New Era Studio / Gitchell's Studio
    by J Munro


The New Era Studio (also referred to as Gitchell's Studio) was a photography studio located at 403 E Main Street, Charlottesville. The exact years of its operation are not yet known; it was in operation during 1914-15, as evident from information in the Charlottesville City Directory. Note that earlier, in 1905, Seabrook Bros. (CB1143) Studio was also located at 403 E. Main Street, Charlottesville.

This photograph by Holsinger, interestingly enough, shows the building signage for the New Era Studio. The photograph is entitled, "Reynolds-Zink Hardware Company Charlottesville" and was taken on July 14, 1916 - whether the company was still in business or not, however, is still to be confirmed. 

Reynolds-Zink Hardware Company Charlottesville

The Directory has several listings about the New Era / Gitchell's Studio:

1. Under the alphabetical listing, Gitchell, we see the family owners/operators Clara, Frank, and John Gitchell.
"Gitchell Clara M Miss (New Era Studio), h Locust Grove"
"Gitchell Frank L (New Era Studio), h Locust Grove"
"Gitchell John D (New Era Studio), h Locust Grove" 

2. An alphabetical listing "New Era Studio (J D, F L and C M Gitchell), photos, amateur supplies and finishings" (p.143), below:

3. Two listings under the "Photographers" heading (p.228):



Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15 [Hathi Trust]

- "Reynolds-Zink Hardware Company Charlottesville," 1916-07-14, University of Virginia Catalogue (X04317B1)

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