereto.


A. Proctor report. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) reported that the difficulties in Keeping cows from the lawn were great, but that every endeavor would be made to exclude them

H. Carr. Mr. Hollings Carr(P32474) called voultarily to state that he had been somewhat dissipated, but promised to be Chairman he would never be so in future. The Chairman(P43624) had some serious conversation with him on the subject.

W. Michie etc. Messrs. W Michie, Willes(P21842) & Gretter(P30464) had Mr. Geo. N. Johnson(P30090) asked leave to assked a Cotillion Party at Mr. Xaupi(P43832)'s - [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] granted.


Mc.Mahon [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. Mr. McMahon(P30570) was seen coming out of Dr. Blaettermann(P43621)'s lecture room without uniform. He was spoken to. He said he had forgotten it.

Conway offends again. Mr Conway(P43888), having repeatedly violated the laws regarding [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] the cleaning of [EVENT: Boarding  ] Dormitories - the A Proctor(P43631) was requested to see whether he had any excuse to offer. His answer is in the A Proctors report. The Chairman(P43624) considers, however, from the numerous violations on his part, that it will be necessary to recommend to the faculty(CB0105) to fine him.


a Proctor report. The a. Proctor(P43631) presented his weekely Report

Dabney idle. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  ] Mr Dabney reported by his Teacher as being very idle was sent for, and some serious conversation had with him. The Chairman(P43624) fears his idle habits will be difficult of improvement.

R Kownslar & Cunningham fire Squibs. Messrs. Randolph Kownslar(P36602) & Cunningham(P31607) were sent for, it appearing from the Proctor's report that they were firing Squibs and [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] making a disturbing noise the night previously. They both expressed themselves as not being aware of the offense in the Enactments. They were reprimanded and cautioned against repeating the offence.

Sale Sanctioned. A sale of a Dictionary by Mr Edmunds(P43747) to Mr. Leigh was approved.


Meeting of Faculty(CB0105). The Chairman(P43624) informed the members of the Faculty, that some business would be Transacted, this evening, at the house of Professor Tucker(P43619). See Minutes of the Faculty.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] A. Urquhart absent. A letter was written to the Parent of Mr. A. Urquhart(P36644) informing him that his son had absented himself from the University without leave.

Prof Bonnycastle. Professor Bonnycastle(P43623), after the letter was written, informed the Chairman(P43624) that Mr. Urquhart(P36644) was [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] absent from his class.


Oct. 28.

Cunningham Squibs. The case of Mr. Cunningham(P31607) for firing Squibs was considered. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] Having disclaimed all participation in the Act himself; he was reprimanded for having permitted the violation in his Dormitory.

Kownslar Junr. Squibs. Mr. Kownslar Junr.Mr. Cunningham(P31607)'s roommate was sent for. He stated that he was only one of a party who were [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] firing Squibs. He admitted that he was aware his Brother had been before the Chairman for the same offence. He was reprimanded and cautioned against a repetition of the offence.

McClelland [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. Mr. McClelland(P32799) was spoken to, for going into lecture without Uniform. He said he had lent his coat to a Student who was going to a Party.


Enactments printed. The Chairman(P43624) considering it important that the regulations of the Faculty(CB0105), concerning the Police of the Institution, should be printed - had them sent down to the Museum; and directed the Sub Proctor(P43631) to have 300 copies struck off. - The Printing will thus be saved to the Institution.

Janitor. The Proctor(P43627) consulted the Chairman(P43624) regarding certain alterations in the office of Janitor(P43949), as directed by the Faculty(CB0105) at their last meeting.

A Proctor. The A. Proctor(P43631) was directed to be on the alert in the evening as [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] Squibs had been fired on the lawn the night before.

Races. To day - being the chief day at the Races, and a considerable number of Students being absent to attend, The Chairman(P43624) directed the Assistant Proctor(P43631) to be present for the purpose of preventing and noticing any Disorder.


Mr Garrett offends [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] intoxicated. Mr. Bolling Garret(P35629), a Student - was reported by the Assistant Proctor as being intoxicated on the Race ground.- he was sent for.- does not think he was intoxicated - i.e. was not beastly drunk.- admits that he was excited.- drank wine and Toddy, chiefly the former; - drank with Students;- was told he was so intoxicated that those in his company attempted to screen him; says he did not attempt to screen himself. Chairman(P43624) told him he was sorry he did not, as it would have


exhibited his shame.- saw several intoxicated besides himself- will not say that he means Students;- returned home between Sunset and dark.- does not know from what they could have inferred that he was intoxicated except from his shouting and hallooing;- Says Dr. Johnson(P43633) was at home when he returned, who saw him.- admits that he was not intoxicated then.- was without Uniform - has no reason to assign for the violation of that law.

Is reprimanded etc. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] Was very seriously reprimanded and told that the particulars would be communicated to his Father

Proctor letter. The Proctor(P43627) wrote to the Chairman(P43624) to inform him that he had [EVENT: University Administration:Banking  ] refused to honor a draught by the Messrs.(P26410) Baynham(P36321) for a debt contracted last session for clothes.

his conduct approved. The Chairman returned an answer to the Proctor, approving of his conduct.

Nixon Springs & Bravard go to Convention. Messrs. Nixon(P38169), Springs(P25464), and Bravard expressed their desire to go to the Convention. They are their own guardians. They were told they must have the written permission of the Profesors whom they attend. These they procured; when [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] leave was granted them.

Mr Garret written to. A letter was written to Mr. Alex? Garret(P43628) informing him of the fact of his son's being [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] intoxicated yesterday on the Race course.

[EVENT: Course Reference:Analytical, Industrial, and Agricultural Chemistry  ] Agricultural show. This day & tomorrow being appropriated to the Agricultural Show - the A Proctor(P43631) was requested to attend.

Letter to the Rector. A letter was written to the Rector(P43614) apprising him, that some of the Students had [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] leave of absence from the proper Authorities, to be at the Convention.

Firing [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] of the Squibs. This day there was some firing of Squibs opposite the Rooms of Mr Minor and Messrs. Price, Walker(P29659), & Vincent(P40654). The Chairman(P43624) went over to the Rooms, but could learn nothing farther than that Mr. S. Watson(P32888) had suffered them to light the Squibs at his pipe. The Chairman thinks if probable, however, that


the Squibs were procured from the Dormitory of the three last Gentlemen; as Mr Vincent said the Squibs had been picked up last night on the lawn and they were fired in the open day. The Chairman point out to the Students collected around him, the danger to the University from such childish sport & warned the offenders, whoever they might be, not to repeat the offence.


[EVENT: University Administration:Religion  ] Divine Service at the University. The Chairman(P43624) has encouraged the performance of divine service by Mr. Smith, a clergyman of Philadelphia, regularly at the University; and has permitted him to board and lodge within the Precints. To day he issued a Notice that Divine service could be performed tomorrow at 10. The Chairman considers it important that the Students should have an opportunity afforded them for this purpose; which he is equally aware that it must be a private arrangement of the Faculty(CB0105).

Mr. Urquhart and Neale [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] absent themselves. Mr Urquhart(P36644) and Mr Neal(P37172) who have been absent without authority, at the Convention in Richmond(PL4234), explained that they were not aware of having offended against the laws.- that the Professors to whom they applied were aware of the law. They were excused.

Messrs Baynham. The Messrs(P26410) Baynhams(P36321) were sent for, in consequence of the complaint of the Proctor yesterday. They were severely reprimanded for having [EVENT: Fee  ] [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] contracted the debt, last session, and informed that their guardian would be apprized of the circumstance.

A. Proctor. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly report.

Nov 2.

Circular. A meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was summoned to fill up the Circulars.

[EVENT: University Administration:Religion  ] Divine Service & organ.The Chairman having been consulted regarding the placing of an Organ, if subscribed for & presented to the University, in the Library Room, expressed his entire circumstance. he consulted Mr Randolph(P43648), however, before deciding upon the matter who agreed with him; that divine Service might be performed there, provided no damage would be done to the Books. The room appropriated by the Enactments is now


converted into a Lecture Room and is not adapted to the Purpose.

Mr Saunders from Jefferson Society. Mr Saunders(P36825) in the name of the Jefferson Society(CB0011) requested that they might have the Bell rung at 1/2 past 6 on alternate Saturdays. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] The request was granted.

Waller certificate. A certificate was granted to a Mr Waller(P33769) of his having attended the [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine  ] Medical Schools for a Session.

Hamner entering. A Mr. Hanmer(P39434) called to consult the Chairman(P43624) regarding his entering the University.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] A Moseley Uniform. Mr Alex. Moseley(P26196) was seen, by the Chairman(P43624), in Charlottesville(PL4204) without Uniform. He said it was at the Tailor(P44773)'s.


Waller Convention. Mr Waller(P44775) desired permission to attend the Convention - he had the consent of his parent:- he was referred to the Professors.- Mr. Rose called subsequently with the written permissions of Professor Tucker(P43619) & Patterson(P43634). Mr Lomax(P43630) had [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] refused permission. The Chairman(P43624) expressed his sorrow to Mr Rose the Mr Willis(P21842) should have gone under such circumstances.

Beirne Convention. Mr Beirne(P40947), whose father is at Richmond(PL4241), made a similar application.- He was told there would be no objection, if he had the consent of his Parent. He said that his father had given him a carte blanche to act as he chose. If allowed to go he promised to send up a written permission from his father. The Chairman(P43624) [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] would give no permission, as the Law leaves no discretion, but he does not feel disposed to act in the case.

Neale sale of Book. Mr. Neale(P37172) called to have the sale of a Book sanctioned. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] It was done.

Darniell. Mr Darniell(P23478) called to apologize [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Curfew Violation  ] for having been outside the precints after Sunset & [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] for having had a blue coat on, outside his Dormitory.


Nov 5.

A Proctor report against Hotelkeeper. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) informed the Chairman(P43624) he had reason to believe that [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] some students were intoxicated last week at the Hotel of(PL8432) Mr Conway(P43888) and had behaved so disgracefully as to drive Mrs Conway(P44225) from table.


Conway [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] disturbances. Mr Conway(P43888) was sent for and the circumstances mentioned to him. He stated that the gentlemen were noisy, thinks they were not intoxicated;- they made a noise and Mr C. threatened to report them if they did not give over;- they were quizzing a younger man Mr Darniell(P23478);- [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] Has no doubt that some of the Students had drunk something;- Cannot undertake to say who had been drinking or whether any had been; The noise was instantly discontinued as soon as he spoke. Was apprehensive, from the commencement, that there would be improper language and desired Mrs Conway(P44225) to retire. The next morning some of them apologized;- Mr Dabney(P44778), Mr Cochran Senr, Mr. C. Johnson(P23571) & Mr Walton(P30361) apologized to Mr Conway;- did not assign any reason; Mr. Conway hinted to them that they must have been drinking, to which they made no answer;- this was next morning. Had a good deal of noise two days running; The apology was not made for the quizzing it was on the previous evening. Does not suspect Mr Walton of drinking.- Would have complained immediately had they not apologized;- Believes that his remarks to them have had the full effect. They have behaved well since; Mrs Conway returned to the Table the next day. Advised her at that time to leave the table because the young men had been at the Races, not because he saw intoxication. The Chairman informed Mr Conway that it would be better for him to apprize the Chairman of any transaction of the kind in the future. There is a backwardness in the Hotelkeepers to inform.

Cabell & Saunders. Messrs. Cabell(P39304) & Saunders(P36825) called to say that Dr Blattermann(P43621) had given them permission to occupy his house. Chairman(P43624) of course did not object.

