by Julia Munro

Lawrence (last name unknown), male, adult. Owned by Mr. Edwin Conway (P43888), hotelkeeper of Hotel A (PL8432). He's mentioned in a complaint recorded in the Faculty Minutes: "The Proctor had reported that in Mr. Conway's district the servant Lawrence had been negligent in cleaning the arcades, having swept the offall upon the Lawn, and allowed the ashes &c from the fires used in kindling in the morning to remain on the arcades for days together" (January 8, 1838). The incident was mentioned once more at the following faculty meeting of January 10, 1838: 
"Mr. Conway (P43888) appeared before the Faculty and stated, that during the holyday week whilst Lawrence was absent, the facts occurred as reported by the Proctor- but that since that time as well as before every practicable care was observed- He thinks the Proctor must have had reference in his report to the holyday week- as he had himself remarked to Mr. Conway that he thought very particular care had been taken in cleaning throughout his district- A motion was made seconded and passed that the Proctor be sent for- He appeared and stated in confirmation of what Mr. Conway(P43888) had said, that he had in general been more careful in having his district kept clean than the other Hotel Keepers- That the facts reported by him occurred during the holyday week-."
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Faculty Minutes, January 8, 1838, Session 14 
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Minutes of the General Faculty, January 8, 1838, vol. 5. University of Virginia Library. Call Number: RG-19/1/1.461
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