Hotel F Render Gallery

Construction of Hotel F began in 1821 and was completed in October 1822. William B. Phillips, a brick mason, and George Wilson Spooner Jr., a carpenter, built Hotel F. The Hotel went through four extensive renovations. The first renovation was the replacement of the roof of the student rooms in 1835 due to a leaking problem. The second renovation was the construction of Levering Hall, an dining room extension, in 1857. The third renovation happened in 1858, raising the floor by ten inches to eliminate the dampness that led to a typhoid fever outbreak in 1856. The last major renovation was in 1953 to update the building's infrastructure. Throughout history, three different names were used for Hotel F. In 1818, John Neilson addressed Hotel F as Hotel E in his drawing. From 1821 to 1825, Hotel F was known as Hotel C. It was not until after 1825 that the building was referred to as Hotel F, as it's known today. There were seven hotelkeepers recorded as living in Hotel F since 1825. The last hotelkeeper was William Jefferies. His term ended in 1874 when Hotel F became a messing club for students. In 1884, the Hotel served as faculty housing, with Professor Dunnington as a resident. In 1885, Levering Hall was used as a gymnasium. In 1893, Levering Hall was converted into a dormitory, while Hotel F was used as a fraternity house starting around 1898.
Hotels served as dining and entertaining houses for the students. Hotelkeepers were obligated to provide daily services for students, not only meals but also bedding, furniture, candles, washing, and menial duties. They were in charge of owning or renting enslaved individuals and hiring free blacks to complete these tasks. Hotelkeepers also acted as faculty, responsible for reporting actions, as well as misconduct of students.
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