This exhibit in the cellar of Pavilion X is intended to share additional layers of University of Virginia history.

    Here we encounter a history more complex than the celebration of Thomas Jefferson’s 19th century architectural vision, with its innovative “Academical Village” crowned by an iconic rotunda. We reveal a reality beyond the lovingly preserved pavilions designed for faculty comfort and the prestigious lawn and range rooms for student convenience. We uncover facts more challenging than the revisionist mid-20th century transformation of the walled yards where enslaved people labored into the beautiful pavilion gardens that we enjoy at leisure today.

    These fresh layers tell the stories that have often not been told, stories deemed less important to remember, stories about people whose humanity we have stubbornly failed to value. These stories enrich our understanding of our university, our history, and ourselves.

The above excerpt is the opening lines from the welcome statement of Ian H. Solomon, Dean of the Frank Batten School of Leadership and Public Policy at the University of Virginia and current resident of Pavilion X, inviting visitors to explore a newly installed exhibit in the central basement hallway of Pavilion X. The following images represent the primary panels of that exhibition and can be explored in full by clicking to expand them.

Pavilion X Welcome Statement
Pavilion X ConstructionRead "Construction" Pavilion X First Faculty ResidentRead "First Faculty Resident" Pavilion X Fanny HernRead "Frances 'Fanny' Gillette Hern" Pavilion X EnslaversRead "Enslavers - Davis, Tucker, and Minor"
Pavilion X Daily LifeRead "Daily Life" Pavilion X UVA Law CommunityRead "UVA Law Community" Pavilion X ViolenceRead "Violence" Pavilion X John B. MinorRead "John B. Minor, the Civil War and Slavery"

Photographs of the exhibition:

Pavilion X Render GalleryPavilion X c. 1825 Reconstruction
Render Gallery
Pavilion X Photograph GalleryPavilion X
Photograph Gallery
Pavilion X Kitchen 360 "Then and Now" Panorama
Pavilion X Kitchen
"Then and Now" 360 Panorama
Pavilion X Quarters 360 "Then and Now" Panorama
Pavilion X Quarters
"Then and Now" 360 Panorama
Pavilion X Hallway 360 "Then and Now" Panorama
Pavilion X Hallway
"Then and Now" 360 Panorama
Pavilion X Workyard 360 "Then and Now" Panorama
Pavilion X Workyard
"Then and Now" 360 Panorama

Research Team:
Ian Iverson
Kirt von Daacke
Ashley Schmidt
Louis Nelson
Meggan Cashwell
Randi Flaherty
Loren Moulds
Addie Patrick
Modeling and Technology Team:
Lauren Massari
Shayne Brandon
Worthy Martin
Artistic Design:
Anne Chesnut