A Proctor reports. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) reported some venial delinquencies. [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] A Basin had been placed over a door containing water, but he was not certain of the offender; he believed it to be Mr Tabb(P30089). It was considered advisable to have more certain evidence.


Nov. 7.

Rules distributed. The Janitor(P43949) was directed to carry round a Copy of the printed Supplementary Enactments and By Laws of the Faculty(CB0105) to each Professor and Student.

A Proctor complains of Lewis & W Baynham. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly Report. The cases of Mr Lewis(P31105) and Mr W A Baynham(P26410) for [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] not wearing Uniform were commented on.

A. Proctor [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] to inspect more frequently. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was instructed to inspect the Tables of the Hotels still more frequently.

Proctor and Mc.Mahon. The Proctor(P43627) having received a letter from a Mr Mc.Mahon(P44784) begging to know how his Son is going on - The Proctor was desire to return for answer - "not satisfactorily."

Mr Nicholson. Mr Nicholson(P41585) desire to go to Mr Xaupis(P43832) ball; [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] permission was granted.

Proctor consents Chairman. The Proctor(P43627) & Chairman(P43624) had some conversation regarding the future Janitor(P43949). [EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  ] The Proctor was informed that the Faculty(CB0105) had left the matter with him.

Gretter Convention. Mr. Gretter(P30464) asked leave to attend the Convention. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Having fulfilled the Enactments on the subject he was permitted.

Saunders Convention. Mr Saunders(P36825) desired leave to go likewise. He had not the consent of this father. He stated that his Professors were agreeable. [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] No permission could be granted him. He gave as his reason for wishing to go, that one of his Professors, Mr Tucker(P43619), was about to be absent.

Neal & Thomas. Messrs. Neal(P37172) & Thomas(P28893) consulted the Chairman(P43624) [EVENT: Fee:Room Rent  ] regarding the property of the Proctor(P43627) refunding to Mr Neal some money which he had paid for the use of a Dormitory which had been occupied to Mr Neal but was now occupied by another. The Chairman said he would see the Proctor on the subject.


Walton convention. Mr Walton(P30361) asked leave to be present at the Convention for a fortnight. Having fulfilled the law, [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] leave was granted.

A. Proctor Marshall. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) stated that he had found Mr Marshall(P31135) [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] twice without Uniform, and that when spoken to, his answer did not seem respectful.


Marshall reprimanded. Mr. Marshall(P31135) was sent for. Did not intend any disrespect whatever; had been very particular in his observance of the Uniform law, but as he lived on the same block as his Hotel is situated, [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] had not imagined that he need put on his Uniform to go to meals. He was seriously reprimanded and he promised not to offend in future.


Lewis reprimanded. Mr Lewis(P31105) was severely reprimanded [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] for not having worn his Uniform regularly, according to the A Proctor(P43631)'s report.

N. Johnson(P30090) & Harvie(P27360). a Ball. Messrs N. Johnson & Harvie called to beg permission for Mrs. Gray(P43865)'s Boarders to have a party; [EVENT: Student Conduct:Celebrations  ]  Permission was granted under the usual limitations. They desired the Chairman(P43624) to allow them a room in the University; which he promised to consider.

Mr B Minor in re [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. Mr. Wertenbaker(P43631) reported Mr B. F. Minor(P37942) as very singular in his observance of the Uniform law and [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] not well behaved in the Library.

Mr Minor reprimanded. Mr B. Minor(P37942) was severely reprimanded - Says he violated the Enactments from mere thoughtlessness.

Mr Cabell to leave the Spanish Class. Mr Cabell(P39304) expressed his desire in conformity with the sentiments of his Uncle, [EVENT: Course Reference:Modern Languages:Spanish  ] to leave the Spanish class. He was informed that, in the case of so good a student, there would probably be no difficulty.


Mr. J. Taylor to quit dormitory. Mr John Taylor(P41450) [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] [EVENT: Boarding  ] asked leave to change his Dormitory. Permission was granted, subject to the approbation of the Faculty(CB0105) - the case belonging to their jurisdiction.

Janitor continued. The Proctor(P43627) consulted the Chairman(P43624) regarding the appointment of Janitor(P43949). [EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  ] It was agreed to continue the present Janitor(P43949), under fresh regulations & to employ him for 3 months; under the same rules as the A. Proctor(P43631) - c. e. subject to deduction for non performance of duty.

Janitor spoken to. A conversation was had with the Janitor(P43949) & [EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  ] the objections to him strongly pointed out. [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] He said he was sure he could give satisfaction.- The fellow is capable, but lazy & conceited.


Nov. 13.

Letter from Prof. Patterson. A letter was received from Professor Patterson(P43634) stating that [EVENT: General Misconduct:Theft  ] some things had been stolen from his Premises and begging that the Chairman(P43624) could instruct the proper offices to prevent depredations etc.

[EVENT: General Misconduct:Theft  ] Chairman letter to Prof Patterson. The Chairman(P43624) informed Prof Patterson(P43634) that he had already attended to this matter several times, but that there were difficulties attendant upon it.

Worthum [EVENT: Boarding  ] to change room. Mr Worthum(P44785) asked permission to change his Room; he resided on the Eastern range & desired to come on the lawn.

Hobson & Trueheart [EVENT: Boarding  ] Rooms. Mr Hobson(P28775) & Trueheart(P39437) asked permission to do the same. These gentlemen are attentive students & from their desire to migrate. The Chairman(P43624) [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] suspects that the Eastern range is not orderly - He mentioned his suspicions to the A Proctor(P43631) and begged him to have an eye on the inhabitants of that region.

Eastern Range. The Chairman(P43624) is informed by the A. Proctor(P43631) that his suspicions are correct with regard to the eastern range.

[EVENT: Student Status:Admission  ] Mr Eaton character of. The A. Proctor was directed to endeavor to discover the character of a Mr. Eaton(P44786) who is applying for permission to enter, & has not certificate from Chapel hill. The young man appears to the Chairman(P43624) to be addicted to drinking.


Mr Eaton. The A. Proctor(P43631) informs the Chairman(P43624) that the Mr. Eaton(P44786) referred to, yesterday, has been frequently intoxicated in Charlottesville & that he was dismissed or expelled from Chapel hill.

Proctor. The Chairman(P43624) consulted with the Proctor(P43627), regarding the case of Messrs. Neale(P37172) and Thomas(P28893) (Nov. 9th.) & the Proctor was directed to act as he considered right.

A. Proctor. The A. Proctor(P43631) made his weekly report.

Mc.Mahon incurs a debt. Mr Mc.Mahon(P30570) is there mentioned as having [EVENT: Fee  ] incurred a debt in violation of the laws. The case is deferred, till farther information regarding Mc.Mahon can be attained.

Conway. Mr Conway(P43888) consulted the Chairman(P43624) regarding some points connected with the performance of his Duties.

Underwood. [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] Mr Underwood(P39893) > was spoken to for having [EVENT: Boarding  ] changed his room without having received permission from the Chairman(P43624).


<Underwood(P39893) > . He said he was not aware that such permission is required. He is an orderly Student.


W. Baynham [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. Mr. William Baynham(P26410) was reprimanded for having been frequently without uniform, according to the A Proctor(P43631)'s report.


D. Morgan. Mr D.S. Morgan(P22946) was [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] permitted to attend the Convention.

Janitor. A letter was received from the Proctor(P43627) relating to the arrangements of the Janitor(P43949) & regarding the case of Messrs. Neale(P37172) and Thomas(P28893).


A. Proctor. Faculty(CB0105). The Assistant Proctor reported Mr Mc.Mahon(P30570), Mr Tabb(P30089) and others for [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] having made a disturbing noise before his house last night. A meeting of the Faculty was called to take the matter into consideration.


Tabb reprimanded. Mr Tabb(P30089) was severely reprimanded in conformity with a sentence of the Faculty(CB0105).

Marshall [EVENT: Boarding  ] changes room. Mr Marshall(P31135) begged to know if he might move to Mr. Mc.Mahon's Room - Mr. Mc.Mahon(P30570) [EVENT: Student Status:Suspension  ] having been suspended for the remainder of the Session.- [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Leave was granted subject to the Approval of the Hotelkeeper.


Mc.Mahon(P30570). Mr McMahon's Father(P44784) was written to - to inform him of the [EVENT: Student Status:Suspension  ] suspension of his Son.

Tabb(P30089). Mr Tabb's Father( P44787 ) was written to, to apprize him of the improper behavior of his Son.


S. Maupin. Mr Socrates Maupin(P43731) [EVENT: Boarding  ] wished to change his Dormitory for one more retired. - [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Leave was granted subject to approval.

Leigh [EVENT: Boarding  ] change of Dormitory. Mr. Leigh made a similar request. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Leave granted etc. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] The Assistant Proctor(P43631) reported that he had reason to believe that a Student had been so intoxicated one day last week; that Mrs. Conway(P44225) had directed him to leave the Table before Mr. Conway(P43888) saw him; as he (Conway) would be compelled to report him.

Conway. - Mr Conway(P43888) said he did not think such a thing had occurred but he would inquire. He subsequently returned and stated that no such thing had happened.

The Chairman(P43624) expressed himself satisfied.


Nov. 23.

Application of Students in favor of Mc.Mahon. Messrs. Mosely(P30883), Nixon(P38169), <Underwood(P39893) > , W. Scott(P28482) & Tabb(P30089) called upon the Chairman(P43624) as a Committee from the Students to request the Faculty(CB0105) to remit the sentence of Mr. Mc.Mahon(P30570); The Committee did not deny the justice of the Sentence; but they said the Kind feelings of the Students and the sorrow of the young man were the only grounds for application. The Chairman(P43624) informed them that whilst he gave credit to the feelings of their heart in such a request; he was compelled to think they that had attended too little to the head. He pointed out to them the mischievious tendency of such applications unless on very strong grounds; and especially in the case of one who has offended so frequently and seriously against the Enactments. He also pointed out to Mr. Moseley the extreme impropriety and infelicacy of having appointed Mr Tabb(P30089) on the Committee, who has himself been before the Faculty(CB0105) in charges similar to some of those alleged against Mr. Mc.Mahon(P30570) & who had narrowly escaped suspension. The views of the Chairman in the tendency of such applications of the Students, to inquire the discipline of the place, were clearly pointed out to them and he has reason to believe were so fully appreciated that the affair will proceed no farther. Still he promised them that if they were desirous of consulting the Faculty(CB0105) on the subject, he would by any respectful petition before them of a social meeting this evening. Even? the Chairman has heard nothing farther from the Students;


Dabney [EVENT: Boarding  ] change of Dormitory. Mr Dabney requested permission to change his Dormitory. He is a roommate of Mr Tabb(P30089), and [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  ] has been reported to the very idle, and been admonished on the Subject. [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] The Chairman(P43624) informed him that instead of objecting, he encouraged his affliction.

Dickerson to live outside. Mr Dickerson(P32613) [EVENT: Boarding  ] asked permission to live outside the University with his intimate friend and relation, Mr Chewinny(P44788). Permission was granted subject to the Confirmation of the Faculty(CB0105).


Nov. 26.

Conflagration. This Evening some incendiary set fire to a Privy(PL8718) close by Mr Rose's and late at night to another close by the Anatomical Theatre(PL8499); The Chairman(P43624) desired the offices of the Institution to be on the alert to discover the offenders.


Consultation on the Subject. The Proctor(P43627) called to consult the Chairman(P43624) on the Steps which had better be adopted. He had no suspicion of any individual. [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] Says he has had no complaint made to him regarding the Condition of the Privies. Says he, himself, has not attempted them this Session.

