African-American Portraiture List of Names

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Named Persons in the Gallery of Photographs of African Americans
The list of names below are the names associated with the 611 photographs labelled as "African American" in the Holsinger collection catalogue at UVA Library (details here). The names are from the ledgers maintained by the studio (with the accompanying date and payment). Note that the names may or may not be the name of the individual pictured in the photograph: they name the person who commissioned and/or paid for the photo. Likely, the person named and photographed were one and the same but this can not be said for certain (unless future research confirms). 

= known to have been buried at Daughters of Zion Cemetery

WWI = World War One soldier
KW = not categorized by keyword "African American" in UVA Catalogue
N = nanny/governess 
A = Address known (home/work/church/civic organization) 
CW = Agnes Cross-White resource
FH = Four Hundred Club


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(Austin, Bertha (P48337) DZ

1. Allen, C. S. (P48738)
2. Allen, Chammie (P48722)
3. Allen, Mrs. Ernest (P48603) / Ernest B. Allen, Jr. (P48622DZ
4. Allen, Rosa (P48723)
5. Alsh, Miss (P48685)
6. Anderson, Miss Ruth (P48737)
7. Arnett, Lillie (P48686)
8. Arundall, S. (P48644)
9. Bailey, Margaret (P48682) - see Margaret Williams
10. Baker, Mattie (P48681)
11. Banks, Anna (P48505
12. Banks, Elva (P48684)
13. Barber, Elizabeth (P48683)
14. Barbour, Maggie (P48739)
15. Barrett, Julia (P48740)
16. Bates, Ed (P48741)
17. Bates, Virgil (P48742)
18. Baxter, John (P48639)
19. Baykin, Leslie (P48675)
20. Beak, Emma (P48674)
21. Bell, Julia (P48624) FH
22. Bell, Lelia (P48743) FH
23. Bell, Nellie (P48744) FH  
24. Berger, Will (P48234
25. Bezater, Mrs. (P48673
26. Biggers, William (P48661
27. Bland, Felix (P48326
28. Blue, George (P48615)
29. Blue, Lucy (P48235
30. Blunt, Horace H. (misspelled "H. H. Bunt" in records) (P48642)
31. Bowles, Sesla (P48616)
32. Bowles-Turner, Marjorie (P48236
33. Bowling, Mrs. B. (P48660) - group photo
34. Bray, Luella (P48641)
35. Brooks, Flossie (P48749)
36. Brooks, Maggie (P48704)
37. Brooks, Ruth (P48750
38. Brooks, Willie (P48745
39. Brown, Bud (P48764) worker
40. Brown, Daniel (P48617
41. Brown, Mrs. Hattee (P48298)
42. Brown, Irene (P48765)
43. Brown, Joe (P48766
44. Brown, Lillian (P48618)
45. Brown, Marion (P48619)
46. Brown, Mary (P48713)
47. Brown, Sadie (P48320)
48. Brown, Virgie (P48746
49. Brown, Waddell (P48638
50. Brown, Willie (P48767
51. Brown, William Franklin (P48230) and Charles H. (P48651) (labeled, "Familiar Faces the Corner, Charlottesville")
52. Bryant, Hattie (P48312) (DZ)
53. Buckner, A. T. (Anthony T.) (P48182DZ
54. Bullack, Hamil (P48648
55. Burkett, Louis (P48751)
56. Burnley, Sadie (P48752)
57. Burns, Lucy (P48753)
58. Burrell, Marion (P48322)
59. Burrell, Mozell (P48729)
60. Burtin, Cleve (P48727)
61. Butler, Miss Sattie (P48709KW (see also Dr. George Ferguson) 
62. Bynum, Beatrice (P48774)
63. Bynum, Jeannette (P48775)
64. Bynum, Nattie (P48776)
65. Caldwell, Isaac (P48679) workers
66. Calvin, Tom (P48680)  
67. Carr, Eleanor/Elnora (P48678)
68. Carr, George (P48188) (Geo. M. Carr & Co., Second Hand Clothing PL9568
69. Carroll, A. R. (P48640)
70. Carter, Alice (P48856) *Interview: Mary Sellers Carter
71. Carter, Bertha (P48857)
72. Carter, John (P48860)
73. Carter, Lettie (P48861)
74. Carter, Lewis (P48862)
75. Carter, Marie (P48237)
76. Carter, Maude (P48859)
77. Carter, Russell (P48858)
78. Carter, Viola (P48662)
79. Catlett, Nannie (P48758)
80. Caul, Maggie (P48652)
81. Chaplin, Willie (P48785)
82. Clark, F. (P48796) worker
83. Coleman, Eliza Tolliver (P49023) - in "Monticello Gatehouse" portrait
84. Coleman, F. E. (P48797)
85. Coleman, Frank (P48643)
86. Coles, Carrie (P48634) FH
87. Coles, Golden (P48243)  DZ FH
88. Colsten, Ernestine (P48759)  
89. Cooper, Granville (P48820)
90. Cooper, Henry (P48821)
91. Cosby, John (P48635)
92. Cosby, Lula (P48636)
93. Cosby, Mrs. S. (P48637)
94. Crawford ("R. B. Crawford Children")
95. Daniel, George (P48786)
96. Daniels, C. S. (P49025KW 
97. Davenport, Lee (P48761)
98. Davis, Henrietta (P48790)
99. Davis, Thomas (P48700)
100. Desper, Ada (P48663)
101. Dickerson, Minnie (P48792)
102. Dickinson, Sarah (P48791)
