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Session 1 of the Faculty Minutes April 12, 1825 - December 10, 1825


April 12

At a meeting of the Professors of the University(CB0001) Holden at the House of Professor Key(P43622),(PL8458) on the evening of the 12th of April-- Present: Professors Long,(43620) Key,(P43622) Emmett,(P43625) Bonnycastle ,(P43623) Blaettermann,(P43621) and Dunglison(P43624) it was resolved:

[EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  1825-04-12] Prof. Tucker (P43619) chairman for the year

That Professor Tucker(P43619) be Chairman of the Faculty for the present year.

Prof. Emmett(P43625) Chairman pro tempore

That owing to, and during, the absence of Professor Tucker,(P43619) Professor Emmett(P43625) be Chairman.

Dr. Dunglison(P43624) to be Secretary

That Professor Dunglison(P43624) be Secretary to the Faculty.

John P. Emmett(P43625) Chairman (pro tempore)


April 13

At a meeting of the Faculty held on the Evening of the 13th of April at the House of the Secretary to the Faculty(PL8474)--Present: Professors Emmett,(P43625) Blaettermann,(P43621) Bonnycastle,(P43623) Key,(P43622) Long,(P43620) and Dunglison,(P43624) it was resolved:

The chairman (P43619) to put a stop to desultory conversation

That for the better regulation of the proceedings of the Faculty the Chairman do, whenever he may think proper, put a stop to conversation across the table and that he direct the members to speak in rotation, commencing where he may please.

Every motion to be given in writing

That each member who has a motion to propose, shall give. it in writing.

The Librarian to attend at the library(PL8630) at the hour of 1, on Monday and at the same hour of any other day if requested by a professor

That at the hour of one on every Monday the Librarian shall attend at the library(PL8630) for the purpose of delivering out and taking in the books belonging to the Institution(CB0001), and that, at the same hour of any other day, except Sunday, he do attend if requested by any professor.

John P. Emmett(P43625) Chairman


April 27

At a meeting of the Faculty convened by the Chairman(P43619), for the purpose of choosing a janitor and holden at his House(PL8470)--Present: Professors Emmett,(P43625) Key,(P43622) Bonnycastle,(P43623) Blaettermann ,(P43621) Long,(P43620) and Dunglison(P43624)--it was resolved:

[EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  1825-04-27] That William Spinner,(P43844) having been represented to the Faculty as a person of good character and in other respects fitted for the office of Janitor, be appointed to that office, from this time until the end of the Session, provided he conduct himself to the satisfaction of the Faculty.

[EVENT: Course Reference:Art  ] That the Proctor(P43627) be requested to have an advertisement inserted in a Richmond,(PL4241) a Philadelphia,(PL4362) and a New York paper,(PL4217) stating that Teachers of Music and of Drawing are wanting at the University(CB0001): the requests being : In the Teacher of Music--that he be a good practical performer on more than one instrument, well versed in orchestra performance and in the science of composition--in the Teacher of Drawing that he add to the usual branches of that Art, Architectural and Mechanical Designing.

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman


May 3

At a meeting of the Faculty held this Day--Present: the Chairman(P43619) of the Faculty, Professors Emmett,(P43625) Bonnycastle,(P43623) Key,(P43622) Blaettermann ,(P43621) and Secretary(P43624). It was resolved that:

[EVENT: Course Reference:Art  ] [EVENT: University Administration  ] 1st That a notice to the following effect be sent to the various Hotels(PL8530): "Impressions having gone abroad that a Teacher of Music has been appointed to the University(CB0001)--the Faculty think it right to state that no such appointment has yet taken place, but that they have caused advertisements to be inserted in a Richmond,(PL4241) a New York,(PL4217) and a Philadelphia (PL4362) Newspaper, stating that such an instructor is wanting, who, it is required, must be able to play on more than one instrument and be well versed in orchestra performance and in the science of composition."

[EVENT: Library:Access/use policies  ] 2nd The hour of one being inconvenient to the Librarian(P43626) to attend at the Library(PL8630) on every Monday, that the hour of 4 be substituted for that purpose.


[EVENT: Library:Books  ] 3rd That Dictionaries, of Terms only, or Books, of Plates only, be not permitted to be taken out of the Library(PL8630).

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman

June 18

At a meeting of the Faculty holden this day--present--the Chairman(P43619) of the Faculty, Professors Bonnycastle,(P43623) Emmett,(P43625) Blaettermann,(P43621) Key,(P43622) and Secretary(P43624)--it was resolved, that the following Notice be issued[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  1825-06-18] : "Representations having gone abroad that some cows belonging to persons attached to the University(CB0001) have been shamefully mutilated, the Faculty, unwilling to believe that any student can have committed so atrocious an act, but deeming it probable that some abandoned miscreants have been the perpetrators under an expectation that the offence having been executed within the precincts of the University(PL4214)(PL8425) would of necessity be ascribed to the students, earnestly invite the Gentlemen, for the credit of the University(CB0001), to endeavour by all


possible means to discover the authors of such atrocity in order that they may be brought before the civil power and be dealt with as the Law directs."

A majority having decided for the above wording of the notice, Professors Key,(P43622) Bonnycastle ,(P43623) and the Secretary(P43624) protested against the words "unwilling to believe that any student" being substituted for the words "feeling quite satisfied that no student" as well as against the insertion of the words "deeming it probable."

[EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  1825-06-18] [EVENT: Course Reference:Art  ] A Letter having been read from a Mr. Sconcia (P43825) stating his desire to be admitted into the University(CB0001) as a "Professor or Music and not merely as a Teacher", it was resolved:

That the Proctor(P27585) be instructed to inform Mr. Sconcia(P43825) that he cannot be received in any other manner than conformably to the Notice inserted in the Newspapers.