Mr Randolph Consulted. A letter was written to Mr. Randolph informing him of the Outrage and desiring to consult with him on the measures to be take for supplying the damage that had been done etc.

Consultation with Mr Randolph. Mr Randolph called upon the Chairman(P43624) in the afternoon; when a Consultation was had with him. [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] He informed the Chairman that he had understood three young men had presented themselves to Mr Hatch for confirmation, [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] whilst in a state of intoxication. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was immediately sent for and requested to present the Compliments of the Chairman to Mr. Hatch(P43867), desiring to know the names of the offenders. The Chairman fears that the University will yet have to be freed from a few disorderly ones.


A Proctor. Mr Wertenbaker(P43631) presented his weekely report.

He stated he had called upon Mr. Hatch(P43867) but he could not be at home until Monday Evening.


A. Proctor. The assistant Proctor(P43631) [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] presented a Monthly report of late risers and violations of the Uniform laws.

Prof. Bonnycastle in re Gilmer. Professor Bonnycastle(P43623) called with Mr Gilmer(P22417), a student, stating that he (Gilmer) and one or two others had an interval of one hour between the lectures & had no place to stay in in the mean time when they might be preparing the lessons. The Chairman(P43624) stated that he had no objection to allow a Dormitory pro tempore for this purpose - the young gentleman being responsible. The A Proctor(P43631) who was in at the time was desired to attend to the matter.


Decr. 1.

Mr Savage & Mr Gray[EVENT: Boarding  ] . Mr. Savage(P34224), who has taken part of two rooms, wishes to have a room to himself. Says Mr Gray(P44367) declines providing him with the necessary furniture. They laying two Dormitories into one, has given rise to numerous difficulties of this kind; & to desires to have the rooms again detached from each other.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] A Proctor & Mr Hatch. Mr Wertenbaker(P43631) said he called upon Mr Hatch(P43867), but he declined giving up the names of the individuals, who had acted so disgracefully. He stated at the same time that he had mentioned their conducts to some of his parishioners(P44789) and had made a mistake in the name of one, which he had since taken care to correct. The A. Proctor had previously heard that Mr Willes(P21842) was one of the the three; Mr Hatch said he (Willis) was not intoxicated; but it would be seen that Mr. W. acted improperly as he introduced his two friends to Mr Hatch. The Chairman(P43624) is in hopes he may yet learn the names; and intends to state the Facts at the meeting of the Faculty(CB0105), tomorrow.

O. Watson to change [EVENT: Boarding  ] Boarding. Mr. Overton Watson(P24877) called to be permitted to change his boarding - house from Mr Brockmann(P43842)'s to Mr. Jones'. On Examination it appeared that he had been permitted to board, originally, with Mr Brockmann, without any communication between the Proctor(P43627) or Chairman(P43624) or Faculty(CB0105). This was mentioned to the Proctor; his answer is in the A Proctor(P43631)s Books.


Meeting of Faculty(CB0105). [EVENT: University Administration  ] A meeting of the Faculty was called to fill up circulars to hang out & other business.

[EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Petition Faculty  ] Petition in favor of Mc.Mahon. A petition was presented by Mr. W. Michie in favor of Mr. Mc.Mahon(P30570) - to be referred to the Faculty(CB0105).

[EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Petition Faculty  ] Petition in favor of Vacation. A Petition was presented by Mr. B. Randolph(P34642); from the Students to the Executive Committee(CB0043), praying for a vacation at Christmas. The Chairman(P43624) recommended it to be sent directly to the Executive Committee; stating, at the same time, his belief that it would be ineffectual as the Board of Visitors had rescinded the rule regarding a Christmas Vacation.


Jones Bookseller. Mr Jones(P44790), the Bookseller, consulted the Chairman(P43624) regarding the best course to be adopted to have a Bill for Periodicals paid by the University. The Chairman referred Mr Jones to the Executive Committee(CB0043).


Gretter & Taylor ask a Party. Messrs. Gretter & John Taylor(P41450) asked leave for the Boarders to have a party at Mr. Rose(P43866)'s on Friday week. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] They were permitted under the ordinary restrictions.


A. Proctor instructed. Mr Wertenbaker(P43631) presented his weekely Report. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] He was informed that some student or students is or are in the habit of getting intoxicated in Charlottesville(PL4204) and was directed to take every exertion to detect them.


A. Proctor reports. Mr Wertenbaker(P43631) [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] called to say he had not been yet able to detect the name of the Students, who were intoxicated at the house(PL8722) of Mr. Hatch(P43867).


A letter was recieved from Mr Saunders(P44791) desiring to be permitted to send some wine & cake for his Son, to be taken on his Birthday, Christmas Day.

Mr.Saunders Junr.(P36825) [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] was informed that he might have a small Party on that day, provided he would be careful that nothing improper occurred. He promised great respect for the laws of the Institution, and said that if he had any party, he would be extremely particular.

A letter was received form the Brother(P44792) of Mr. J. Hollins Carr(P32474), [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] withdrawing his ward from the University, as he had understood he was not doing well.

The Chairman(P43624) informed Mr Carr(P32474) of this; and told him that he (the Chairman) had hoped he was doing better. He said he was doing better in his classes, but admitted that there was cause for complaint in other respects.

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekely report on Saturday

Mrs Grey(P43865) consulted the Chairman(P43624) in the case of Savage(P34224) (Dec. 1.). The Chairman recommended her to accomodate him.


Decr. 10

Mr Willis was sent for, in consequence of the Chairman(P43624) having been informed that he was one of the three who were present at the house of Mr. Hatch(P43867), on the occasion before referred to. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] Says he did introduce one of the Gentlemen to Mr Hatch. Did not know at the time he was intoxicated. Thinks the Gentleman was not intoxicated when he went. Mr Willis(P21842) went with him. Had drunk wine. Did not dirnk wine at a private house. Drank only one glass. Drank at a Tavern(PL8556). Did not go at all for the purpose of insulting the Clergyman. Does not believe that any went for that purpose. Thinks he can state that positively. Went with a good intent to Mr. Hatch's house(PL8722). Says a report was abroad that Mr. Jas. Henderson(P28634) was there. This was not true. Mr Willis was reprimanded for having drunk on a Sunday particularly & at a Tavern. Mr Willis states that it was on his proposition that the gentlemen went to Mr. Hatch's.


Mr Robert Randolph(P33621) desired to go home as he was afraid some of his family were sick. The Chairman(P43624) as far as he was able gave him leave to do so.

A letter was written to Mr Saunders(P44791)stating that the Chairman(P43624) [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ]  would allow his Son to have a few of his companions to take wine with him on Christmas Day; but desiring he would lend him only sufficient for the occasion.

Mr Jones called to say he was desirous of going home at Christmas - the Chairman(P43624) informed him that he must have the permission of his Parent or Guardian.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Physical Assault  ] The Proctor(P43627) informed the Chairman(P43624) that Messrs. Huie(P34376) & Darniell(P23478) had been fighting, and also that Messrs. Radford(P29842) & Edmunds(P43747) had. Messrs. Huie, Darniell & Radford declaring the quarrel ended, they were merely admonished.

[EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] The Proctor(P43627) was reminded to have the new Privies erected.

Mr H. Carr(P32474) presented certificates of leave of absence from two of his Professors.



[EVENT: Student Status:Dropping a Class  ] Mr Gilmer(P22417) desired to leave Mr Bonnycastle(P43623)'s class in consequence of Mr Bonnycastle having an hour which rendered it inconvenient for him to attend. The Chairman said he would see Bonnycastle on the Subject.


A [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] great noise having been heard last night when the Chairman(P43624) was in bed. The A Proctor(P43631) was directed to call upon the Professors to learn if they were aware of it. It continued only a few minutes.

The A. Proctor returned and stated that Dr Harrison, for one had not heard it.- He made the same report regarding Mr Bonnycastle.

Mr John Baynham(P36321), in whose neighborhood [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] the noise was, was sent for. He was informed of the Grounds on which he stood with the Faculty(CB0105) & that, at the last meeting, his Guardian had been written to, to request him to take him away unles he improved. He was exhorted to impove. He was next asked whether he was a party in the noise on the night before; admitted he was. He was severely reprimanded and cautioned against a repetition.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] Mr. Wm. Baynham(P26410) having reported by the A. Proctor(P43631) and Mr Rose(P43866)as a noisy student; was sent for. He admitted he used to be noisy, but had left it off. Was not in the noise last night.

Mr Stubling(P44793) desirous of going home a dew days, asked information regarding the proper mode to be pursued.


The A. Proctor(P43631) informed the Chairman(P43624), that he had seen Mr E. Rose(P22000) [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Guns  ] with a gun, within the Precints. The Chairman said he would attend to this when he saw Mr Rose(P43866).

Mr Nicholson(P41585), Mr Price, Mr Hauie(P34376) & Mr B Minor(P37942) asked leave of absence during Christmas week.


Mr Sheppard(P36814) asked leave of absence for a few days. He had the permission of his Professors; but not of his Parent. although he was satisfied he said that his Parent was desirous he should go home at Christmas. [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] The Chairman(P43624) declined giving him permission


Dec 15.

under those circumstances: but wrote a letter by him to his Father, stating the he had not prevented him, under the statements made by the Son.


Messrs. J.A. Smith(P37190), R.W. Leigh(P24445), Ritchie(P40534), Brooke(P22182), Stribling(P43861), Radford(P29842), & Gilmer(P22417), having produced the necessary testimonials were [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] permitted to go home for a few days.

Messrs. King(P39880) & Gretter(P30464) called to say that their names as well as those of two other Gentlemen had been put down to an invitation to a Tea Party at Mr.Xaupi(P43832)’s. They begged to say that they would not have thought of such a thing without consulting the Chairman(P43624), but that they intended to ask leave to be present. The Chairman(P43624) expressed himself satisfied with the explanation and gave them leave to be present.

Dr. Harrison(P25515) consulted the Chairman(P43624) regarding the continuing of the exercises during Christmas week. The Chairman(P43624) told the Professor of [EVENT: Course Reference:Ancient Languages  ] Ancient Languages that it might be well for him to intermit the lecture immediately before & that immediately after [EVENT: Official University Celebrations and Events:Public Day  ] Xmas day as Experience had shown the students would not attend and it would he better to make a merit of necessity.


Mr. Leigh(P24445) called to say that he had changed his mind regarding returning home.

Messrs. Darniell(P23478), Turpin(P36572), Worthum, Hobson(P28775), W. Michie(P25043) asked to leave to go away as also Messrs. Chapman(P22966) & Barclay(P31399).

The A. Proctor(P43631) called when the Chairman(P43624) requested him to write to the Hotelkeepers to have [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] their Chimneys burnt.

The Chairman(P43624) addressed a Circular to the Professors suggesting the same thing.

Mr. E. Rose(P28734) complained of by the A. Proctor(P43631) for having a [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Guns  ] Gun in his Dormitory was reprimanded & warned against a second violation.


A [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] considerable noise having occurred last night, about the time of the breaking up of the Party at Mr. Rose(P28734)’s; some of the managers were spoken to. They said they could not account


for the circumstance. They had been very careful in administering the wine etc. The Chairman(P43624) found on inquiry that such had been the matter of fact. and he has reason to think that a good deal of the noise was made by some who were not at the Party. The Chairman(P43624) got out of Bed & saw a light burning in the room of Mr. A. Moseley(P26196) at 12 o’clock at night & heard that there was music there.

Mr. A. Moseley(P26196), who is a good student, stated that although they were somewhat noisy, there was no violation of the Enactments. The Chairman(P43624) informed him that the noise was a violation, and he admonished him of the impropriety of it.

