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*NEW: from the 1914-15 Charlottesville City Directory - the "colored theater" listed was "Star Theatre (moving pictures), 110 Preston av" (p234).

Below: Signage (top left) for a photography studio (possibly Holsinger's) on West Main St ("Monticello Guard, West Main Street Charlottesville), World War One era (exact date not known) (#U00171A):

Portrait Studio Signage

Below: unnamed workers, construction of National Bank, Charlottesville, date unknown (Y08287B)
National Bank

Above: "African American Church" (First Baptist Church) April 20, 1915 (#X03170B)

Daughters of Zion Cemetery Burials: Related Names
(See also: Mapping of Cemetery, Daughters of Zion Cemetery Burials)  
- 13 Allen burials 

- Charles H. Brown and brother William F. Brown (P48230(both pictured in #363, in white barber jackets) operated the barbershop at 417 Main Street (est. 1865 by father William L. Brown). "Nearest to the Corner". Brown, Ruth E. (1907-1917), buried at Cemetery, daughter of Mr. William Brown (pictured in "Familiar Faces" portrait #363).

- "Buckner, Anthony T." (P48182), labelled "A. J. Buckner" (#339, portrait of elder man and young girl, Eileen, his granddaughter). ("J" possibly confused for "T" in transcription of Holsinger ledger). [See also J. F. Bell Funeral Home Records: Buckner, Anthony L. Buckner, died 12/24/1923, spouse Mary; also Buckner, Eileen Woods b. 3/11/1909]

- 10 Coles burials; "Coles, Addie Golden" likely same as "Golden Coles" (#140, portrait of young man). In the 1920's, Charles E. Coles and his sons owned the largest black-owned construction company in Charlottesville (source: Politically Active African Americans in Charlottesville)

- 5 Farrar burials (Mahuda Farrar photographed by Holsinger, #456

- "Magruder, Carrie" (#33) - the Magruder family lived at 430 Garrett Street (from approximately 1910-1930) (for instance, "Magruder Ernest, stablesman h 430 Garett" p129, Charlottesville City Directory 1914-15)

- "Martin, William Henry" (P46982) - the same Henry Martin, UVA employee (bell-ringer), photographed by Holsinger (#51, 55) February 5, 1914. 

- Payne local Charlottesville family (Ridge Street area); see interview of Walter A. Payne, Sr. See also: Recollections of Rebecca McGinness.

- "Slaughter, Martha" (d. 1895) Several Slaughter family members buried at Cemetery, also in Holsinger gallery. Slaughter member of the Daughters of Zion Society, Good Samaritans, First Baptist Church, West Main. 

African-American Businesses, Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15

NEW- "Layne & Whitlock," Blacksmiths, located at "S 3rd nr Water S E." William J. Layne, William C. Whitlock (home 332 Page St) (Charlottesville City Directory 1914-15, p. 191). Other African-American designated blacksmiths are Irving Fields at 1007 W Main and Herbert J. Slaughter at "Preston Avenue at the corner of Commerce" (p.204). (Irving Fields is buried at the Daughters of Zion Cemtery, Charlottesville).

NEW- The following are listed as African-American barbers in the Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15: Acme Shaving Parlor, 119 E Main; Philip E Barnes, 102 Preston Ave; James A. Farrar, 112 5th N E" (possibly relation of Mahuda Farrar); Ferguson & West, 106 E Main; Washington B Pollard, 321 W Main; Compton E Tonsler (possibly relation of Benjamin E. Tonsler), 809 W Main; Whiting & Winston, 277 W Main; and Wyatt & Allen, 221 E Main (pp.203-4). (Compton Tonsler is buried at the Daughters of Zion Cemtery, Charlottesville).

NEW- African-American Bootblacks listed are Charles Hopkins, 104 Preston Ave; Joseph Lightfoot, 323 W Main (possibly relation of James Lightfoot; John Stewart, 283 W Main; and Silas M. Taylor, 601 W Main" (p.205).

NEW- African-American cleaning and pressing businesses listed are: Dominion Pressing Club, 1313 W Main; Heiskell & Brown, 202 5th N E; Kennie & Edwards, 305 W Main; Albert G. Vaughan, 1405 W Main; David J. Ward, 235 W Main; and Ottoway L. Ward, W Main near 15th" (p.205).

NEW- African-American clothiers (men's furnishings) listed are: Felix Bland, 275 W Main and George Carr, 269 W Main (p.208).  

NEW- African-American contractors, carpenters, and builders listed are: Charles B. Holt115 4th N W (PL9573(p.209).