[EVENT: General Misconduct:Drinking  1825-06-18] Complaint having been made that an individual of the name of Ben(P43826), a black man, was in the habit of selling spirituous Liquor in the cellar of one of the Pavilions and that inconvenience has accrued from dogs being permitted to run about within the precincts


of the University(PL8632):--it was resolved that the Proctor(P43627) be instructed to cause an end to be put to these nuisances.

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman

June 23

[EVENT: Student Misconduct  1825-06-23] At a meeting of the Faculty convened this day in consequence of some disorderly proceedings having taken place on the preceding evening--present: the Chairman(P43619), Professors Blaettermann,(P43621) Emmet,(P43625) Key,(P43622) and Bonnycastle,(P43623) the Faculty, having reason to believe that Messrs. Vanbibber,(P23882) Peyton,(P32411) and Phil. Bolling,(P37249) though not parties themselves, could communicate information regarding the authors of the disturbance , issued a summons for their appearance and they were severally examined, but, as no information could be elicited from them, the meeting was adjourned.

June 24

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  1825-06-24] Three gentlemen presented themselves to the Chairman of the Faculty(P43619) acknowledging themselves as parties in the disturbance and expressing their contrition for the offence.

Roubley Dunglison(P43624) Sec.


June 28

[EVENT: University Administration  1825-06-28] [EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Petition Faculty  1825-06-28] At a meeting of the Faculty held this day, in consequence of a petition received from and signed by 78 students of the University(CB0001), praying for a vacation of 10 days or more, according to the discretion of the Professors, to commence on. the 4th July, the pleas assigned being the unusual length of the session and the immoderate heat of the weather -- present: the Chairman of the Faculty(P43619), Professors Emmet ,(P43625) Blaettermann,(P43621) Bonnycastle,(P43623) Key(P43622) and the Secretary(43624), it was resolved:

That as the question agitated by the Petitioners did not come within the jurisdiction of the Faculty, the Secretary(P43624) be instructed to inclose the Petition to the Rector(P43611) for his decision thereon.

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman

June 30

At a meeting of the faculty held this day in consequence of the receipt of a letter from the Rector(P43611)--Present: Professors Tucker,(P43619) Emmet,(P43625) Blaettermann,(P43621) Key,(P43622) Bonnycastle,(P43623) and Secretary(P43624).

[EVENT: University Administration Action:denied ] The following communication in answer to the Secretary(P43624)'s letter inclosing the petition


of the Students was read by the Secretary(P43624):

August 6

At a meeting of the faculty held this day and convened in consequence of a[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  1825-08-05]  disturbance having taken place the night before-- Present: the Chairman(P43619), Drs. Blaettermann,(P43621) Emmet,(P43625) Mr. Key,(P43622) and Secretary (P43624).

Messrs. Turner(P27433) and Slaughter,(P28777) the occupants of the Dormitory(PL8478) in which the noise was supposed to have occurred, having been called and exculpated themselves without giving evidence of the offenders, the meeting adjourned.

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman


September 20

At a meeting of the Faculty convened in consequence of some disturbances having taken Place the night before--Present: the Chairman of the Faculty(P43619), Professors Key,(P43622) Emmet,(P43625) Bonnycastle,(P43623) Long,(P43620) Blaettermann,(P43621) and Secretary (P43624)--before entering into the object for which the meeting was convened the following rules for the maintenance of order in the debates of the Faculty were proposed by the President and unanimously agreed to:

[EVENT: University Administration Action:granted 1825-09-20] First. Every member shall in giving his opinion on any question or matter under discussion address himself to the Chairman, shall confine himself to the subject and avoid personality .

2ndly. When two or more members address the Chairman at once, he shall name the member who is to speak first.

3-rdly. On the motion of any member, seconded by any other, all the members of the faculty shall give their opinions verbatim in the order in which they happen to sit, on any question under debate.

4-thly. Every motion shall be reduced to writing if the Chairman or any member shall require it.

5-thly. Every member present shall vote


on every question, put by the Chairman, unless he be excused by a majority.

6-thly. The Chairman shall preserve order in debate and shall decide all questions of order, subject to an appeal to the faculty on the motion of any member.

7-thly. The following shall be deemed violations of order, interruption of the Chairman or any other member, except on a call to order, proceeding to speak when called to order, addressing any other member than the Chairman, private conversation during a formal debate.

[EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  1825-09-20]  It was resolved: That the Hotelkeepers be requested to have the Breakfasts for the students finished before half past 7 o'clock, some of them having hitherto neglected to do so on the ground that there is no existing law on the subject.

The Faculty then proceeded to inquire into the disturbance of the preceding evening .

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  1825-09-19] Mr. Marshall(P34040) was charged with being present at a festive entertainment in his own


dormitory(PL8478) without the consent of each of the Professors whose school he attends, with[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  1825-09-19]  having admitted disturbing noises in his dormitory (PL8478), with being disorderly and with introducing and using spirituous or various liquors within the precincts(PL8425).

He was then called, deposed that he was the sole occupant of Dormitory No. 3(PL8478), but disrespectfully declined giving any evidence whatever on the occasion.

Mr. John Brockenbrough(P41293) was charged with being intoxicated and a party in the riot. When called he admitted the offence.

Mr. Wilson(P23025) was charged with also being a party concerned but he satisfactorily established his absence.