The Chairman(P43624) directed the A. Proctor(P43631) to inquire into the cause of the noise, which he engaged to do.

The A. Proctor(P43631) delivered on his weekly report, in which it was stated that Messrs.      were [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] without uniform at the Party last night.

Messrs. B. Moseley(P30883), W. Cochran(P23558), Worthum, Nicholas(P31265), and Garret(P35629) apologized for their not having worn it. They came voluntarily to the Chairman(P43624) to do so.

Mr. Willis(P21842) was seen by the Chairman(P43624) on the Lawn without [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] Uniform. He was also reported last night. Had no excuse to offer. He was admonished of the impropriety of his conduct.

Messrs. Hamner(P41813), Marshall(P31135), Henderson(P28634), J. Kownslar(P36602), Cuningham, & Dyer(P35230)    had [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] leave to be absent from the University.

The Professors did not lecture during the week on which Christmas day fell: Several gentlemen had, consequently, [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] temporary leave of absence whose names are not mentioned.

The officers were directed to look after the Police during the Christmas week.


Mr. B. Moseley(P30883) & Mr. Wray Thomas(P28893) asked leave to have a party this day. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Leave was granted.


Mr. Benj. Randolph(P34642) asked [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] leave to change his Dormitory. Leave granted provided Mr. Gray(P33020) had no objection.

The Proctor(P33020) was sent for to wage upon him the importance of having the [EVENT: University Administration  ] Privies erected, of which he had been told before. The Students have great cause of complaint on this head.


Dec. 29

The Proctor(P33020) contacted the Chairman(P43624) regarding the permitting of Tom(P47184), a servant of Mr. Rose(P43866) to inhabit the cellars of one of the Hotels. It was considered [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] right to refuse him.

Dr. Emmet(P43625) having complained that he could not have cases made for instruments which he is expecting from New York(PL4614). The Proctor(P33020) was spoken to. He said the job was a heavy one and he hesitated to do it, on that amount. The Chairman(P43624) told him he had better wait & see the extent of Instruments when they arrived and then not to hesitate to find accommodations for their reservation.

The Proctor(P33020) was desired to place a [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] fastening on the gates of the Burial Ground(PL9120). The Gates have been put up but they have been for weeks the sport of the winds although a slight attention might have completed them. Whilst all new undertakings are in this unfinished condition. The Chairman(P43624) finds that after all the expence that has been measured in fixing gates & it is the opinion of the Proctor(P33020) that they are insufficient to keep stock from the Lawn.

Mr. Neale(P37172) called & stated that he had received a letter from home which would require his immediate attention under those circumstances. Mr. Neale, being his own guardian, [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] permission was granted him to leave the University for a few days.

Dr. Lilburn Perry(P31033) was spoken to for [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] appearing without uniform. He stated that his uniform was shabby & that he was going away at the end of the Session. The Chairman(P43624) told him no exceptions could be allowed.

The Proctor(P33020) presented to the Chairman(P43624) a list of defaulters in [EVENT: Fee  ] payment for the ensuing quarter. He was directed to adopt the usual course.

The A. Proctor(P43631) was directed to send round a Circular to the Hotelkeepers [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] requiring them to keep the arcades clean, Mr. Conway(P23322)'s having been found very dirty by the Chairman(P43624) this morning.

Mr. H. Carr(P32474) received his dismission, a few days ago, having fulfilled the [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] Enactments.


Dec. 30

Mr Conway(P23322) called to know whether the Chairman(P43624) had any objection that Mr. Huie(P34376), one of his Boarders, should change his Dormitory. The Chairman(P43624) [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] had none.


Mr. Winfield, a student from S. Carolina(PL4249) stated that before he left home, he had not seen the law requiring a letter from the Guardian when the student was to attend fewer than three schools. Under these circumstances the Chairman(P43624) allowed him to attend only two until a letter could be received from his Guardian.

January 1st 1830

The Proctor(P33020) reporting Mr. Hollings Carr(P32474), as having [EVENT: Fee  ] paid commission on a Sum he had not deposited.

The A. Proctor(P43631) delivered his weekly report.


Mr. Saunders(P36825) called to ask information regarding the approaching Examination.

A letter was received from Mr. Gretter(P30464) [EVENT: Exception:Postponed  ] asking leave to withdraw from the [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] School of Moral Philosophy in which he has graduated this Session: - to be referred.

Mr. Gilmer(P22417), a student, asked leave to quit the [EVENT: Course Reference:Mathematics  ] School of Mathematics for reasons stated in the Note. To be referred.

A [EVENT: University Administration  ] meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was called to fill up circulars.


Dr. Johnson(P36086) complained that Mr. Willis(P21842) habitually [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] violated the uniform Laws. Mr. Willis’s case to be referred to the Faculty(CB0105).

A Meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was called regarding the Examinations to.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) reported that a [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Riot  ] riotous & disorderly party had assembled the night before on the road to Charlottesville, and that Robt. Mr. Saunders(P36825) was informed, was one of them

Mr. Saunders(P36825) denied the charges that were arged against him on the Authority of the Informant. He admitted that he had been taking supper at Billy Johnson(P44749)’s.


Jan‘ 10

The A. Proctor(P43631) stated that he had reason to believe that Wm. Carr(P29459) was one of the Students who had ridden up to Monticello(PL8532) and [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Horses  ] “strained” their horses on the Road so as to attract the attention of the Chairman(P43624) & to induce him to desire the A. Proctor(P43631) to endeavor to discover the offenders.

A communication was had with Dr. Frank Carr(P43649), his Uncle, as well as with Mr. Carr, the Father & on examination it appeared that Mr. Carr(P29459) had [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] drunk only one glass of cordial, and that [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Horses  ] his Horse had run away with him. He was severely reprimanded and discharged.

Mr. Saunders(P36825) brought Mr. Fadeley before the Chairman(P43624) stating that Mr. Fadeley had owned having given information to the Assistant Proctor regarding him. Mr. Fadeley stated that he knew nothing of Mr. Saunders(P36825) being one of the Party. >Mr. Saunders(P36825) was told that the Chairman(P43624) had heard that he was one of those who strained their [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Horses  ] horses on the Sunday in question. He admitted he was one that the person of whom he had borrowed the horse requested him to keep it in a gallop, and that he meant not the slightest disrespect to the Authorities of the place. Being asked if he had taken any wine or spirit on that occasion, he stated he had taken a glass of cordial. Being asked if he had taken no more. Asserted that he [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] had taken two that day. He was severely reprimanded. There is some difficulty in managing this Young Man. He is a graduate in Chemistry & on the whole a good student but he has abstract ideas of right and wrong which are somewhat singular.

A letter was received from Dr. Somervail(P44696) of Essex empowering the Chairman(P43624) to withdraw John Baynham(P26410) when saw fit.


A letter was received from the Rector in answer to the one written to him by the Chairman(P43624). The Rector sanctioned the giving the order for Books to Messrs Gray & Bowen.

Mr. Hete laid before the Chairman(P43624) a letter accounting for his delay on returning the University. The letter was from his Guardian.


Jany. 10

A letter was received from the Guardian of Mr. Dickerson(P32613) stating that he was [EVENT: Student Status  ] detained at Home by Dysentery


Mrs. Willes(P47166) was written to regarding the [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] violation of Uniform Law by her Son(P21842). The Chairman(P43624) aught to have done this some days ago, but it escaped his memory.

A Gentleman informed the Chairman(P43624), on condition that he would not proceed against the students for that offence but that he might keep his eye upon them that Messrs. Walton(P30361) and Edmunds(P43747) were [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] severely intoxicated last month.


The Chairman(P43624) had some conversation with Mr. Moseley(P26196) who had taken some interest in Mr. Walton(P30361) in consequence of which Mr. Walton(P30361) wrote the Chairman(P43624) a letter which is on the File.

Having heard from a Gentleman that Mr. Nixon,(P38169) a Law Student & as the Chairman(P43624) had always believed a very steady Young Man, was one of the students who [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Horses  ] rode around the University in so rapid a Manner some days ago. The Chairman(P43624) desired the Professor of Law to have some conversation with the Mr. Nixon(P38169) on the subject of general report against him.

The consequence of his communication with the Law Professor was that he came voluntarily to the Chairman(P43624), expressed his contrition for the offence, & his determination not to allow of any repetition. The Chairman(P43624) reprimanded him on the strongest manner & told him he would place reliance on his Promises.


Mr. Edmunds(P43747) was sent for and continued with regard to his future conduct & informed that the Chairman(P43624) would keep an eye over him & if he had the least reason to imagine, that was not going on well, he would throw his conduct before the Faculty(CB0105). He promised that no other offence would ever be committed by him. He was reprimanded for his previous irregularity.



The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was required to remind the Proctor(P33020) of the Propriety of [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] erecting the Privies, respecting which he has been spoken to repeatedly; and also to get new locks to the Dormitory closets where such are wanting. The A. Proctor(P43631) has this day presented a Report, which shews that several of the Dormitories stand in need of locks etc. etc. & that depredations are constantly committed in the Dormitories, owing to the Students having no secure place. The Chairman(P43624) instructed the Proctor(P33020) on this subject at the commencement of the Session. The students have great reason to complain that their property is not protected by the University. The Chairman(P43624) took upon himself to direct the A. Proctor(P43631) to obtain the locks if any farther delay should occur.

The locks have [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  ] been broken or the keys lost by occupants during the last & previous Sessions. The Proctor(P33020) has neglected to assess the Damages & the loss must now fall on the University


The A. Proctor reported that Messrs. King(P39880), Gretter(P30464), Charles Johnson(P23571) & Garret(P43628) were [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] at Church(PL8547) without uniform. He was directed to call upon the three first all of whom had some excuse to offer. Mr. Garret was seen by the Chairman(P43624) & spoken to. He promised not to violate the law again.

Mr. McClelland(P32799) called to state that he had spilled ink upon his coat & that he would be obliged to appear for a day without Uniform.

The Janitor(P43949) informed the Chairman(P43624) that Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) had sent word to him for his house down the Road that he was not to ring his Bell until further notice. The Janitor(P43949) was told it would be unnecessary to do so if the Doctor did not lecture Dr. B is not well.

The Proctor(P33020) informed that the Chairman(P43624) that he would furnish the Dormitories with locks.

Mr. Moseley called & informed the Chairman(P43624) that he had every reason to believe that if opportunity were afforded to Mr. Walton(P30361) he would reform. Mr. W had proposed to


give in a weekly report of his conduct & he Moseley was willing to pledge himself to keep a watch over him and to lay the case before the Chairman(P43624), if he found that Walton(P30361) violated any Law. The Chairman(P43624) said he would consider of it.

Instructions were given the [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] Janitor(P43949) regarding his Duties at the Rotunda.


The Chairman(P43624) is informed today by the A. Proctor(P43631) that the Door of the Rotunda(PL9116) is never locked that ingress can take place at all times.

The Chairman(P43624) requested the Faculty(CB0105) to come prepared to the social meeting with their lists of Books.


A list of Books was made out and sent to Gray & Bowen.

Dr. Patterson(P43634) said the Proctor(P33020) had given him a letter from Mr. Mc.Mahon(P30570), a [EVENT: Student Status:Suspension  ] suspended Student in Charlottesville who is deserving of readmission, & which he desired to lay before the Chairman(P43624). This letter states that the Proctor had held out hopes to him that he might be readmitted & the Proctors hopes have been to sanguine that, without any consultation or authorization he has told to Mr. Conway(P23322) to prepare for receiving Mc.Mahon(P30570) as a Boarder. Mc.Mahon(P30570) is the same student for whom the Body of the Students, at least nearly 60 of them, petitioned some time ago, but whose petition was anarchiously refused.

