Pavilion IV Render Gallery

Pavilion IV was constructed on the East Lawn in the mid-1820s, making it one of the first structures to be completed at the University. Pavilion IV was constructed under Richard Ware, a Philadelphia builder, who also oversaw Pavilions II and VI. The design is based on the Doric order, with the front facade resembling a Doric temple. The windows on the facade are triple sash, the same type of windows used at Monticello. 

The pavilion was a residence for professors of Modern Languages since it opened for occupation in 1825, but was converted into an office for the university's first president, Edwin Alderman, in 1904. The first resident of Pavilion IV, and perhaps most notorious, was George Blaetterman. He made significant changes to the Pavilion, including the addition of a smokehouse and porch which are no longer existing, and painting the exterior with a red color, which is partially visible today. He may also have been responsible for moving the front door out of the center bay to the north bay, where it remains.

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