Mr. Edgar Mason(P28570) was also charged with the same offence as Mr. Brockenbrough(P41293) and [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Verbal Assault  1825-09-19] in addition with having used insulting and indecent language to Professor Emmet.(P43625)

When he called he admitted the charge and repeated his willingness to make an apology which he had previously expressed to the Professor whom he Insulted. In consequence, however, of the matter not being considered


by the Professor proper to be treated as a mere personal affair, but as an insult offered to one of the Faculty in the discharge of his duty, the offer of apology was not received.

Mr. Phil. Bolling(P37249) was likewise charged with being disorderly on the night in question , but he declared that he was not present.

After receiving the testimonies of those individuals, it was resolved:

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  1825-09-19] [EVENT: Student Status:Suspension  1825-09-19] That Mr. Marshall(P34040) having been present at a festive entertainment within the precincts without the consent of the professor whose school he attends, having admitted disturbing noises in his dormitory(PL8478), having permitted the introduction and use of spirituous or various liquors and having been disorderly on the night of Sunday the 18th inst. be interdicted from a residence within the precincts of the University(PL8632)(PL8425) and be suspended from its privileges for the remainder of the session.

That Mr. J. Brockenbrough(P41293) be reprimanded by Professor Long.(P43620)

[EVENT: Student Status:Suspension  1825-09-20] That Mr. Mason(P28570) having been found guilty of intemperance and also of indecent conduct towards a member of the Faculty on the night


in question, be interdicted from a residence within the precincts of the University(PL8632), and suspended from its privileges for the remainder of the session.

C. Bonnycastle(P43623) Chairman (pro tem.)

Sept. 22

At a meeting of the Faculty held this day--Present: the Chairman(P43619) of the Faculty, Professors Emmet,(P43625) Bonnycastle,(P43623) Blaettermann,(P43621) Long,(P43620) Key,(P43622) and Secretary(P43624).

[EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Petition Faculty Action:denied 1825-09-22] A Petition signed by 64 students was presented and read, the prayer of which was that as Messrs. Mason(P28570) and Marshall(P34040) had previously to the committing of the offences for which they were punished by the Faculty been of irreproachable character, and that as they were the first offences which had been severely visited, by the Faculty, the Petition hoped that the sentence might be revoked.

It was consequently resolved that:

In consequence of a petition received from and signed by a majority of the Students of the University(CB0001) in behalf of Messrs. Mason(P28570) and Marshall(P34040) and of the exemplary conduct especially of the former prior to the offence which gave rise to his suspension, such suspension


be removed and that they be restored to all the rights and privileges belonging to the students of the University(CB0001).

It was farther resolved that the Chairman (P43619) do state the decision of the Faculty to the Students assembled by convocation in the great room of the Rotunda(PL8637): informing them at the same time of the determination of the Faculty to strictly punish any breaches of the rules and regulations.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  1825-09-22] Mr. Edmunds(P30935) complained of having been molested by various individuals, who made disturbing noises at the door and even riotously entered his dormitory(PL8478), but in consequence of his being unable, to identify them the complaint was dismissed. Whilst Mr. Edmunds(P30935) was giving his evidence, some of the students were observed looking in at the windows and Mr. Benjamin Randolph(P34642) having been recognized as one of the party was called in and reprimanded .

C. Bonnycastle(P43623) Chairman (pro tem.)


September 26

At a meeting of the Faculty held this Day--Present: Professors Emmet(P43625), Blaettermann(P43621), Bonnycastle(P43623), Long(P43620), Key(P43622), and Secretary(P43624)--it was resolved that the Proctor(P27585) be requested to attend to the following regulations of the Faculty:

[EVENT: Boarding  ] [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  1825-09-26] 1. That the name of every occupant of a dormitory be painted on his door and that no student be allowed to change his dormitory without the permission of the faculty.

2. That every student shall register with the Proctor the house at which he boards and also any change of boarding house.

It was further resolved that the use of musical instruments be interdicted during the Lecture hours and after 10 at night, as well as on Sundays.

Votes for the interdiction of Music on Sunday:

Mr. Long(P43620) was excused from voting.

That any infraction of the last resolution on the part of the students be visited


by a minor punishment.

A Mr. Jones(P43827) having offered himself to the notice of the Faculty as Teacher of Drawing, but his qualifications not being deemed satisfactory, it was [EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  1825-09-26] Resolved: That Mr. Jones(P43827) be informed that the Faculty decline granting him a License.

[EVENT: University Administration  1825-09-26] It was then resolved that the following alterations in the rules and regulations be respectfully suggested to the Board of Visitors(CB0042):

Law 31.

That every hotel-keeper do report to the chairman the absence from dinner for three days together of any student boarding at his hotel(PL8530).

That the power of the Faculty over the hotel-keepers be more accurately defined.

Law 35.

That the words "restraint within the precincts(PL8632), within their own chamber, or in the diet; a seat of degradation in his schoolroom of longer or shorter duration; removal to a lower class, imposition of a task" be expunged.

Dissentient--because the imposition of a task may be at times advisable.

G. Blaettermann(P43621).


Law 36.

Query does "minor" signify major?

Law 37.

That the precincts of the University(PL8632) be considered as extending a hundred yards beyond the university buildings.

Law 39.

That the words "impose a task" be expunged .

Law 40.

That offences in point of expence, of dissoluteness, dissipation, playing at games of chance, as being obstructive to the acquisition of science by the student himself, and injurious by example to others, shall be subject , in the first instance, to admonition and reproof to the offender, and to communication and warning to the parent or guardian; to either or to both of these penalties at the discretion of the faculty, and if not satisfactorily corrected to a refusal of further continuance at the University(CB0001).