The Chairman(P43624) has not the slightest idea of the motive for the Proctor’s(P33020) conduct, accepting those resulting from a kind heart, which he certainly possesses.


Mr. Walton was sent for, cautioned with regard to his future conduct & placed under the surveillance mentioned above (18).

Mr. Conway(P23322) presented a lot of his Students who [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Failure to Appear When Summoned  ] were in bed last week half an hour after the Breakfast Bell has rung. To be mentioned to the Faculty(CB0105).

Mr. Geo Gilmer sent a written permission for his Son to [EVENT: Student Status  ] quit the School of Mathematics. To be referred.

Messrs. Radford(P29842) & Harvey asked permission for the students to [EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Private Meetings  ] meet in the Rotunda(PL8428) to [EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance  ] appoint Managers for the 22nd of February. The Chairman(P43624) desired that the matter might be postponed until the next meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) as


the Faculty might perhaps lend their Cooperation.

Mr. Mc.Mahon(P30570), a suspended Student, was yesterday spoken to by the Chairman(P43624). He is living within 5 miles distance contrary to the Enactments. He assigned as a Reason that he had no received money to carry him home. The Chairman(P43624) offered to advance him money for that purpose, but he said it would have to go to pay some debts he had contracted. He complained that the Proctor(P33020) had raised his hopes of readmission apparently without any foundation.

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) delivered in his Report. Mr. Conway(P23322) & Mr. Gray having been found [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] delinquent in cleaning up their Dormitories. The A. Proctor(P43631) was directed to caution them in the name of the Chairman(P43624).


Some of the Students consulted the Chairman(P43624) regarding the Ball on the 22nd of February.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly Report.

The Janitor(P43949) called to say that Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) was able to resume his Duties. He was directed to ring the Bell again for him.

Mr. Dickerson(P32613), a Medicine Student, asked leave to quit the University in consequence of fancied ill treatment by the Demonstration of [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Anatomy  ] Anatomy & [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Surgery  ] Surgery. He stated that Demonstrator(P36086) had reproved him in an improper manner as he conceived, and he wished, therefore, to leave the University.

The Chairman(P43624) told him that he could not sanction his leaving the University; and that he had probably misunderstood the Demonstrator. The Chairman(P43624) said he [EVENT: Exception:Postponed  ] would inquire into the Matter.

The Chairman(P43624) was subsequently informed by one or two of the Students that there was no ground for Mr. Dickerson’s(P32613) feeling. That he had mistaken Dr. Johnson(P36086)’s manner that the Dr.(P36086) had acted only in the line of his Duty.


Feb: 1.

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his Monthly Report.

The Chairman(P43624) was informed that the Janitor(P43949) had [EVENT: General Misconduct  ] not rung the Bell at Daybreak. He offered some frivolous excuse and was reprimanded.

Dr. Johnson(P36086) stated that Mr. Dickerson(P32613) was by no means doing good in his school and that Mr. D(P32613) had entirely mistaken him on the reason of which he complained. The Doctor(P36086) seems to the Chairman(P43624) to have said no more than what was proper under the circumstances. Mr. Dickerson(P32613) complained of his manner, but on this the Dr.(P36086) says there was nothing unusual.

Dr. Johnson(P36086) also complained of the [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  ] excessive inattention of Mr. Dabney(P27656), one of his Students.

Mr. Brevard(P37586) of Georgia(PL4356), Student of the University, having fulfilled the necessary Enactments was [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] permitted to quit the University.


A letter was received from the Rector inclosing one from Mr. Brown(P32210), referring to the [EVENT: Fee  ] amount expended in Panifer Anatomical apparatus etc.

3. Mrs. Gray(P43865) informed the Chairman(P43624) that Mr. Leigh had been disorderly at her Table, and that he was evidently drunk or at least she had every reason to believe so from his conduct. Mr. Leigh denied most positively have been disorderly or having tasted a drop of fermented liquor on the day in question. He said there were several visitors that day at Mrs. Gray’s Table & he thinks Mrs. Gray must have mistaken him for another.

Mr. Farley Gray(P41221) was reported to his mother for [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] repeated violations of Uniform Laws. She called upon the Chairman(P43624) and stated that he had acted by her request on the score of economy as he was about to leave at the end of the Session. The Chairman(P43624) said he had made the same excuse last session and informed the Parent that it was insufficient.


A letter was received from Dr. Patterson(P43634) stating that Mr. G. Tucker(P23777), student had [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  ] broken into his house the night before [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Physical Assault  ] after a female servant(P47276) & complaining very much of the Outrage.


Mr. Tucker(P23777) was immediately sent for. He expressed great contrition for the affair of the former night, especially as regarded the violence done to the feelings of Dr. Patterson(P43634) & family. The Chairman(P43624) recommended Mr. Tucker(P23777) to see Dr. Patterson(P43634), after having expressed his (the Chairman(P43624)’s) abhorrence at his Conduct.

Dr. Patterson(P43634) subsequently saw the Chairman(P43624) & stated that Mr. Tucker had written to & called upon him: that he apologized & expressed great sorrow at the feelings of Dr. P(P43634) & family having been outraged by him, but did not seem to be much impressed with the immorality of his conduct.

The Chairman(P43624) read him a severe moral lecture & reprimanded him in the strongest terms, stating that he would have made his punishment more severe, were he not anxious to save him from exposure.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly report to the Chairman(P43624).

A letter was received from Messrs. Gray & Bowen of Boston(PL7269), of whom Books had been ordered stating that some of the Books had been to the University & others ordered.


A letter was received from Mr. Grist of the State Department of Washington mentioning that some Books has been sent from that Department to the University & that others could he obtained by writing to Washington(PL4211).

The Secretary of the Faculty(CB0105) was directed to take Steps that might be necessary to obtain the Books mentioned by Mr. Grist.

A meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) summoned this evening to afford the Chairman(P43624) a list of the number of [EVENT: Curriculum  ] examinations that would be required in the different classes etc.

The following arrangement of the Lectures was then made by the Chairman(P43624)

Monday Febr. 15th
[EVENT: Course Reference:Law  ] Law, Senior & Junior Classes [EVENT: Course Reference:Ancient Languages:Latin  ] Ancient Languages – Latin Classes at 8 A.M.
[EVENT: Course Reference:Modern Languages:French  ] Modern Languages - (French) at 11
[EVENT: Course Reference:Mathematics  ] Mathematics (First and second Classes) [EVENT: Curriculum:Medicine  ] Medicine (Senior Class) at 3 P.M.


Tuesday Feb. 16
[EVENT: Course Reference:Modern Languages:Spanish  ] Modern Languages (Spanish) [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy 8 A.M.
[EVENT: Course Reference:Ancient Languages:Greek  ] Ancient Languages (Greek) [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Anatomy  ] Anatomy Surgery 11
[EVENT: Course Reference:Mathematics  ] Mathematics (Junior Class) [EVENT: Course Reference:Chemistry  ] Chemistry 3 P.M.
Wednesday 17th
[EVENT: Course Reference:Ancient Languages  ] Antient Languages (Antt. Geography) 8 A.M.
[EVENT: Course Reference:Natural Philosophy  ] Natural Philosophy 11
[EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine  ] Medicine (Junior Class) [EVENT: Course Reference:Modern Languages:German  ] Modern Languages (German) 3
Thursday 18th
[EVENT: Course Reference:Modern Languages:Italian  ] Modern Languages (Italian) 8 A.M.
[EVENT: Course Reference:Mathematics  ] Mathematics (First & second Classes) 11
[EVENT: Course Reference:Ancient Languages  ] Antient Languages (Oral Examination) 3 P.M.
Friday 19th
[EVENT: Course Reference:Modern Languages  ] Modern Languages (Anglo Saxon) 8 A.M.
[EVENT: Course Reference:Mathematics  ] Mathematics (Junior Class) 11
[EVENT: Course Reference:Materia Medica  ] Materia Medica class [EVENT: Course Reference:Political Economy  ] Political Economy class 3 P.M.

The following were Committees appointed in the various Schools.

[EVENT: Course Reference:Ancient Languages  ] Ancient Languages Messrs. Blaettermann(P43621) & Emmet(P43625)
[EVENT: Course Reference:Modern Languages  ] Modern Languages Bonnycastle(P43623) & Harrison(P25515)
[EVENT: Course Reference:Mathematics  ] Mathematics Patterson(P43634) & Tucker(P43619)
[EVENT: Course Reference:Chemistry  ] Chemistry & [EVENT: Course Reference:Materia Medica  ] Materia Medica Johnson & Lomax(P43630)
[EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy Lomax(P43630) & Dunglison(P43624)
[EVENT: Course Reference:Natural Philosophy  ] Natural Philosophy Bonnycastle(P43623) & Blaettermann(P43621)
[EVENT: Course Reference:Law  ] Law Patterson(P43634) & Tucker(P43619)
[EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Anatomy  ] Anatomy & [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Surgery  ] Surgery Lomax(P43630) & Dunglison(P43624)

These lists were sent out on the day following to the different Professors


A letter was received from the Parent of Mr. Dickerson(P32613), student, giving him leave to [EVENT: Student Status:Dropping a Class  ] quit the class of the [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Surgery  ] Demonstration of [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Anatomy  ] Anatomy & Surgery.



Mr. Benjn. Moseley(P30883) informed the Chairman(P43624) that Mr. Walton had informed him that he had gone once since the arrangement entered into between them to purchase segars at a Confectioner’s & he considered of his duty to make the communication to the Chairman(P43624). The Chairman(P43624) heard from Professor Patterson(P43634) that Mr. Walton & several students were at the house of Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) down the Road a night or two ago without Uniform. These circumstances have proved to the Chairman(P43624) that Walton is not be depended & he having offended so frequently against the Enactments the Chairman(P43624) considered of necessary to write to Walton’s Father to withdraw him.


The Assistant Proctor presented his Weekly Report. He was directed to see himself to the [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] furnishing of the Burial Ground(PL9120) with a lock. The Proctor(P33020) having been repeatedly spoken to on the subject, but without effect. He was likewise directed to consult the Proctor(P33020) regarding the [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] burning or sweeping of the Dormitory Chimneys. A Chimney caught fire a few days ago & burnt a considered time. Had it occurred in the night great alarm would have been produced. The buildings are in extremely leaky condition & must experience great injury unless they be repaired. There is a not a Pavilion(PL8531) and but few Dormitories(PL8479) but are suffering from this cause. The attention of the officers was called to the subject as well as to the leaks in the Rotunda(PL8428).

Directions were given regarding the necessary Arrangements connected with the Examination.

Dr. Lilburn Perry(P31033) asked [EVENT: Exception:Postponed  ] leave to quit the class of [EVENT: Course Reference:Natural Philosophy  ] Natural Philosophy or rather to be excused from examination in it, on the ground of his being a practicing Physician. The Chairman(P43624) told him he considered his reason a good one & that he would lay it before the parties concerned.


The A Proctor(P43631) was directed to be attentive to confectionary opposite the house of Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) where he is told the students are in the habit of going in the night to [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] drink & [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Gambling  ] gamble. This house he is informed is really kept by Mr. McKenny(P44094), the Bookseller, who has attempted to keep this a profound secret.



Dr. Patterson(P43634) informed the Chairman(P43624) that at a Party given by Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) or at Dr. Blaettermann(P43621)’s several Students were present who were [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] out of Uniform. Mr. Walton & Mr. McClelland(P32799) were two of these.

