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Catherine (Kitty) Foster, adult female. Born between 1790 and 1795, Kitty (as she was known by) Foster was a free black woman who purchased property in 1833 in the community south of the University known as "Canada" (PL8529). Her name appears sporadically in University documents; she was paid for washing clothing and, more often, her name comes up in references to student misconduct (that is, students frequenting Kitty Foster's neighborhood). For example, the Faculty Minutes record an incident on May 31, 1834 when, on the 22nd, "four or five [students] had visited several houses in the neighbourhood, where they had conducted themselves in a disorderly manner. They had thrown down several flower pots at Kitty Foster's, and then proceeded to the house of Mr. Vandergriff (P44032), where they threw stones at a dog tied in the yard."
Her property remained in family hands until 1906; today, a memorial stands at the location of her home. Details of her property and descendents can be read in her 1859 Will (see "Catherine Foster's Will," pages 32 and 33: four images total). 
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Faculty Minutes, May 31, 1834, Session 10 
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Minutes of the General Faculty, May 31, 1834, vol. 3. University of Virginia Library. Call Number: RG-19/1/1.461
African American Historic Sites Database: Kitty Foster's Homestead and Cemetary
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