[EVENT: University Administration  1825-09-26] [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Gambling  1825-09-26] Votes to separate gambling from the general enactment and to attack to it a specific fine:

[EVENT: University Administration  1825-09-26]  [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Noise Disturbance  1825-09-26]  Law 42

[EVENT: University Administration:Student Restrictions  ] No student shall admit any disturbing


noises in his room, or make them anywhere within the precincts of the University(PL8425), fire a gun or pistol within the same, on pain of a fine of 1 dollar or of such minor punishment as the faculty shall decree or approve; but the proper use of musical instruments shall be freely allowed in their rooms and in that appropriated for the instruction in music.

Dissentient--because we have many other offences to fine more important and more against good order and because the offence is too indefinite.

G. Blaettermann(P43621).

[EVENT: University Administration  1825-09-26] [EVENT: Student Misconduct  1825-09-26] Law 43.

That the word "intemperate" be expunged , and that the following be added: That every occupant of a dormitory be answerable for those offences when committed in his dormitory, and that he be subject to the same punishment as the actual perpetrators.

Additional Laws suggested by the Faculty:

That the Faculty shall have the power, for offensive conduct of removing the occupant from any dormitory.

[EVENT: Boarding  ] That the dormitories connecting the pavilions be occupied by students not younger than 19 years.


Dissentient--because a distinction is made merely on account of age instead of good behavior.

R. Dunglison(P43624) G. Blaettermann(P43621) G. Long(P43620)

That there be two vacations in the year instead of one.

That a proper person or persons be appointed for discharging the inferior duties of police of the establishment.

[EVENT: Fee  ] That the sum of 10 dollars be deposited with the proctor by each student on his entrance into the University(CB0001), which shall be returned to him at the end of the session, provided he has not incurred any of the penalties fixed by the enactment.

That a single offence of intoxication be subject to an offence a fine of one dollar, but that, if repeated, in addition to the fine of one dollar, the friends be informed of the offence, and if a repetition should again occur , the offender be refused further attendance at the University(CB0001).

T. H. Key(P43622) Chairman pro tem.


September 27

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  1825-09-24] At a meeting of the Faculty convened this day in consequence of a charge having been laid against Mr. Chapman(P43828) for having permitted the use of ardent and vicious liquors by the Students on the night of the 24th inst.--Present: Professors Long(P43620), Emmet(P43625), Bonnycastle(P43623), Key(P43622), Blaettermann(P43621), and Secretary (P43624). Professor Key(P43622) in the Chair.

The Proctor(P43627) was called who deposed that he was witness to the drinking of those liquors by the Students but did not observe any instance of intoxication amongst them; he farther deposed that on a previous occassion he had sent a notice to the various hotelkeepers stating that any breach of the regulations on this subject would be severely punished. This notice was issued in consequence of complaints having been made to him that Mr. Chapman(P43828) did in spite of the terms of his lease and of the regulation, allow to the students the use of ardent and vicious liquors.

It was now moved:

That Mr. Chapman(P43828) be informed that the Faculty have evidence that ardent and vicious liquors were drunk in his house by the students


on the night of the 24th inst., and that any future infraction of the enactments on his part will be visited by an immediate determination of his lease.

An Amendment to this was proposed: That Mr. Chapman(P43828) be informed that for the said offence he has forfeited his lease.

The Ayes and Noes on this question were as follows:

Mr. Key's(P43622) casting vote as Chairman.

The original motion was then amended.

C. Bonnycastle(P43623) Chairman pro tem.

October 1

At a meeting of the Faculty held this Evening--Present: Mr. Bonnycastle(P43623) in the Chair, Professors Blaettermann(P43621), Key(P43622), Long(P43620), and Secretary(P43624).

It was resolved that the following additional suggestions be made to the visitors:

That in cases of great irregularity in attendance in lectures it be the duty of the Faculty to direct a proper notice to be sent


to the Parent or Guardian at the expiration of one month.

[EVENT: University Administration Action:denied 1825-10-01] [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  1825-10-01] It was now moved that if a student be absent from any one class for more than a month after the parent or guardian has been informed of it the Faculty shall have the discretionary power to dismiss him from the University(CB0001).

Votes on this question:

[EVENT: University Administration Action:granted 1825-10-01] [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  1825-10-01] This motion being negatived it was Resolved: That if a student be irregular in all his classes for more than a month after his parent or guardian has been informed, the Faculty shall have the discretionary power to dismiss him from the University(CB0001).

That there be examinations in the presence of the Visitors between the first and fifteenth of December next of the students


of the several schools.

That no strangers unless specially invited be present at these examinations which will be conducted by the Professors only.

That on that occasion the names, of the best informed only, be published in some public journal or journals.

That if any student shall absent himself from the examination of any school to which he may belong he shall not be permitted to take a degree at that or the next examination .

C. Bonnycastle(P43623) Chairman pro tem.

October 2


[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Riot  1825-10-01] At a meeting of the Faculty, convened in consequence of a serious riot and disturbance which took place on the preceding evening--Present: the Chairman of the Faculty(P43619), Professors Long(P43620), Emmet(P43625), Bonnycastle(P43623), Blaettermann(P43621), Key(P43622), and Secretary (P43624).

Address to the Students

It was resolved that an address be drawn up to the Students expressive of the abhorence of the Faculty at the outrages and requesting them to aid the Faculty in the discovery of the Perpetrators.


Address to Visitors(CB0042) regarding Police

It was also resolved that a Letter be addressed to the Visitors(CB0042) stating the unanimous determination of the Faculty to resign unless an efficient Police were immediately established in the University(CB0001).

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman

October 3

At a meeting of the Faculty--Present: the Chairman of the Faculty(P43619), Professors Long(P43620), Emmet(P43625), Blaettermann(P43621), Bonnycastle(P43623), Key(P43622), and Secretary(P43624).

