by J Munro

John Taylor, male (last name unknown). Sometimes called "John." Owned by Mr. Edwin Conway (P43888), hotelkeeper of Hotel A (PL8432) in the 1830s. He is mentioned in a review of the hotels in the Faculty Minutes of 1834: 
"The students have never complained of bad washing, or of having lost any clothing. [Mr. Conway] hires John Taylor (P43933), but twenty-two of his boarders give him extra pay. John waits only on those students who hire him. When the students first proposed to hire John, he (Mr. Conway) told them it was not right to do so, and asked the Proctor, in the presence of several of them, if it was not contrary to the enactments. He says, he believes the students on whom John has heretofore waited, have given him more than they have other servants."
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Faculty Minutes, February 3, 1834, Session 10 
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Minutes of the General Faculty, February 3, 1834, vol. 3. University of Virginia Library. Call Number: RG-19/1/1.461
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