Crackerbox Photograph Gallery

The Crackerbox is one of the few surviving outbuildings of the Academical Village and may date from as early as 1826. The small, two-story building is located behind Hotel F on the East Range, and served as both a kitchen and quarters for the hotelkeeper's slaves. Originally, the building would have been enclosed by the serpentine walls belonging to the Hotel F garden. Recent excavations located foundations on the north side of the building, providing physical evidence of additions shown in 19th and early 20th century maps, but the current building most likely represents the original footprint. The occupation history of the Crackerbox is unclear, but it likely served as a kitchen through the 1800s, as an automobile garage sometime prior to 1929, and in 1960, once extensively renovated, was converted into the two-student-room dormitory it is today.

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