NEW- John A. Jackson is the sole African-American Dentist of seven total dentists listed in the Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15, working at 115 4th N W (PL9573(p.209). Note: This is the same address from which Charles B. Holt and George R. Johnson (doctor) worked. 

NEW- African-American dressmakers listed are: Sallie Chisholm, 900 Page; and Sarah Sammons, 321 5th S E. (p. 210). 

NEW- African-American Eating House businesses are: Nimrod Brown, 515 E South; Thomas D. Davis, "So Ry Tracks near Union Station"; George Farrar, 112 Preston Ave; Henry Harris, 225 W Main; Samuel T. Martin, 511 W Main; Sherry's Cafe, 275 W Main (p.211).

NEW- "Gunnell's Transfer" is the sole "Express-Local" delivery business listed, at 402 Dice St (p. 212).

NEW- The only furniture repairer listed in the entire Directory is African-American Edwin Fuller, working from 1012 W Main (p. 213).

NEW- African-American Retail Grocers listed are: John Allen, 513 Garrett; Elizabeth Bland (spouse of Felix Bland), 307 5th S W; George W Buckner (son of Anthony T Buckner), 904 W Main; Edward L. Daniels, 311 1/2 5th S W; Edmonds & Co, 506 E Jefferson; George P Inge, 333 W Main; Horace C Richardson, 419 E South; William M Washington, Grady Ave near 13th N W, Preston Hts (pp.214-5). The Inge family (of Inge's Grocery) was an accomplished local family. 

NEW- The only hairdresser listed in the Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15, is Annie E Bouling, 514 E Main (p. 215).

NEW- The sole African-American music teacher is William H. Parago, 322 12th S W (p.226).

NEW- The African-American physicians listed are: Dr. George R. Ferguson, 207 W Main; and Dr. George F. Johnson, 115 4th N W (PL9573) (p.228). Note: This is the same address from which Charles B. Holt (carpenter) and John A. Jackson (dentist) worked. 

- Some subjects photographed by Holsinger were known to have worked at the New Gleason Hotel (619 West Main St.) (PL9567), such as James Lightfoot (P48249).

- Covesville Orchard Albemarle County" (#378, 382) noted in the Charlottesville City Directory 1914-15 (p69)

- "Parr Wholesale House Charlottesville" was owned by William J. Parr and son Irving [below].

- George Carr (P48188(#337 exterior shot of store, man in doorway) - "Geo. M. Carr & Co. Second Hand Clothing." 269 West Main Street; located in the African-American district known as Vinegar Hill.

- Margaret Lewis (#393), pictured holding infant in a March 26, 1914 photo labelled "Mrs. Shepherd" was a teacher, along with husband Paul Lewis, at Charlottesville's Freedmen's School. 

- Felix Bland, listed in Charlottesville City Directory 1914-15 under Clothing, at 275 West Main (p207), and as "V-pres Charlottesville Colored Agrl & Ind Fair Aasn and clothier 275 W Main h 410 Dice" (p45)

- "Smith, Floyd, barber h 209 6th N W" (#356) (p168, Charlottesville City Directory 1914-15

- "Hawkins James P Jr, mgr King Lumber Co h Frys Spring rd" (p100, Charlottesville City Directory 1914-15

- "Familiar Faces The Corner, Charlottesville" (group photo #363): includes 1) Eugene Davis (1848-1934), a "local character," said to be buried at the "colored cemetery" off South First Street. 2) William Brown (P48230), barber. Standing in front of Anderson Brothers Bookstore and Southern Railway Ticket Office (signage visible in portrait)

(sources: The Preservers of the Daughters of Zion Cemetery facebook group; Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15)

- Mahuda Farrar: (#329, ID X06568A) additional photo also entitled "Mahuda Farrar" in VIRGO catalog (2 boys and woman in front of house) 

- Amelia Spinner (#471 ID X02279A) in Holsinger portrait dated May 9, 1914. Daughter of Jesse and Nora (Banks) Spinner. Approximately 19 years old at time of photo. On February 28, 1917 married Charles Clarence Wayland (son of Lewis and Nannie Goodloe Wayland). 

