NEW: Holsinger and Contemporaries Photography

NEW: Document viewer (via IIIF)

African-American Servants / UVA Employees

University of Virginia Cemetery 

Confederate Alumni, July 1912

Wills, Estate Appraisement, and Property

Henry Martin Photos and Interview (1914 Corks and Curls), page 1 / page 2 / page 3

The Anatomical Theatre Photograph Gallery

Faculty and Student Portraits

Maps and Engravings of the Academical Village

Rotunda Photograph Gallery

Pavilion I Photograph Gallery

Pavilion II Photograph Gallery

Pavilion III Photograph Gallery

Pavilion IV Photograph Gallery

Pavilion V Photograph Gallery

Pavilion VI Photograph Gallery

Pavilion VII Photograph Gallery

Pavilion VIII Photograph Gallery

Pavilion IX Photograph Gallery

Pavilion X Photograph Gallery

Hotel A Photograph Gallery

Hotel C Photograph Gallery

Hotel D Photograph Gallery

Hotel E Photograph Gallery

Hotel F Photograph Gallery

Crackerbox Photograph Gallery

Mrs. Gray's Kitchen Photograph Gallery

Rotunda Render Gallery

Pavilion I Render Gallery

Pavilion II Render Gallery

Pavilion III Render Gallery

Pavilion IV Render Gallery

Pavilion V Render Gallery

Pavilion VI Render Gallery

Garden VI Outbuildings Render Gallery

Pavilion VII Render Gallery

Pavilion VIII Render Gallery

Pavilion IX Render Gallery

Pavilion X Render Gallery

Hotel A Render Gallery

Hotel C Render Gallery

Hotel D Render Gallery

Hotel E Render Gallery

Hotel F Render Gallery

Anatomical Theatre Render Gallery

The Mews Render Gallery

Crackerbox Render Gallery

Mrs. Gray's Kitchen Render Gallery

The Anatomical Theatre Render Gallery


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