[EVENT: Student Conduct:Self-governance:Petition Faculty  1825-10-03] Remonstrance to the address of the Faculty signed by 65 students

A Paper was handed in signed by 65 Students expressive of their determination not to act the part of Informers and of their indignation at the aspersion thrown upon them by the Faculty in expressing a belief that they were capable of such baseness . They denied the fact of any assault having been made upon any Professor and asserted that on the contrary two Professors had attacked one student and that he was justified in making resistance. The whole language of the remonstrance was highly objectionably. It was signed by Richard Anderson(P34070) as Chairman, and by


Messrs. Mason(P28570), Bowger(P26743), Lee(P42792), Saunders(P38952), Wilson(P23025), Carey(P30728), and Brockenbrough(P41293) as Committee.

The Paper having been read, it was resolved that as the Visitors(CB0042) are now in session , the meeting of the Faculty be adjourned until the Faculty shall be informed of their proceedings in the Business.

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman

October 5

At a meeting of the Faculty held this day--Present: the Chairman of the Faculty(P43619), Professors Emmet(P43625), Long(P43620), Blaettermann(P43621), Bonnycastle (P43623), Key(P43622), and Secretary(P43624).

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Riot  1825-10-01] Deputation from the Visitors, with a list of the Names of Rioters

Mr. Johnson(P43613) with a deputation from the Board of Visitors(CB0042) gave in the following List of Names, which had been tendered to the Board of Visitors(CB0042) on the preceding day as those of the Parties concerned in the Riot of the 1st of October:


Mr. Bolling's(P23532) Evidence

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Verbal Assault  1825-10-01] [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  1825-10-01] Mr. Thomas Bolling(P23532) was then called who deposed that he was masked on the night in question, that he went on the lawn(PL8427) for amusement only, not designing to commit any riot, was not intoxicated, heard some one call out "Damn the European Professors, etc."

<Mr. Carey's(P26928) > Evidence

<Mr. Wilson Miles Carey(P26928) > was not intoxicated ; made no noise; was laid hold of by Mr. Tucker(P43619) but escaped and afterwards by Dr. Emmet(P43625), who tore a counterpane which witness had around him as well as his shirt sleeve; was seized by two Professors but not at the same time; heard the language regarding the European Professors; did not use it himself;[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Physical Assault  1825-10-01]  thinks he did aim a blow at Professor Emmet(P43625); cried a rescue; said in allusion to Professor E(P43625), "the damn'd rascal has torn my shirt"; conceived he was assaulted and therefore acted as he did; had no intention when he left his Dormitory(PL8478) to make any disturbance ; took up a brick expecting that Dr. Emmet(P43625) would stand back and be intimidated ; was not of the party who took up sticks; did not throw any brick or stick; does not recollect having been asked his name by Dr. Emmet(P43625).


Mr. Thompson 's(P40834) evidence

Mr. Thompson(P40834) was in masquerade, but made no noise on the night in question; took up a stick understanding that <Mr. Carey(P26928) > had been assaulted; pleads guilty to being in masquerade , but to nothing more; declines, however, saying whether he threw a stick or a bottle or a brick.

Mr. Smith's(P23128) evidence

Mr. Arthur Smith(P23128) was not engaged in a riot or disturbance but was on the lawn(PL8427) at the time: was not masked, having merely changed his hat--[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Physical Assault  1825-10-01] saw a brick thrown at Dr. Emmet(P43625): signed the Paper alluded to in the minutes of the last sitting under the impression that two Professors had assaulted a student and that he had merely endeavoured to get away--would not have given in his name to the Visitors(CB0042) considering himself to have been so little implicated had he not conceived it to be a point of honour.

Mr. Andersons 's(P34070) evidence

Mr. Richard Anderson(P34070) was in a sort of mask--was not of the party who took up sticks-- did not throw the brick, bottle or stick-- was not with <Mr. Carey(P26928) > --the being in mask was the head and front of his offending.

Mr. Mason's(P28570) evidence

Mr. Edgar Mason(P28570) was masked, but did not


make any noise--had nothing to do with the affair on the lawn(PL8427)--neither threw stick, bottle nor brick--pleads guilty only to being masked. When he signed the remonstrance of the Students wast led to believe that the parties would give themselves up and disprove the Transactions. Considers that if a Student is forcibly attacked by a Professor , he is justified in resisting.

Mr. P. Bolling 's(P37249) evidence

Mr. Phil. Bolling(P37249) was in disguise-- heard the admonition of Mr. Tucker(P43619) regarding the impropriety of appearing in the character of mountebanks: took off his disguise, however, on his own account when he thought the matter was likely to be serious--pleads guilty to being in mask but to that only.

When he signed the remonstrance did not know that any bricks or stones had been thrown at the Professors--had heard a vague report of the kind.

Mr. Barclay's(P25470) evidence

Mr. Thomas Barclay(P25470) was in disguise--was not on the lawn(PL8427) while <Mr. Carey(P26928) > was laid hold of--did not cast any missiles--under- stood that one student had been forcibly attacked at the same time by two Professors


and therefore signed his name to the remonstrance .

Mr. J. George's(P24842) evidence

Mr. John George(P24842) was in partial masquerade --had no missile in his hand the whole night--was not aware that any missile was thrown at a Professor--believed that two Professors had at the same time laid forcible hands on one student--was present when Mr. Tucker's(P43619) servant was stopped by the Students but was not a party in the Transaction-- went in disguise for innocent amusement-- made no noise himself.

