"After having carefully read the laws of the University of Virginia, I subscribe myself a student thereof: I enter the University with a sincere desire to reap the benefits of its instruction, and with a determined resolution to conform to its laws. In testimony whereof, I herewith subscribe my name." - earliest written pledge in the Proctor's
Matriculation Book, February 1, 1827

From the initial class of sixty-eight students in 1825 (as entered in the Proctor's Matriculation Book), through to the first years of graduates following the Civil War, JUEL provides the records and means to identify students of the University of Virginia, from 1819 to 1870. At present, you can search the JUEL database by student name or Key (individual identification number), or read a variety of notable events, including student infractions, in the Essays section. 

Additionally, Jean L. Cooper's site, Students of the University of Virginia, provides biographies for a great number of students from 1819 to 1874, and is based on her Index of Students of the University of Virginia, 1825-1874 (Shortwood Press, 2011).