Tyson & Perry/ P. Drane Photography Studio
    by J Munro


One of the earliest photography studios in Charlottesville, Tyson & Perry's Studio produced images predating Holsinger's (based on the type of photographic material used). The studio appears to variously have been named "Tyson & Perry," "Perry & Drane," and "P. Drane Art Studio." The exact dates of operation, the name changes of the studio, addresses, and operators are not yet known. The 1902 records below do show that by 1902, their business had apparently been dissolved and Perry was working for Holsinger.

The 1902 Charlottesville City Directory does list a "Eugene A. Perry" as a photographer working at "R. Holsinger" and living at 415 1rst St. N. It also lists a "Chas. [Charles] Perry" working as a porter for Holsinger (p.97).

A photo labelled, "Tyson and Perry, Charlottesville, Virginia" (date unknown, between 1870-1878, by Heustis P. Cook) does show the exterior of the studio, with an external apparatus/structure that would allow for natural lighting (like a skylight). Sample photographs can also be seen at the studio entrance.
Tyson and Perry

Captain J. R. Bryan (X04486A), copy made by Holsinger studio in 1916:
Captain J.R. Bryan

Tyson & Perry

Eugene A. Perry City Directory 1902 Holsinger 1902 City Directory

- "Tyson and Perry, Charlottesville, Virginia," 1870-1878 photograph in UVA Library Catalogue (X03111A) 

- Charlottesville City Directory, 1902 (pgs. 61-2, 92)  



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J. F. Bell Funeral Home Records


Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15 [Hathi Trust] 


1870 & 1910 U. S. Census - Charlottesville & Esmont Communities

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