Mr. P. Slaughter 's(P28777) evidence

Mr. Philip Slaughter(P28777) was masked as a means of amusement: did not see any violence offered to a Professor -- had heard a report of it but did not believe the report. Did not search Mr. Tucker's(P43619) servant(P44664)--was under the impression that two Professors had, at the same time, forcibly attacked one student ; hence he signed the remonstrance.

Mr. Turner's(P27433) evidence

Mr. John S. Turner(P27433) was masked; saw a stick thrown, but did not do it himself; did not think it was thrown at Mr. Tucker(P43619); was under the impression that one student had been attacked at the same time by two Professors


and hence signed the remonstrance; took no part whatever in the riot; took off his disguise at an early period. Heard an individual say that he would throw a stick.

Mr. Clayton 's(P35105) evidence

Mr. Clayton(P35105) was in disguise--was not present when <Mr. Carey(P26928) > was laid hold of; declines stating whether he had a stick; did not see any stick or brick thrown; when he signed the paper did not think it was true that anything had been thrown; would not say whether he was concerned in the attack on Mr. Tucker's(P43619) servant(P44664); was within two or three steps of the man at the time; did not know whether they did or did not search his pockets; was not sufficiently near to see.

Mr. Eyre's(P34081) evidence

Mr. Eyre(P34081) was masked--was not in the party who took up sticks--cried "Damn the European Professors"--did it "for fun" without any evil design--had not been drinking.

Mr. McGruder 's(P36466) evidence

Mr. John D. McGruder(P36466) was masked without any evil design--made no noise--was walking with <Mr. Carey(P26928) > at the time when Dr. Emmet(P43625) spoke to them--signed his name to the remonstrance and on a belief that one student was attacked by two Professors at


the same time: did not take up a stick-- heard of a brick having been thrown at one of the Professors but was informed that it had not been intended to hit him, hence he signed the remonstrance.

Mr. Long(P43620), Mr. Key(P43622) decline voting

When the above evidence had been offered and judgment was about to be passed on the offenders, Mr. Long(P43620) stated to the Faculty that he no longer considered himself a member of the Board, but that if the Faculty required him to vote he was ready to do so. Mr. Key(P43622), on being apprised that Mr. Long(P43620) had said he no longer considered himself a member of the Faculty, declared that as by his conduct he gave his opinion as strongly as if he voted on the question he should at all events, claim the privilege of refusing to vote.

Messrs. Long(P43620) and Key(P43622) excused from voting

The Faculty, consequently, considering the delicate situation in which Messrs. Long(P43620) and Key(P43622) were placed accorded with their wish to be excused from voting.

Meeting in consequence adjourned

In consequence of the retiring of two members from the Board(CB0042), it was resolved that


that in order to give every proper consideration to the cases of the offenders, the meeting be adjourned until the following day and that intimation be given to the Visitors(CB0042) in attendance respecting the adjournment and the causes which gave rise to it.

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman

Oct. 6

At a meeting of the Faculty held this day for the purpose of deciding on the penalties to be inflicted on the offenders whose evidence was taken at the preceding meeting-- Present: the Chairman of the Faculty(P46319), Professors Emmet(P43625), Blaettermann(P43621), Bonnycastle(P43623), and Secretary(P43624).

It was noticed to the Faculty that the whole of the Gentlemen charged, had removed their names from the obnoxious paper referred to in the sitting of the 3rd inst.

The following resolutions were then passed: Ordered

<Wilson M. Carey(P26928) > to be expelled

That <Wilson Miles Carey(P26928) > , for having on the night of Saturday the 1st inst. resisted the authority of a Professor, for having used violence against him and excited others to follow his example, and for abusive epithets


concerning the said Professor,[EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  1825-10-06] [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Verbal Assault  1825-10-01]  be expelled from the University(CB0001).

[EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  1825-10-06] Robt. A. Thompson(P40834) to be expelled

[EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  1825-10-06] [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Physical Assault  1825-10-01] That Robert A. Thompson(P40834), having on the night of Saturday the first inst. armed himself with a stick for the purpose of resisting the authority of two Professors, be expelled from the University(CB0001).

[EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  1825-10-06] Wm. L. Eyre(P34081) to be expelled

[EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  1825-10-06] That [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Riot  1825-10-01] William L. Eyre(P34081) having promoted the riot by repeatedly using indecent and opprobrious language respecting some of the Professors during the disturbance of the night of the first of October, and having refused to give his name when called upon by two Professors, be expelled the University (CB0001).

[EVENT: Student Misconduct  ] Messrs. Mason(P28570), P. Bolling(P37249), R. Anderson(P34070) to be admonished

That Messrs. Edgar Mason(P28570), Philip Bolling (P37249) and Richard Anderson(P34070) be admonished of the impropriety of appearing on the lawn(PL8427) on the night of the 1st of October with a numerous party in masks, on account of the tendency of such proceedings to lead to disorder .

Messrs. T. Barclay(P25470), J. George(P24842), J. S. Turner(P27433), J. McGruder(P36466) to be reproved

That Messrs. Thos. Barclay(P25470), John George(P24842), Philip Slaughter(P28777), John S. Turner(P24842), and John D. McGruder(P36466) be reproved for having been in mask and by their presence countenanced the


riotous proceedings of the night of the 1st of October.

Mr. T. Bolling(P23532) to be admonished. His conduct approved for not signing the paper

That Mr. Thos. Bolling(P23532) be admonished of the impropriety of appearing in mask, but that he be at the same time informed that the Faculty approve of his conduct in refusing to sign the remonstrance.

Mr. A. Smith(P23128) to be passed over without notice

The evidence given by Mr. Arthur Smith(P23128) represented him to so trifling a degree in the Transactions of the night in question that it was resolved to pass over his case without notice.