From The Richmond Planet (September 18, 1897) regarding colored businesses/institutions (columns one and two):
Churches and pastors: "First Baptist, Rev. R. C. Quarles; Ebenezer, C. N. Grandison, D. D.; Mount Zion, Rev. R. E. Hardy, B. D.; Union Baptist, Rev. D. Cave; Lovely Shiloh, L. B. Goodall, D. D.; John Wesley M. E., Rev. Mr. Cowan."
- Schools and teachers: "The Jefferson Graded, B. E. Tonsler, principal, Robert Kelser, Miss Lizzie E. Coles, Madame Annie Bracket Baker, J. A. Brown, George Lawson, and C. H. Bullock." (613 enrolled 1897).
- Grocery firms: "G. P. Inge, University Avenue; Edmonds and Brothers, Court Square; Anthony Buckner, University Avenue; Whipps and Brown, Main Street; V. H. Alexander, Main St."
- Undertakers: "Mabrey and Perkins, Main Street; Barcus and Kelser (CB1136), Main St."
- "Tonsorial parlors": "Pollard and Nobles, Whiting and Terrell, W. Brown One Land Company, The Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company, Robert Kelser, president, Two Insurance Company; The Virginia Industrial Life Insurance and Co-operative Association, Robert Kelser, manager; and a branch office of The Mutual Aid, Major Johnson, manager."
- "One first-class Hotel, The National Colored Hotel, University Avenue, Reid, proprietor." 

- The Piedmont Industrial and Land Improvement Company (listed above) - a state-chartered, African American owned business, begun April 1880 
- "Edmonds Bros" grocery store, located in Court Square, 508 Jefferson Street (adverts in Daily Progress c. 1895)
- Dr. George R. Ferguson (P48189had an office located at 307 West Main Street. 
- "New Hotel Gleason" (Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15 p143)
- "Perkins, Perkins & Walker (George and W Allan Perkins and George E Walker), attys at law 32 Court House sq--phone 377," (Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15 p150)

The Charlottesville Messenger, edited and published by John G. Shelton, principal of the Albemarle Training School, was Charlottesville’s African American newspaper from 1910 until about 1927.

World War One 
(photographs of soldiers, labelled with the following names):
1. Thomas Douglas (June 20, 1918) (#543)
2. Joe Francis (#509)
3. Fayett Johnson (#70)
4. Jane Kennedy (#415)
5. Frank Robertson (#548)
6. Burnett Watson (#278)
7. Irwin Weiss (#80)
8. J. S. White (#321)
9. Murphy B. Whitever (#537)
10. Emmett T. Whitney (#229)

Ward, D. J. (#152) - part of committee that organized a "splendid farewell for colored men" at First Baptist Church, Charlottesville (27 October 1917, reported in Daily Progress) (First Baptist Church: records of members who served)

Washington, Alfred (young man in suit, photo #458) - possibly the "Alfred Washington, Charlottesville," one of several "colored local men" dispatched on October 29th to camp ("Colored Men to Go Next," 19 October 1917, Daily Progress)

Watson, Daniel (man in suit, photo #580) - possibly the "Daniel Watson, Burnleys," one of several "colored local men" dispatched on October 29th to camp ("Colored Men to Go Next," 19 October 1917, Daily Progress)

[above sources: John Gennari, Woodson Holsinger Exhibit; link: June 20, 1918 Daily Progress "More Colored Men to Serve")

NEW: List of Colored Voters
List of Colored Voters, 1902

The above article lists qualified African American voters registered in Charlottesville's Fourth Ward in October 1902. The first election after Virginia's Constitution of 1902 (which disenfranchised most of the state's African American electorate) became law was in November. The Daily Progress notes, “The Board of Registrars for the fourth ward of the city was comprised of Messrs. Thomas S. Jones, chairman, Roy K. Flannagan and Water Dinwiddie. The board registered during its sitting the following qualified voters": 

"J. Allen, Robt. Bullock, A. T. Buckner, G. W. Brown, Henry Blue, J. W. Burns, Charles Burley, R. T. Brown, J. L. Coles, Wm. E. Catlett, Wm. Dickerson, Robert Flood, Charles Fuller, C. D. Goodloe, Charles Goodloe, [C] S. Hooker, Elder Harris, Albert Hooker, Hudson Jenkins, Robert Keller, G. W. Lawson, W. O. Lewis, J. E. Moon, J. P. Michie, Thos. Preston, R. C. Quarles, Warner Rivers, Albert Southall, B. E. Tonsler, Lee Watson, Allen Watson and P. Y. Wyatt" (The Daily Progress, October 29, 1902, p. 4).


J. F. Bell Funeral Home Records

Blue Ribbon Commission on Race, Memorials, and Public Spaces (December 19, 2016)

Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15

Foster Family Venable Lane Archaeology Report

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