103. Dillard, Grafton (P48659)
104. Doggett, Bethie (P48336)
105. Douglas, Rosa (P48781)
106. Douglas, Thomas (P48238) WWI
107. Dow, Daisy (P48782)
108. Dowell, Fanny (P48783)
109. Durrette, Betty (P48788)
110. Dye, Ange (P48649) workers
111. Dye, Marion (P48650)
112. Echols, Constance (P48728)
113. Edwards, Charlie (P48817) workers
114. Edwards, Clara (P48816)  
115. Estes, Celia (P48664)
116. Farrar, Mahuda (P48340
117. Fergerson, Mary (P48834)
118. Ferguson, Dr. George (P48189) see Sattie Butler 
119. Ferguson, George Jr. children of (George Jr. and Louise) (P48614) *interview: George Ferguson, Jr.
120. Ferguson, Lena (P48835
121. Figgins, Rebecca (P48748)
122. Flannagan, Hazel (P48239) worker
123. Ford, Rosa (P48665
124. Forsythe, Mrs. W. B. (P48798N
125. Foster, Harvey (P48240) worker
126. Francis, John (P48747)
127. Francisco, Joe (P48607) WWI
128. Fry, Albert (P48830)
129. Fry, Miss Gladys (P48831)
130. Fuller, Stuart (P48241) *interview: Rebecca Fuller McInnis
131. Garland, Leola (P48736)
132. Gibson, Ed (P48242) worker
133. Gibson, J. E. (P48707) KW 
134. Gillette, Jerry (P48715)
135. Givens, Andrew (P48762)
136. Givens, Lucy (P48805)
137. Glascock, Dr. (P48653)
138. Gordon, James A. (P48833) [also listed as B. Green]
139. Gordon, M. (P48832)
140. Gordon, Marie S. (P48303) [Jefferson Graded School]
141. Gordon, Ruben (P48846)
142. Goree, Stout (P48847)
143. Gosham, Robert (P48986)
144. Govee, Nathan (P48866)
145. Gray, Sam (P48871)
146. Graves, Billy (P48329
147. Green, Rosa (P48717)
148. Green, Viola (P48613) (married to Holsinger employee Horace Porter) Jefferson Graded School
149. Greene, Jamie (P48872
150. Greene, Robert (P48873
151. Gross, Effie (P48735
152. Hall, Cora (P48863
153. Hall, Isaac (P48864)
154. Halson, Susie R (P48903) KW 
155. Hansbery, Clyde and Bessie (P48865)  
156. Hansvery, Willis (P48730)
157. Harris, Beatrice (P48688
158. Harris, Bland (P48721
159. Harris, Earl (P48297
160. Harris, Lester (P48811
161. Harris, Miss Maggie (P48795
162. Harris, Maria (P48794)
163. Haskins, Pauline (P48720)
164. Hawkins, Belle (P48328) (husband Lewis Hawkins)
165. Hawkins, Mr. and Mrs. Cain (Alice Wood) (P48259) (P48671)
166. Hawkins, Curtis (P48654)
167. Hawkins, J. P. (P48327) (group photo)
168. Hawkins, T. C. (P48672)
169. Hawpine, F. H. (P48813
170. Hawpine, Rosetta (P48812
171. Hearn, Ozella (P48330) DZ
172. Henderson, Joe (P48814
173. Henry, Miss Maude (P48606) (married J. P. Fleming)  DZ Jefferson Graded School
174. Higgins, Frank Mrs. (P48331
175. Holmes, Lillie (P48655)
176. Howard, Alfred (P48877)
177. Howard, Cornelia (P48878)
178. Howard, Lloyd (P48879)
179. Hughes, Eva (P48719
180. Hughs, Florence (P48718
181. Hurley, Bill (P48325)
182. Jackson, Aldrich (P48888) FH
183. Jackson, Atha (P48887) FH
184. Jackson, F. A. (P48893) FH
185. Jackson, Margaret (P48894) FH
186. Jackson, Robert (P48895) FH
187. Jackson, S. E. (P48896) FH
188. Jackson, Sallie (P48897) FH 
189. Jefferson, Ada (P48880
190. Jefferson, Edwin (P48666
191. Johnson, Elizabeth (P48898)
192. Johnson, Fayett (P48899WWI
193. Johnson, Frank (P48900)
194. Johnson, Fred (P48901)
195. Johnson, Dr. (Untitled) (P48261)
196. Johnson, Hattie (P48612) (possibly Johnson, Lucille)
197. Johnson, Julian (P48506)
198. Johnston, Arthur (P49009)
199. Jones, Alice (P49016)
200. Jones, Miss Annie (P49017)
201. Jones, Folley (P49015)
202. Jones, Harold (P49020)
203. Jones, John P. (P49021)
204. Jones, Kenny (P49019)
205. Jones, Lizzie (P49018)
206. Jones, Mattie (P49014
207. Jones, Nellie (P49010)
208. Jones, Patsy (P49012)
209. Jones, Sadie (P49011)
210. Jones, Sarah (P49013)
211. Jordan, Rev. James A. (P48244)
212. Jordan, Robert (P48656)
213. Kennedy, L. (P48827)
214. Kennedy, Jane (P48245WWI
215. Kennedy, Nellie (P48826)
216. Kenner, James (P48246) worker
217. Key, Eugene (P48335) *Interview: Lionel Key
218. Key, James (P48667
219. Key, John (P48247)
220. Key, Mary (P48668)
221. Keyes, Mozella (P48332) (relation: Eugene Key)
222. Keys, Virginia (P48669)
223. Lane, Charles (P48802)
224. Lawson, Isaac (P48248)
225. Lawson, Sidney (P48801)
226. Layne, W. G. (P48670) (William J. Layne, blacksmith)
227. Lee, Carrie (P48824)
228. Lewis, Charles (P48869)
229. Lewis, James C. (P48868)
230. Lewis, Lila (P48867)
231. Lewis, Margaret (labelled "Shepherd, Mrs.") (P48493DZ, N