[EVENT: Student Status Action:postponed 1825-10-06] Mr. Clayton's(P35105) sentance postponed

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  ] The decision of the Faculty on Mr. Clayton's(P35105) case was postponed, as there were reasons for believing he would be proved guilty before the Grand Jury(CB0114) of having tossed a bottle of fluid through the windows of Mr. Long's(P43620) sitting room(PL8457), whilst Mr. Long(P43620) was present with some of the Students of the University(CB0001) as his Guests.

Sentences of expulsion approved by the Visitors(CB0042)

The sentences of expulsion against <Wilson Miles Carey(P26928), William L. Eyre(P34081), and Robert A. Thompson(P40834) having been communicated to the Board of Visitors(CB0042), a letter was received from the Rector(P43611) stating that the sentences against the two first had been approved by the Board of Rector and


Visitors(CB0042) unanimously and that that against Robert A. Thompson(P40834) was also approved of.

George Tucker(P43619) Chairman

October 14

At a meeting of the Faculty held this day--Present: The Chairman of the Faculty(P46319), Professors Emmet(P43625), Bonnycastle(P43623), Long(P43620), Key(P43622), Blaettermann(P43621), and Secretary(P43624).

Mr. Clayton(P35105) called

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  1825-09-30] It was resolved that Mr. Clayton(P35105) be sent for and informed that the Faculty have evidence that he tossed a bottle filled with urine through a window of Mr. Long's(P43620) house(PL8454) on the night of the 30th of September.

His evidence

Mr. Clayton(P35105) being then called observed that if the Faculty considered the evidence to be sufficient, he supposed he had better not say anything; was not forced to the act by others;[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Drinking  1825-09-30] [EVENT: Student Misconduct:Destruction of Property  1825-09-30]  was excited by wine at the time.

It was now ordered:

[EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal Action:granted 1825-09-30] To be expelled

That Mr. Clayton(P35105), for having thrown a bottle filled with fluid, through a window of Mr. Long's(P43620) Pavilion(PL8454) on the night of the 30th of September and for having been in mask and engaged in the disturbances on the night of the first of October be expelled the University(CB0001).

George Tucker(P43619)


November 6

At a meeting of the Faculty held this day--Present: the (P43619)Chairman, Professors Key(P43622), Blaettermann(P43621), Long(P43620), Emmet(P43625), and Secretary(P43624), it was

Ordered as follows:

[EVENT: Epidemics  1825-11-06] Unhealthiness of Major Spotswood 's(P43830) hotel

[EVENT: Epidemics  1825-11-06] [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  1825-11-06] The attention of the Faculty having been called to the supposed unhealthiness of Major Spotswood's(P43830) hotel(PL8530) and of the Dormitories on the same range(PL8482), and having heard the statement and opinions of Dr. Dunglison(P43624), they agree with him that, from the frequent instances of fever in that quarter, as well as from the character of the disease, it has probably proceeded from local causes, and this probability is increased by the insufficiency of the drains and still more from all those already made having been for some time choked with vegetable and animal substances , the Faculty consequently suggest to the Rector(P43611) that Major Spotswood(P43830), whose house has been particularly unhealthy, be permitted to reside in the Pavilion No. 1(PL8438) until the causes of sickness shall be removed .

Copy to be sent to the Rector(P43611)

A copy of this resolution was directed to be sent to the Rector(P43611).

George Tucker(P43619)


November 15

At a meeting of the Faculty held this day--Present: the Chairman(P43619), Professors Emmet (P43625), Long(P43620), Blaettermann(P43621), Bonnycastle(P43623), and the Secretary(P43624), it was ordered, as follows:

[EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal Action:granted 1825-11-15] Mr. C. Perry(P29618) dismissed

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  ] That Mr. Calvin Perry(P29618), having been absent from all his classes for a month after his parent was informed of his irregularity be dismissed from this University(CB0001).

George Tucker(P43619)

December 2

At a meeting of the Faculty held this day--Present: the Chairman(P43619), Professors Emmet (P43625), Blaettermann(P43621), Bonnycastle(P43623), Long(P43620), Key(P43622), and Secretary(P43624).

Rector(43611)'s answer to the letter from the Faculty of the 6th

A letter was read from the Rector(P43611) being an answer to the communication of the faculty of the sixth of November, and stating amongst other things that "experience seems to shew strict attention necessary against the misappropriation and misuse of the buildings, whether the present proposition is within the authority which by a later enactment permits the Faculty to prescribe regulations of police , or within the restrictions on that authority to prescribe nothing inconsistent with the enactments of the Board of Visitors,


of that the Faculty must decide for themselves ". [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] The Rector(P43611) in addition observes "one thing, however, is certain that if the existing drains are choked, the Proctor(P43627) should have them immediately opened, and if other practicable drains may relieve the evil we had better open them." These ideas the Rector(P43611) prayed the Faculty to consider as pretending to no authority, but as merely suggested for consideration.

Ordered that letter do lie on table.

It was now ordered that the Letter do lie on the Table.

Letter from Mr. Richardson (P21857) regarding Mr. Jones(P43827) who is boarding with him.

[EVENT: Boarding  ] A letter was read from Mr. Richeson(P43831), one of the Hotelkeepers, wishing to know from the Faculty whether his permitting a Mr. Jones(P43827) to board with him and to occupy one of his rooms until January next to exhibit his pictures to all spectators gratis be a violation of any of the enactments for the present year.

Ordered that letter do lie on table

It was resolved that Mr. Richeson's(P43831) letter do lie on the table.

Mr. Richeson's(P43831) petition to establish a reading room

Another letter was received from the same Gentleman petitioning to be permitted to open a reading room for the benefit of the students under circumstances mentioned


in his letter.