Mr. McClelland(P32799) was seen & spoken to. He said his Uniform Coat was taken out of his Room that very day by someone: by whom he knows not.

Mr. Cobb(P31248) called to state that Mr. Nicholson(P41585) and he had changed their Dormitory. He was not aware it was a violation of the Enactments until the A. Proctor(P43631) informed him of it.


The A. Proctor(P43631) was directed to see that the Dormitories were properly scoured & cleaned. The Chairman(P43624) had been in some lately which are miserably filthy. He finds too that a number of the Students are in the habit of having their washing done outside of the University & that the Hotelkeepers make arrangements with them to this effect. This adds materially to the expences.

The A. Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly Report. Mr. Huie(P34376) was represented to the Chairman(P43624) as having been [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] intoxicated last evening after the conclusion of the examinations when there was manfeslty a Frolic. To be sent for on Monday.

Messrs. A(P31013) & B. Moseley(P30883) & Ch. Minor(P39831) [EVENT: Student Status  ] left the University for a few days. The two in consequences of the absences of the Professor of Law.

The A. Proctor(P43631) was required to be on the alert to detect offenders. [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Guns  ] Pistols have been fired on the Lawn(PL8427) several times.


The Assistant Proctor called to say that Prof. Bonnycastle(P43623) had applied to him yesterday to put a stop to some [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] cockfighting under this window. When he went thither, however, the party had dispersed. The A. P.(P43631) learnt that the Cocks belonged to Mr. Walton(P30361).

The Information – the visit to the confectionary - & the [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Uniform Violation  ] violation of the uniform law, since the understanding between the Chairman(P43624) & Walton, induced the former to write his Father(P44770) to remove him immediately accordingly to a letter to the effect was written to Mr. Walton.

A Communication was made to the Professors requesting them, to soon as it might be practiceable to let the Chairman(P43624) know those Gentlemen who had done no good at the recent examination, in order that their Cases might be considered & the steps necessary to be taken.


Feb 22. The Chairman(P43624) informed the A. Proctor(P43631) that he was afraid much drinking takes place at a house down the Road, which has been before referred to & begged he would be on the alert. Mr. McKennie(P44094), the Bookseller, under each circumstance is, of course, utterly undeserving of Patronage.


The A. Proctor(P43631) informed the Chairman(P43624) that Mr.Willis(P21842) had been very expensive at Wood’s Tavern(PL8680), on the 23rd celebrating perhaps the 22nd – the termination of the examinations. The Chairman(P43624) has had some reason to believe that Mr. Willis’s(P21842) conduct has not been satisfactory for some time past.

He was also told the Walton(P30361) had been seen [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] intoxicated. The individuals who gave this testimony to the A. Proctor(P43631) are so situated as to render it a matter of difficulty to know how to act: they are residents of the University & some are females.

26. The Chairman(P43624) intends to contact the Faculty(CB0105) on the best course to be pursued.

Walton’s(P30361) case is one of extreme difficulty. The interests of the University(CB0001) demand his dismissal: but his friends live at such a distance of that if dismissed he must reside in Charlottesville(PL4204) until they withdrew him, where we would do injury to himself and to the University. The Chairman(P43624) believes him an incongrueable Sot but has been willing to try whether he could not be reclaimed. He has repeated attacks of epilepsy, which would be confirmed if left for weeks without control; and his Father has been written to a week ago to remove him.

The A. Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly agenda.

March 1

A Meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was summoned to fill up the Circulars etc. but owing to the Indisposition of the Professor of Mathematics it was postponed.

The Proctor(P33020) consulted the Chairman(P43624) on the subject of prosecuting at their Court those who had [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  ] burnt the Privies provided he could discover them by the Grand Jury. The Proctor(P33020) was to defer the matter till the May Court, when there will be greater probability of success.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) had some consultation with the Chairman(P43624) on the subject of presenting the Pseudo-Tavernkeepers before the Court. The Chairman(P43624) desired the Assistant Proctor to consult Prof. Lomax(P43630) on the subject.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) informed the Chairman(P43624) that Woods, who keeps a confectionary beloas?, has no advice. It was determined not to let this be acted upon until after the Court week as he might apply and procure one. But afterwards to take the necessary Steps.

Mr. Dickerson(P32613) asked leave to quit the class of [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Surgery  ] Anatomy & [EVENT: Course Reference:Medicine:Surgery  ]  Surgery. The Chairman(P43624) said he would consult the Faculty(CB0105) on the Subject.


A meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was called to fill up circulars to to transact any Business connected with the late examinations etc.

Mr. Walton(P30361) called to consult the Chairman(P43624) respecting his departure from the University(CB0001). He is desirious of going with Mr. King(P39880), a student. The Chairman(P43624) said he could afford him every facility.

4 The A. Proctor(P43631)s attention was directed to certain matters of Police, Cleanliness etc.

Woods – the keeper of the Confectionary called to inform the Chairman(P43624) that he had been under the impression he had a License. that he not permitted disorder in his house etc. The Chairman(P43624) informed him that he would probably be presented at the May Court, but that a great deal would depend upon his conduct prior to that period. He promised not to allow any more drinking at his house & said it was not his intention to apply for a license. He would only keep a Grocery.

The Chairman(P43624) requested Mr. Davis(P43010) to act in Court for the University(CB0001) if he should see cause.

6. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly report which was attended to.


Mr. King(P39880) requested to withdraw from the University having consent of his Parent and of the Law Professor. Written permission


was granted him

10 The A. Proctor(P43631) informed the Chairman(P43624) that [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] Mischief had been by certain Students last night. The walls of the new Privy(PL8719) which have been standing uncovered for several weeks were thrown down but no noise was made in the University. The A. Proctor knows nothing of the Perpetrators.

The Proctor(P33020) called to report the damage to the Chairman(P43624). He stated that a Mr. Bunnel, a former Student & one desirous of entering next Session had invited some of the Students to Town last night & that the Mischief may have been perpetrated by some of them.

The Chairman(P43624) subsequently saw Mr. Bunnel, who said he was unaware it was against the Enactments for students to attend a party at a Tavern or he had forgotten the Regulation if he had known it. He said he had taken pains to inquire & it was satisfied that none of those who were with him had been engaged in the Mischief.

The Proctor(P33020) informed the Chairman(P43624) that Mr. Willis(P21842) this morning smelt of spirituous Liquors. The Chairman(P43624) having reason to write to the Rector on the subject of having a list of Students printed & distributed mentioned the circumstances under which his Relative was placed at the University & advises Removal.


Mr. Willis(P21842) said his mother wished him to [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] withdraw immediately. He presented the permission of his Professors. The Chairman(P43624) allowed him to go, recommending him at the same time, not to return unless he could be certain of obeying the laws in future.

Mr. Dickerson(P32613) having the consent of his Guardian asked leave to quit the University as the Faculty(CB0105) objected to his leaving Dr. Johnson(P36086)’s Class. Permission was given him.

Mr. James A Smith(P37190) asked leave to quit two of Dr. Blaettermann(P43621)’s classes. The [EVENT: Course Reference:Modern Languages:Spanish  ] Spanish & Anglo Saxon. He was told he must have consent of his Guardian.


Mar. 13

The A. Proctor(P43631) presented his report which was attended to.

The Proctor(P33020) delivered in a letter stating that Mr. Geo R. King(P39880), who received a certificate of [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] honorable dismissal from the University had paid a percentage upon 140 dollars which he had not deposited.


A letter was received from Mr. Dickerson(P32613) stating that if permitted to leave Dr. Johnson(P36086)’s class, he would return to the University. The Chairman(P43624) will lay the letter before the Faculty(CB0105) when they meet.

A letter was received from Mr. Bankhead(P36174) stating that he had determined to withdraw his Son from the University.

F. L. Hammer(P44654) asked to be absent for a few days from the University. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] Permission granted.


A letter was received from the Rector [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] approving of the Chairman(P43624)’s propositions as contained in his letter.

A letter was received from a “Boarder” Mr. Conway(P43888) complaining of Faculty(CB0105) attendance, confusion, etc. at Table.

Messrs. S. Maupin(P43731), Leigh(P22152), W. Michie(P25043), & Stribling(P43861) were examined on the subject. They all asserted that there were grounds of complaint.

The A. Proctor(P43631) was directed to inspect the dinner there to day.

Mr. Conway was told of the complaints & instructed to have them rectified. Conway does not seem to possess any Authority over his Boarders. He says all will be right again when his wife returns to the Table.

19. The A. Proctor(P43631) presented his Report which was attended to.

An anonymous letter was received from Mrs. Gray(P43865)’s Boarders complaining of want of Desert & other matters.

Messrs. N. Johnson(P30090), E. Randolph(P26024), Patterson(P32066), Price(P33169), Tutwiler(P23853), & Radford(P29842) were examined. The great cause of complaint seemed to be that they had not had desert for 2 months.

Mrs. Gray(P43865) promised to satisfy them as far as she was able. She had not given desert in consequence of some sickness of Servants(CB0854).


Mar. 21

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) stated he had reason to believe from the Condition of the Room etc. that Mr B F Minor(P37942) had been intoxicated the night before. Mr. Minor(P37942) was sent for. He admitted that he had been [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] drinking the day before. It was his birthday. Had been home to his friends. Did not know that he had been taking too much until he found in the night that he was sick. He was seriously reprimanded & informed that any repetition of such conduct would be visited with the severest punishment.


Mr. W. Baynham(P26410) was reported by the A. Proctor(P43631) as [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Guns  ] having a Pistol. He was sent for & reprimanded & required to deliver it up to the Assistant Proctor or Mr. Lerchof of Charlottesville of whom he had purchased it. This he promised to do.

A Letter was received from the Rector in an answer to one written him regarding some Arabic MSS offered by Mr.Hodgson().


Mr. Johnson(P23571) (Charles) called upon the Chairman(P43624) to state that he had received a letter from home in which he was told if he did not improve in the course of another month he would be [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] liable to dismissal. He owned he had been irregular in his habits as well as attention, but observed that he would use every escertion to do better in future.

Mr. Gilliam(P26653) called under similar circumstances as well as Mr. Dabney(P24063). The Chairman(P43624) gave some friendly advice to all.

Apr. 1

When the Chairman(P43624) was about to call a meeting to fill up Circulars, he found that the Printer had disappointed the A. Proctor(P43631). That the Circulars are not ready.

The Janitor(P43949) informed the Chairman(P43624) that he had received instruction from Mr. Tucker(P23777) to have his Bell rung at 8 A.M. on his Lecture days instead of in the afternoon. The Chairman(P43624) [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] has not thought it advisable to object, as it would be useless.

The Chairman(P43624) spoke with Genl. Locke(PL8679), as he had already done with Mr. Randolph, regarding the preparation of Benches for the Library Room(PL8679) for divine Service & for public days. These Gentlemen left it with the Chairman(P43624).

The Bill of 130 Dollars for [EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  ] engraving the Diploma having been presented, the Chairman(P43624) instructed the Proctor(P33020) to pay if on his (the Chairman(P43624)’s) responsibility, subject to the [EVENT: Exception:Postponed  ] approval of the Board of Visitors(CB0042).


A meeting of the Professors was called to fill up the circulars at which the Chairman(P43624) brought some matters before the attention of the Faculty(CB0105).

Mr. W. Carr(P29459), who was complained of by Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) for inattention in his school, stated to the Chairman(P43624) that he believed he was as attentive as other individuals, complained that the facilities were not great for acquiring information, said he was always respectful. He conceived that Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) imagined him to be the creator of disorder in his room with which he had nothing to do.