232. Lewis, Robert (P48500)
233. Lias, Zenobia (P48763) CW, A
234. Lightfoot, James (P48249) worker 
235. Lincoln, James (P48799)
236. Lipscomb, Georgie (P48756)
237. Long, John (P48757)
238. Lott, Ruth (P48822)
239. Lott, Samuel (P48823)
240. MacMahan, Henry (P48296
241. Madison, Albert (P48777)
242. Magruder, Carrie (P48803)
243. Mansfield, Dora (P48714)
244. Marshall, Miss M. N. (P48332
245. Marshall, Mary (P48800)
246. Martin, Henry (P46982) (grandson Mr. Penny Fleming) DZ
247. Mason, Harry (P48755)
248. Maupin, Mabel (P48726)
249. Maupin, Stanford (P48754)
250. Maury, Olondo (P48676)
251. Maury, Virgie (P48724WWI
252. May, Virginia Miss (P48725)
253. Mayo, (Edwin) Edward (P48250)
254. Mayo, Marshall (P48657)
255. McCullen, J. W. (P48677)
256. McDaniel, Minnie (P48307)
257. McDaniel, Nora (P48706KW 
258. McKay, R. W. (P48780)
259. McKenzie, Florence (P48818)
260. Michie, Carrie (P48779) *Interview: Melvin Hamilton (spouse Gertrude Maria Michie) CW
261. Michie, Louise (P48778)
262. Miller, H. E. (P48881)
263. Miller, Horace (P48882)
264. Miller, John (P48906)
265. Miller, Lacy (P48908)
266. Miller, Virginia (P48907)
267. Mills, Henry (P48710
268. Mills, John (P48711
269. Mills, Tommie (P48705worker
270. Millner, W. A. (P48333
271. Minion, Eliza (P48623)
272. Minor, Nannie (P48870)
273. Mobley, Will (P48841)
274. Monroe, Edna (P48889)
275. Monroe, Lillie (P48891
276. Monroe, Lucy (P48890)
277. Moon, John (P48699)
278. Moon, Mary (P48837)
279. Moore, James (P48892) worker
280. Moore, May (P48883)
281. Moore, Tom (P48808)
282. Morris, Cora (P48909)
283. Morris, F. M. (P48911)
284. Morris, Susie (P48910)
285. Murray, Cora (P48334)
286. Nelson, Virginia (P48875)
287. Newton, Blake (P48912)
288. Nightengale, Richard (P48810)
289. Norris, Fannie (P48874)
290. Norris, Lucy (P48913)
291. Norris, Vergie (P48914)
292. O'Neal Twins (Untitled) (P48262
293. Oliver, Mrs. Grace (P48731)
294. Ortman, Randolf (P48251) - see Elna Good [horses]
295. Page, Mrs. S. M. (P48314) - group photo
296. Palmer, Bennie (P48632)
297. Parker, Louis (P48760)
298. Parr, William J. and Irvine W. (portrait labeled "Parr Wholesale House Charlottesville")
299. Payne, Carrie (P48768) *Interview: Walter A. Payne, Sr.
300. Payne, Lillie Miss (P48633)