Mr. Richeson's(P43831) prayer not cognizable by the Faculty

It was resolved that Mr. Richeson(P43831) be informed that the granting of his petition does not fall within the powers of the Faculty.

Letter from Mr. Perry(P29618), a dismissed Student

A Letter was next read from Mr. C. Perry(P29618) stating that he had, at different periods of the course, requested the Professors to whose classes he had attached himself not to continue his name any longer on their lists and that his father was fully aware of this, that he was anxious to prosecute his studies more actively at the next session.

His allegations untrue

It was now agreed that in consequence of several of the observations contained in Mr. Perry's(P29618) letter being at direct variance with the truth, no answer be returned to his communication.

It was then ordered that the following notice be posted up conspicuously:

Notice prohibiting the Students from quitting the University (CB0001) without leave from all Professors whom they attend

"Several Gentlemen having left the University (CB0001), without the permission of the Faculty, the Students are reminded that anyone doing do without permission from all the Professors he attends, is guilty of an offence wholly inconsistent with College discipline and the penalty will be proportioned to the offence."


Meeting adjourned until the 10th

It was, last of all, resolved that the meeting he adjourned until Saturday the 10th inst.

George Tucker(P43619)

December 10

At a meeting of the Faculty held this Evening--Present: the Chairman of the Faculty (P43619), Professors Key(P43622), Long(P43620), Bonnycastle(P43623), Emmet(P43625), Blaettermann(P43621), and Secretary(P43624).

Complaints of exorbitant charges on part of Hotelkeepers. Question not within Jurisdiction of Faculty

It was moved by Dr. Blaettermann(P43621) that complaints having been made by some of the Students of exorbitant charges made for rent of furniture, etc. by the Hotelkeepers, the Faculty resolved that the question did not come within their Jurisdiction.

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  ] Case of Mr. Mc. Robert(P40470), as irregular student

The case of Mr. Mc. Robert(P40470) was brought before the Faculty who appeared to have never attended for three months two of his classes and a third class very irregularly but his fourth class regularly except during the last month. The following question was resolved to be proposed to the Board of Rector and Visitors(CB0042). Is the 39th Enactment sufficient punishment for such an offence?

Quare to the Visitors(CB0042)

Additional Suggestions to the Visitors(CB0042):

[EVENT: University Administration  ] Each Hotel-keeper to give information of absence of any student from table 3 days in succession

It was resolved that it be suggested to the (CB0042)Visitors to enact that each Hotel-keeper


do give information to the Chairman of the Faculty of any Student who may absent himself from table for three days in succession.

[EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] Fuel for Lecture Rooms

That fuel be provided by the University (CB0001) for the fires in the Rotunda(PL8428) and Anatomical Theatre(PL8499).

Drains to be formed

That proper drains be formed in the Institution(PL4214).

Messrs. Key(P43622), Bonnycastle's(P43623) Lecture Rooms

Messrs. Key(P43622) and Bonnycastle(P43623) suggest the necessity of fitting up one of the Rooms in the Rotunda(PL8428) as a Lecture Room for their classes. Mr. Key's(P43622) lecture room being adapted for containing about 50 students whilst his class at present exceeds 70, and Mr. Bonnycastle's(P43623) being from its size and construction unfit for exhibiting experiments.

[EVENT: Library  ] [EVENT: Fee  ] Deposit to be made by each Student to cover fines & for books

[EVENT: Library  ] [EVENT: Fee  ] The Librarian(P39220) having complained of a difficulty in collecting the fines incurred under the 64th enactment it is suggested that a deposit of one dollar be made by each student on entering the University(CB0001), and should he incur fines beyond this amount he shall not be permitted to take books from the library(PL8630) until he has made a farther deposit


of the same sum.


[EVENT: Boarding  ] [EVENT: University Administration:Facilities Management  ] [EVENT: Fee  ] Every student to have his name painted on his Dormitory (PL8478) at own expense etc. Proctor to be informed of change of residence

That every student inhabiting a Dormitory (PL8478) do have his name painted on the door, at his own expence and that every one residing out of the University(PL4214) do inform the Proctor of his place of residence and that no change of his residence be made without informing the Proctor.

[EVENT: Library:Books  ] Librarian to give in a list of Books missing or damaged

That the Librarian do forthwith give in to the Faculty a list of those Gentlemen who have not returned books to the Library and of those who may have returned them damaged.

[EVENT: University Administration:Student Restrictions  ] Each student leaving the University(PL4214) to present written permission from Professor he attends to Chairman. Key of Dormitory to be returned to the Proctor etc., etc.

That each student wishing to leave the University(PL4214) shall be expected to present to the Chairman of the Faculty a written permission , signed by each Professor he attends, as well as a receipt from the Proctor of his having left his Dormitory(PL8478) in good order and deposited the key in the hands of that officer.

[EVENT: Student Status:Dismissal  1825-12-10] Mr. Glenn(P39384) to be dismissed

[EVENT: Student Misconduct:Academic Lassitude  ] That Mr. Glenn(P39384) having been extremely irregular in his classes for the last three months, and having left the University(PL4214) without the permission of the Professors whom he


attends, be dismissed from the University(CB0001).

[EVENT: University Administration:Personnel Decision  1825-12-10] Dr. Dunglison (P43624) chosen Chairman for next session

A Ballot was now entered into for the election of Chairman for the next Session, when Dr. Dunglison(P43624), having received the votes of a majority of the whole number, was declared duly elected.

Dr. Emmet(P43625) made Secretary

Lots were now drawn for the Office of Secretary, which fell upon Dr. Emmet(P43625).

George Tucker(P43619)