----, RACHEL
    by Julia Munro


Rachel (last name unknown), female. She was owned by John Barbee Minor (P22874), as detailed in an 1863 tax list and 1865 letter.

The May 11, 1863 financial records contain a list of John B. Minor's slaves, including Rachel, who is stated to be 51 (thus putting her birth year at 1812). The following 21 slaves were listed: 

Rachel, 51 P48415
John, 9 P48418
Mary, 29 P48419
Albert, 10 P48420

Charles, 8 P48421
Elizabeth, 7 P48422
Susan, 6 P48423
Kitty, 27 P48424
Burr, 7 P48425
Mary, 4 P48426
John, 2 P48427
Nancy, 42 P48428
Elsy, 10 P48429
Julia Ann, 8 P48430
Adelaide, 2 P48435
Edward, 2 "Died May 7, Gradual Decline" P48436
Simon, 46 (50) P48437
Ellen, 20 P48438
Isaiah, 3 mths ("Born Feb. 1863") P48439
Charles 39 P48440
Patsy 19 P48441

The 1865 letter, "[?] To Aunt [?] March 8, 1865" details the Union Army’s occupation of Charlottesville, written by one of John B. Minor's (P22874) daughters (which one is to be determined) to an Aunt (which one also to be determined):

Father (P22874) in the meantime, was intent on preserving the public property [of the university] & left us to shift for ourselves – very soon two stragglers appeared whose purpose was evidently to plunder, & if they had not been ‘so fearlessly confronted by cousin Nannie (P48204), would have carried their point – She rose to the emergency, & presenting herself just as they were in close confront with Rachel (P48415) demanded their business – They wanted to know where the man of the house was, if he had ever been in the army & if he had any arms, - on being told that Father was talking with their Genl. (P48969) they vanished – Not however, before they had secretly enquired of Rachel as to whether we had watches, to which she replied that she “didn’t know nothing I stay in the kitchen” -


More information about Rachel will be added as it is discovered. 



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"____ To Aunt ____March 8 1865"



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Davis-Preston-Saunders Papers [Manuscript], 1840-1930, University of Virginia Special Collections Library, MSS 4591






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