301. Payne, Lizzie (P48769)
302. Payne, Mamie (P48807) - see Tom Moore
303. Payne, Percy (P48806)
304. Pendleton, Ora (P48687)
305. Perkins, Mrs. Allen (P48926)
306. Perry, Lucy (P48848)
307. Peter, Mrs. G. F. (P48904) [horses]
308. Porter, Horace (P48016) - employee of Holsinger
309. Porter, Jane (P48884)
310. Porter, Mrs. Josephine (P48885)
311. Powell, Sally (P48770
312. Preston, Albert (P48658
313. Ragland, Alice (P48631
314. Ragland, Homer (P48630) DZ
315. Ragland, P. H. (P48815)

316. Rand, Mr. (P48771)
317. Randolph, A. L. (P48825
318. Randolph, Rebecca (P48305)
319. Reed, J. C. (P48842)
320. Reeves, Irene (P48843)
321. Robertson, Frank (P48844) WWI
322. Ross, Cora (P48260)

323. Ross, Lula (P48263)
324. Ross, Mercer (P48922)
325. Royster, Randolph (P48923)
326. Rutherford, Amos (P48924)
327. Sanders, Edith (P48854)
328. Scott, Dan (P48934)
329. Scott, E. J. (P48935)
330. Scott, Florine (P48937)
331. Scott, Helen (P48936)
332. Scott, H. M. (P49003)
333. Scott, Ida (P48620)
334. Scott, Irene H. (P49005)  
335. Scott, J. G. (P49004)  
336. Scott, Mattie (P49006
337. Seay, Reverend G. O. (P48304)
338. Sellers, Thomas (P48845)
339. Sibly, E. O. (P48925)
340. Simms, Martha (P48947)  
341. Simpson, James (P49007)
342. Slaughter, Cynthia (P48534)  
343. Slaughter, Frank (P48784
344. Slaughter, Katie (P48701

345. Smith, Floyd (P48940
346. Smith, Mrs. G. D. (P48941
347. Smith, Miss Mabel (P48876

348. Smith, Rose (P48938)
349. Smith, Sallie (P48611)
350. Smith, Susie (P48939)
351. Smith, Will (P48252) worker
352. Smith twins (Untitled) (P48264)
353. Sniper, Nina (P48732)
354. Spears, Mr. and Mrs. (P48231
355. Spears, Charles (P48733)
356. Spears, Peggy (Peggy Ragland Brown Spears)  (P48231
357. Spinner, Amelia (P48270DZ
358. Stark, Orbrey (P48696)

359. Stepp, Linwood (P48696)
360. Suben, Herbert (P48850)
361. Surber, Buttler (P48253worker
362. Swann, Lillian (P48839)
363. Tazewell, A. B. (P48838
364. Terrell, Tom (P48716
365. Thomson, Ellie (P48919) worker
366. Tibbs, Frank (P48918
367. Timberlake, Nathan (P48840)
368. Tompkins, James (P48915)
369. Tonsler, Benjamin Ellis (P48621DZ 
370. Tracey, Charlie (P48920)

371. Trotter, Mr. (photograph of nanny) (P48504N
372. Turner, Bentia (P48809)
373. Turner, Hester (P48703)
374. Underwood, Mrs. (P48321)
375. Underwood, Kab (P48712)
376. Walke, J. (P48928)
377. Walker, Clara (P48917)
378. Walker, Cora (P48927)
379. Walker, Hugh (P48916)
380. Walker, J. L. (P48702)
381. Ward, Mrs. D. J. (P48698)
382. Ward, D. J. (P48697)
383. Washington, Alfred (P48988)
384. Washington, Clara (P48987)
385. Washington, Elsworth (P48989
386. Washington, Grace (P48990
387. Washington, R. (P48708)
388. Washington, Sallie (P48991
389. Washington, Tal (P48992
390. Washington, Tillie (P48992