Mr. Gilmer was spoken to for having left the [EVENT: Course Reference:Mathematics  ] class of Mathematics without permission. He stated that having the consent of his Father & having delivered this written consent into the hands of the Chairman(P43624) he had imagine it to be sufficient. He said he should repeat his application to leave the class.


The Proctor(P33020) was written to apprizing him that he had never submitted his accounts to the Chairman(P43624) for inspection as law requires.

The Proctor(P33020) informed the Chairman(P43624) that he could not pay the Bill for Diplomas until September. [EVENT: University Administration:Banking  ] As the credit of the University was somewhat at stake, the Chairman(P43624) paid the bill himself.

Mr. Randolph(P26024) was spoken to on the subject who directed the Proctor to pay it from the contingent fund.

On Consultation with Mr. Randolph(P26024) it was agreed to make a charge for each Diploma subject to any modification by the Board at their next meeting & in order to give encouragement it was suggested by the Chairman(P43624) that where a Student obtained more than one Diploma he should, [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] for the present, be required to pay only for the first.


April 5

The Secretary of the Faculty(CB0105) was [EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  ] directed to put up a Notice requiring those who are Candidates for graduation in the various Schools to send in their names to the Chairman(P43624).

7. A Letter was received from Gall Walton of Florida(PL4241) requesting that the Faculty(CB0105) would hold their hand with regard to his Son until he could arrive for the purpose of removing him. Although there are weighty objections to the residence of this [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] unfortunate youth in the University. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] The evils arising therefrom appear to be less than those which would accrue from any other course.

A letter was received from Thm. Burke, Teacher in Richmond(PL4241) requesting a Certificate of the opinion of the Faculty(CB0105) regarding his mode of teaching etc. This letter will of course be laid before the Faculty(CB0105).


Several Gentlemen sent in their names as Candidates for graduation in various departments.

Mr. Edmunds(P43747), who stands extremely well in his other schools, having been complained of by Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) for inattention, he was spoken to. He parried the charges of the Professor & was disposed to retort upon him had such a course been permitted. He was admonished to attend with more regularity.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly report. It required no official notice.


No matters worthy of notice occurred this week. This Day the A. Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly Report. He further informed the Chairman(P43624) that one or more [EVENT: University Administration  ] Lawsuits were going on under the Management of the Proctor(P33020) likely to invoke the University in some difficulty and Expence. Although the Proctor(P33020) is required to lay these matters before the Chairman(P43624) he has been acting solely on his own responsibility. The Chairman(P43624) who is required by the laws to see that the subordinate officers act in the proper manner; desired the Proctor(P33020) to wait upon him


and to give him full information on the subject, in order that he might judge of the propriety of reporting the same to the executive committee.

The Proctor(P33020) informed the Chairman(P43624) that Mr. Gooch(P42469), student, has [EVENT: Fee:Tuition  ] not paid in his installment & requesting the Chairman(P43624) to investigate the matter. Mr. Gooch(P42469) was sent for & directed to see his Father upon the Subject as soon as convenient. He stated the Proctor(P33020) & Mr. Conway were owing his Father money & that an arrangement had been made which he had esteemed satisfactory.

Dr. Patterson(P43634) reported Mr. Walton(P30361) as [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  ] not attending his class. The Chairman(P43624) saw Dr. Patterson(P43634) on the subject & suggested to him whether as Colonel Walton is daily expected here to take his Son along with him it would be necessary to proceed against the Young Man. This is the young man, the peculiarities of whose case have been already mentioned.

Directions were given to Mr. Wertenbaker(P43631) for the distribution of the lists of Officers & Students.


No transaction has transpired for the last nine days worthy of notice.

Professors Emmet(P43625) & Harrison(P25515) & Dr. Johnson(P36086) were [EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  ] appointed a Committee to examine the Candidates for graduation in the various Schools, with regard to their knowledge of English.


This day at 1/2 past 7 A. M. was appointed for the English Examination.

Mr. James Smith(P33090) requested the Chairman(P43624) to sanction the sale of a Book to him by Mr. Barclay(P31399), which was done.

27. A letter was received from some of Mr. Gray's(PL8542) boarders still complaining of the Fare. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was directed to inquire into the subject immediately.

May 2

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his report. He informed the Chairman(P43624) that [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  ] mischief had been done to the waterpipes etc. on the preceding night. He was directed to sit up on the next night & endeavour to detect the Offenders. He farther informed the Chairman(P43624) that he believed Mr. Walton(P30361) was still going in irregularly. The Chairman(P43624) determined now to bring the young man before the Faculty(CB0105) for [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] expulsion & dismission, particularly as his Father is expected daily


May 4

Mr. Walton(P30361) was tonight brought before a Meeting called by the Chairman(P43624) & [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] expelled. When about to proceed on his journey homewards, he was taken with a fit: in consequence of which he asked leave to stay within the precincts till the next stage. Leave was granted him.


A [EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Private Meetings  ] meeting of the Students was called to nominate to the Chairman(P43624) four individuals to act as orator if approved by the Chairman(P43624), [EVENT: Official University Celebrations and Events:Public Day  ] on the public day at the end of the Session.

A letter was written to Dr. Somervail(P43849), requesting him to withdraw his ward John Baynham(P36321) on the grounds stated in a resolution of the Faculty(CB0105).


Mr. Dunglison(P43624) having been taken dangerously on the 8th, the minutes of the Chairman(P43624)'s proceedings have not been kept with regularity.

During this period a letter was received from Dr. Somervail(P43849) with withdrawing his ward.

On the 18th, Dr. Harrison(P25515) complained that Mr. Willes(P21842) had [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Physical Assault  ] assaulted him in the Rotunda in consequence of remarks made in the discharge (as he D. H conceived) of his duty. Mr. Wertenbaker(P43631) was sent for & measures taken to have as full a meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) as possible. The Chairman(P43624) was unable to attend in consequence of the alarming illness of his wife.

On the 20th, the Chairman(P43624) was informed by Dr. Patterson(P43634) that Mr. Willis(P21842) was still on the premises & he had reason to believe that he was acting disorderly. The Proctor(P33020) & A. Proctor(P43631) were directed to warm him off the Precincts immediately.

A letter was received from the Proctor(P33020) stating that in the execution of their duties, he had found in Mr. Willis(P21842)’s room, Messrs. Shelton Watson(P32888), & Wm. Carr(P29459) with [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Gambling  ] cards in their hands (Sunday) & Messrs. Gretter(P30464) and W.B. Cochran(P23558) apparently looking on. He had warned Willis(P21842) off & anticipated no farther Trouble from him.


May 24 The Janitor(P43949) was ordered to summon Mr. G Carr(P37503), Shelton Watson(P32888), John A. Gretter(P30464), & Mr. B. Cochran(P23558) to appear before the Chairman(P43624)

Mr. Gretter(P30464) appeared, & being informed that he was sent for in consequence of his being present yesterday, where there was gaming John Willis(P21842)’s room – said that he did not know there was playing when he went to the room, went to see Mr. Willis(P21842), and was merely waiting until the game was finished to go with one of the company to Charlottesville(PL4204).

The Chairman(P43624) expressed to Mr. Gretter(P21842) his regret that he should have remained a single moment in a room where there was card playing.

Mr. Wm G Carr(P29459) next appeared, admitted that he was engaged yesterday (Sunday in playing) a social game at whilst in Mr. Miller’s room; was not playing for money, but for soda water, never played any other game than whist, thought that he was not violating the spirit of the enactments. Mr. Carr was severely reprimanded for his very improper conduct, and much strife was laid by the Chairman(P43624) on the circumstance of its happening on Sunday, which made the offence a much more aggravated one. Mr. Carr’s Father was written to and informed of the improper conduct of his son.

Shelton Watson(P32888) then appeared – admitted that he was engaged in playing at cards yesterday was playing for nothing but soda water; was aware that playing at cards in any form was a violation of the enactments; and that playing on Sunday aggravates the offences; had played one game and was playing the second when the Proctor(P33020) & Ass. Proctor(P43631) arrived.


May 24

The Chairman(P43624) reprimanded Mr. Watson(P32888) severely and told him that his father must be informed of his conduct.

Letters were written to Mrs. Willis(P47166), Mr. Watson(), and Mr. Carr(P44725), informing them of the offences & punishments of their Children.

25. Dr. Lilburn Perry(P31033) having fulfilled the Enactments on the subject was permitted to [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] withdraw from the University.

[EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  ] Committees were appointed to attend the Examinations for graduation in the Schools of [EVENT: Course Reference:Natural Philosophy  ] Natural Philosophy, [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy, & [EVENT: Course Reference:Materia Medica  ] Materia Medica: and days and hours appointed for such examination.

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was directed again to keep a vigilant eye over the Students who may have tonight new clothes – not Uniform – and to report them to the Chairman(P43624).

Mr. B. Moseley(P30883) [EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance  ] reported to the Chairman(P43624) that he Mr. Napton(P34089), Mr. Tutwiler(P23853), & Mr. Benj. Randolph(P34642) had been nominated to [EVENT: Student Conduct:Honor  ] deliver Orations or essays on the Public day. The nominations were confirmed


Mr. Tabb(P30089), the Secretary of the Meeting of the Students, laid before the Chairman(P43624) a [EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Private Meetings  ] series of objectionable resolutions which had been entered into by the Student’s expressive of their approbation of Mr. Willis’s(P21842) conduct & their disapprobation of Mr. Harrison’s(P29151). Like the reet of all such meetings which the Chairman(P43624) has in every way discourage – their resolutions are founded in ex parte statements. As the Chairman(P43624) is informed by the Assistant Proctor(P43631) that there are several Students who have expressed a desire that the Faculty(CB0105) might [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] expel or dismiss them in a goodly company, rather than that they should be disgraced at the approaching examination, he is determined not to gratify them & especially as the resolutions have 70 names attached to them & many of those of Students equally respectable with any in the Institution. He will, therefore, [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] not lay the resolutions before the Faculty(CB0105) unless called for. The young men of the


present session are unusually turbulent & mistaken in their notions & nothing but rigid discipline has enabled the Chairman(P43624) to prevent numerous serious ruptures.


Two letters were received from the Proctor(P33020) in relation to the settlements of John Willis(P21842) [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] expelled & John Baynham(P36321), [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] withdrawn by the desire of the Faculty(CB0105).

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was directed to attend at the Race-course this week to preserve order.

He informed the Chairman(P43624) that a [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Physical Assault  ] fight had occurred between Mr. Nixon(P38169), Student & a young Gentleman there. As it was probable that Mr. Nixon(P38169) had at the time been [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] drinking he was sent for. Said he had been [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] drinking but not to any extent. Is satisfied he was wrong in the Quarrel. The affair is entirely ended. Professes the greatest for the laws & his regret at having violated them. No such thing should occur again. The Chairman(P43624) reprimanded him severely & told him that if his improper conduct should he repeated, he must expect no Quarter.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his Report.


An hour was appointed for an examination for graduation in the Schools of [EVENT: Course Reference:Moral Philosophy  ] Moral Philosophy & [EVENT: Curriculum:Ancient Languages  ] Ancient Languages & [EVENT: Course Reference:Natural Philosophy  ] Natural Philosophy & in the [EVENT: Course Reference:Materia Medica  ] class of Materia Medica with committees for each.

June 2

A meeting was called to fill up circulars etc. which the Chairman(P43624) owing to sickness was unable to attend.

A complaint was made by Mr. A Moseley(P26196) against that Fare at Mr. Rose(P43866)’s Table. The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was directed to attend to this & Mr. Rose(P43866) was spoken to on the subject.

