by J Munro

JUEL ID/KEY: P44621 
Anon0003, a free woman, is mentioned in the Chairman's Journals entry for March 11, 1836:
"I was informed to day by Mr. Penci (P43877) that the servants in the University are in the habit of furnishing expensive suppers to the students; & that a small negro boy (P46981) who is often going about selling apples to the students, frequently carries breakfast to their rooms, in his covered basket, which I supposed contained nothing but apples. This boy belonging to no one in the University, but living with a free woman (P44621), the wife of Dr. Magill's (P43655) servant (P44622), in the basement of Mr. Roger's (P43658) house [Pavilion VI, PL8458], I had him sent out of the University immediately."
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- Chairman's Journals, March 11, 1836, Session 12
2. Library Call Numbers/Bibliographic Records
Journals of the Chairman of the Faculty [Manuscript], 1827-1864. University of Virginia Library. Call Number: RG-19/1/2.041
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