1. Untitled family (H18527A)
2. Untitled 100 Barbour Drive (U00332B)
3. Untitled couple (X02096A)
4. Untitled man (X06609A)  
5. Untitled woman (U00091A)
6. Untitled woman (U00397B)
7. Untitled woman (X05064A)
8. Untitled infant (X07230A)
9. Untitled infant (X05311A)
10. Untitled young man (X05624A)
11. Untitled young man (X04344A)
12. Untitled children (X03436A)
13. Untitled group fox hunt (U00064A)
14. Untitled young man (X02456A2)
15. Untitled young man (U03921A)
16. Untitled man (X00517A)
17. Untitled infant (X00494A1)
18. Untitled infant (X02695A)
19. Untitled two boys (X00859A)
20. Untitled barbecue (Y1911B1)

[Untitled deceased woman (Y21555B) by son Ralph W. Holsinger]
[Untitled man (Y08216B) by son Ralph W. Holsinger]
[Untitled men (Y21618B) by son Ralph W. Holsinger]
[Untitled man with horse (Y13016B2) by son Ralph W. Holsinger]

1. Davis, Mrs. Hugh (X02920A) N
2. Gill, S. W. (X01531B)
3. Magee, U. H. (X02398A1) N
4. J. E Shepherd (X03352A)  N

5. Golden Wedding Anniversary, Moss KW (X04604AB)
6. Mrs. C. W. Durrett KW (X04345B)
7. Teacher Training Class Baptist (X06270B) KW 
(*Comparison: Jackson Davis)


The photographs are included here in that, although not a posed portrait of African Americans, they show actual interactions between white and black citizens at a time when segregation due to Jim Crow laws was in play. They are highly valuable in providing "visual evidence" of that lived environment.
1. "Log Cabin Ivy, Albemarle County"
2. "Familiar Faces the Corner, Charlottesville"Brown, William and Charles (P48230)
3. "Charlottesville and Albemarle Railway Company Machine" 
4. "Parr Wholesale House Charlottesville" KW
5. "West Main Street Charlottesville"
6. "Southern Railroad Views Charlottesville"
7. "Charlottesville Canning Factory"
8. "Phi Gamma Delta University of Virginia - Fraternity"
9. "Horse Show Pictures"
10. "Chesapeake and Ohio Railroad, Crozet Train Station Albemarle County"
11. "West Main Street"
12. "New Morbies Group and Banquet" KW
13. "Chamber of Commerce Charlottesville"
14. "Pigeon Farm Egan"
15. "Lyndall Apartments Charlottesville"
16. Good, Elna (P48836) - see Randolf Ortman [horses]
17. "Fire House Banquet Charlottesville"
18. "Convict Camp"
19. "St. Paul's Church Choir"
20. Untitled Church Exterior KW
21. "Main Street Parade Charlottesville"
22. "Humane Society Charlottesville"
23. "Covesville Orchard Albemarle County" / "Mountain Orchard Company"
24. "Camp Blue Ridge"
25. "Road Scenes Betts and Boyce"
26. "Charlottesville and Albemarle Railway Company Power Plant"
27. "Schulyer, Nelson County"
28. "Henry Thomas Boiler Charlottesville"
29. "Employee Dinner Charlottesville and Albemarle Railway Company"
30. "Monticello Gatehouse" 

31. "Rufus W. Holsinger Portrait" KW
32. Lovegrove Milling Company Charlottesville KW
33. LaRowe Pool Room, UVA KW
34. Surgical Amphitheater, University of Virginia Hospital   
35. Horse (With House)
36. 1908 and 1913 Clan Barbecue 
37. Parade, Main Street (Staunton)

[- "Cinder Block Corporation" by son Ralph W. Holsinger]
[- National Bank Building Under Construction KW by son Ralph W. Holsinger]
[- "Esso Service Station, Charlottesville" by son Ralph W. Holsinger]

38. "Jefferson High School Football Team" (year unknown; between 1920-39):
- Allen, Carol
- Brown, William "Shortie"
- Bynum, Alfred
- Dabney, Bernard
- Edgar, Mr. James "Wop" (Coach)
- Fortune, Earl "Cap"
- Henderson, Grover
- Henderson, Nannie
- Jackson, Charles L.
- Jackson, William Cox
- Johnson, Carl
- Johnson, DuBois
- Kelly, Raleigh
- Lee, Charles "Chink"
- Lewis, Billy "Goat"
- Locket, John
- Martin, Thomas
- McCreavy, Edward
- Quartermain, Lloyd
- Sellers, Phillip
- Stratton, Dr. Edward W. (team physician)
- Thomas, Beverly "Pep"
- Wicks, Carter "Red"