A letter was received from Mr. Cobb stating his Son(P31248)’s state of health was such that he could [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] not return to the University this Session. In consequence of his continued bad health the Chairman(P43624) with the concurrence of the Professors he attended had permitted Mr. Cobb(P31248) Junior to return home.


June 4

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his Report.

Committees were appointed for examinations for graduation in the [EVENT: Course Reference:Law  ] Schools of Law & [EVENT: Course Reference:Ancient Languages  ] Antient Languages.

The Measures of the Faculty(CB0105) at the last meeting being, in the Chairman(P43624)’s opinion, unusually harsh towards certain Students, who fathers were directed to be written to, informing them that if their sons were not more [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  ] attentive in some single class they would be liable to dismissal at the end of a month – that is a few days before the end of the Session & Mr. Lomax(P43630)– one of the majority at the meeting – having expressed his desire to have the cases reconsidered at the next meeting of the Faculty(CB0105). The Chairman(P43624) determined to detain the circulars until the result of the meeting be known.

The result of the meeting as well as the various considerations, which the Chairman(P43624) will be happy to state to the Board of Visitors(CB0042) have induced the Chairman(P43624) to decline laying the objectionable resolutions of the Students before the Faculty(CB0105); as he conceives he possesses such discretionary power. The students do not thwart the Faculty(CB0105) in the discharge of any Duty: they have only expressed opinions – however objectionable these may be - & they have been told that their opinions are such a character as not to merit any answer & have been highly disapproved by the Chairman(P43624). They believe moreover that the Chairman(P43624) has consigned them to the flames as an evidence of his contempt for them; respecting which the Chairman(P43624) does not desire to undeceive them.


A meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was called at which the Chairman(P43624) carried into effect his intentions as above expressed. at this meeting the Faculty adjourned to meet again on the following day. Mr. Chairman(P43624) protesting against the measures adopted thereat.

9 Letters were written to the Parents & Guardians of the Young Gentlemen who were censured at a later meeting of the Faculty(CB0105).


Mr. Edmunds(P43747) called upon the Chairman(P43624) and complained of the inaccuracy of the report of the Professor of Modern Languages in his case. Mr. Huie(P34376) did the same. These cases were communicated to the Professor of Modern Languages. His reports are, certainly, in no wise to be depended upon.


The Professors of Mathematics complained that Mr. Price(P35169) had been [EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] throwing stones on the lawn to as to endanger the safety of his family & that when spoken to he had not desisted.


Mr. Price(P35169) was this morning sent for. He says the Professor of Mathematics labors under a mistake. That he desisted immediately but that Mr. Walker(P29659), who did not know that the Professor had been in the lawn threw a stone subsequently. He expressed a universal regret that the Professor of Mathematics should have been disturbed.

The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was directed to procure Seals for the Diplomas.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) presented his weekly report


Messrs. Saunders(P36825) & Gretter(P30464) complained that Mr. Rose(P43866) did not allow Milk at his Table in accordance with the Bill of Fare. Mr. Rose was spoken to on the subject.

The Chairman(P43624) having heard that an [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Physical Assault  ] assault had been committed by a student or students in Charlottesville(PL4204) directed the A. Proctor(P43631) to obtain evidence thereupon.

Mr. Nixon(P38169) inquired of the Chairman(P43624) whether he could be permitted to remain in the Institution for some weeks after he should cease to be a student. He exhibited a certificate from Dr. Johnson(P36086) stating that change of air was advisable for him & also permission from the Professors of [EVENT: Course Reference:Law  ] Law and[EVENT: Course Reference:Natural Philosophy  ]  Natural Philosophy to leave their classes.

The Chairman(P43624) informed him that such [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] permission could not be granted him. Nixon(P38169) is not a regular Student and deserves no indulgence could such be allowed him.


He stated that Bigelow(P44369), a Musical Instructor, is living in the University. The A. Proctor(P43631) was sent for who stated that such is the case. That he found Bigelow “squatting” when came into office & presumed that he was sanctioned by the Authorities. He was desired to ask the Proctor upon what Authority Bigelow has been there. The Proctor(P33020) knows nothing about it. During the last year, the Chairman(P43624) was asked by this man, whose behaviour is good, to inhabit a room in the Institution: he was told he could not. Yet it now seems that he has been ever since, against the wishes of the Chairman(P43624) who hears of it only today. [EVENT: General Misconduct  ] The A. Proctor(P43631) was directed, in the presence of Dr. Blaettermann(P43621), to inquire of Bigelow into his Authority for remaining here & to warn him off the premises immediately. The A. Proctor called to say that Bigelow gave no reason except that he though would not be objected to (although he had been told 12 months ago that it could be permitted). He further said that Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) had given Bigelow permission to inhabit a Room in his house. In this manner, Bigelow’s situation is rather misproved than otherwise. Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) has inhabited his house at the University but little for the last year or two and during his session he has given his rooms up to Students & is now about to let it to one not a Student – an object for which it was never intended & which may be the source of annoyance: as he manifestly claims the privilege of converting a Pavilion to any use which he pleases.

[EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Petition Faculty  ] A Petition was received from a considerable of Students, asking that the Supper Hour might be changed from 6 till 7. [EVENT: Exception:Granted  ] The Petition was agreed to and [EVENT: University Administration  ] directions given accordingly.


The Assistant Proctor complained that P. B. Jones(P41465) had [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Guns  ] fired a gun within the Precincts, Mr. Jones(P41465) was sent for & reprimanded.



In the evening the Professor of Mathematics complained that he was disturbed by the [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Guns  ] firing of Guns in the Fields which form part of the Precincts. Mr. Saunders(P36825) informed the Chairman(P43624) that his Father wished him to leave the University(CB0001) in about 10 days. He asked to know whether there would be any objection. He was referred to his Professors.


<Mr. Underwood(P39893) [EVENT: Exception  ] desired to quit the [EVENT: Course Reference:Mathematics  ] class of Mathematics. Petition to be laid before the Faculty(CB0105).


A considerable noise having occurred last night & [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  ] some windows having been broken in the Rotunda(PL8428). The Assistant Proctor(P43631) received direction to inquire immediately into the matter.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) gave the Chairman(P43624) strong reason to believe that Mr. Benjamin Randolph(P34642) was one of the Party concerned in the Disturbance. Dr. Harrison(P25515) called to say that Mr. William Carr(P29459) had been [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] intoxicated in front of his house, a short time before his calling on the Chairman(P43624). The Assistant Proctor(P43631) was sent to inform him of this and to inquire into Mr. Carr’s situation.


Mr. Carr(P29459), himself, called to confess his having been intoxicated & to apologize for it. He was told he would have to lay his excuses before the Faculty(CB0105). A meeting of the Faculty was called this afternoon to inquire into those offences.


Last night a [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  ] loghouse was set on fire outside the precincts probably by Students. Professor Bonnycastle(P43623) stated that in riding down to Charlottesville(PL4204) in the afternoon he had seen two students looking at the Building. Farther he seemed to know nothing. Dr. Johnson(P36086) stated that he had seen Mr. Huie(P34376) throwing a plank into the fire. Messrs. F. Gray(P41221), Beirne(P40947), & Jones(P41465) called to know if any means would be likely to be successful in procuring Mr. Randolph’s


Reinstatement. The Chairman(P43624) said he would lay any respectful petition before the Faculty(CB0105).

A meeting of the Students having been advertised for this purpose. The A. Proctor(P43631) was directed to be on the alert. He was also informed that Charles Johnson(P23571), a dismissed Student, was on the premises & required to warn him off. A Committee was appointed for the [EVENT: Course Reference:Chemistry  ] School of Chemistry.


The Assistant Proctor(P43631) complained that he had been [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Verbal Assault  ] grossly insulted by two Ex Students attended by several Students of the University on the preceding evening. He recognized amongst those Messrs. A. Henderson(P23394), Dabney(P24063), Thomas(P32198), & Springs(P25464). The Party were in a [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] state of intoxication or seemed to be so.

A meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) had been called on the 25th to consider a petition of the Students to reinstate Mr. Benj. Randolph(P34642), which petition had been [EVENT: Exception:Denied  ] refused. On consequence of this several parties had gone to Charlottesville(PL4204) for the purpose of drinking. Mr. Lomax(P43630) stated to the Chairman(P43624) that he had met Mr. Benj. Franklin Minor(P37942) in a [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  ] state of intoxication.

Yesterday evening Mr. Nixon having presented the necessary certificated by the hands of Mr. Benj. Moseley(P30883) was promised his [EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  ] dismissal.


A meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was called to consider these offences.

A letter was received from the Proctor(P33020) requesting the Faculty to adopt some rules with regard to their cows & those of the Hotelkeeper etc. so far as concerned their going on the lawn at night. The letter was laid before the Faculty. The Chairman(P43624) has had many communications with the Proctor(P33020) on this subject during the Session: for until now they have been incommoded by them & the Trees destroyed. Without better management indeed,- it will be impracticable to succeed to the Trees on the lawn. This only within the last few days that our attention has been paid to them.


June 27

Mr. Bentley(P29939) having fulfilled the necessary enactments was permitted to [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] leave the University.


A letter having been received from the Assistant Proctor(P43631) concerning Mr. Springs(P25464) who was dismissed yesterday from the University which contained reasons for believing that the Student, who had refused to say any thing in his own exculpation was innocent, a meeting of the Faculty(CB0105) was called thereon.

Mr. Benj. Moseley(P30883) called upon the Chairman(P43624) on the same subject. Mr. Saunders(P36825), having fulfilled the necessary Enactments was [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] permitted to leave the University.

Messrs. Morgan(P41891), Nicholson(P41585), W Michie(P25043) etc. were desirous of leaving the [EVENT: Course Reference:Chemistry  ] School of Chymistry. To be referred to the Faculty(CB0105). Other applications to leave other Schools were made.

Some of the Professors not having furnished their Reports regularly to the Chairman(P43624), a copy of the law, require the Chairman(P43624) to report on the Subject was sent to each Professor.


Letters were written to Messrs. Henderson & Dabney> concerning their(P23394) Sons(P24063) as directed by the Faculty(CB0105).

Messrs. Baynham(P36321) was reprimanded for having been one of a party returning for Charlottesville(PL4204), which was [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  ] noisy before its arrival within the precints.

July 1

Mr. Thomas Hamner(P39434) having fulfilled the necessary enactments was [EVENT: Student Status:Withdrawal from University  ] permitted to leave the University.

A letter was received from Mr. Springs(P25464), who is his own Guardian, stating his determination to leave the University notwithstanding that he had failed to obtain the permission of the Professors whom he attends.

A certificate was given to the A. Proctor(P43631) for the purpose of that officer’s obtaining his Salary.


The Chairman(P43624) having been unable to procure Circulars from Charlottesville(PL4204), notwithstanding all his Care, the Faculty(CB0105) were informed of the circumstance.



A letter was received from a [EVENT: University Administration  ] Committee appointed to offer suggestions to the Board of Visitors(CB0042), stating that they were ready to report to the Faculty(CB0105). A meeting was accordingly called this day at 4 o’clock. The Chairman(P43624) being busily occupied with preparing his Documents for the Board of Visitors & with preparations for the examinations, [EVENT: Official University Celebrations and Events:Public Day  ] public day etc., was unable to attend. His own suggestions will form the Basis of a special Report.

A Letter was received from the Proctor(P33020) relating to the nondepositing of their funds by Students. The Law does not seem to have the affect of making them deposit their money.

A scheme of the Lawmakers was made on & sent to the Richmond Enquirer & Virginia Advocate to the following effect.