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    by J Munro


Ben, male (last name unknown), is described in the Faculty Minutes (June 18, 1825) as a "black man, [who] was in the habit of selling spirituous Liquor in the cellar of one of the Pavilions."

Most certainly, this man Ben is also the same servant referred to in an earlier letter from Chairman of the Faculty Robley Dunglison (P43624) to Proctor A. S. Brockenbrough (P43627), dated May 17, 1825. In it, Dunglison states, "At a meeting of the faculty held this day it was resolved. . .That it having been communicated to the Faculty that a lame negro, named 'Ben,' is selling fermented liquor in the cellar of Pavilion No. 1, the Proctors attention be called to the circumstance."




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Faculty Minutes, Session 1 (June 18, 1825)

- Letter from Robley Dunglison to A. S. Brockenbrough, May 17, 1825


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