by Julia Munro


Anon0010, female, was described as the victim of assault in the 1826 Faculty Minutes, in an account that shows how slaves were treated on par with other property of their owners:

"Mr. Turner Dixon (P43469), Student, was informed that the faculty had evidence that he was one of the party who made an attack upon Mr. Crawford's (P43843house. . .He acknowledged the fact and stated further that he was one who, upon Mr. Crawford using abusive language, threw a stone at the house, and farther that he was present when Mr. Crawford's servant woman was stripped of her clothes by the Students and advised them to desist. . .Mr. George Hoffman (P30227), Student, admitted that he was with the party who made the attack upon Mr. Crawford's House; did not at all assist; but even made exertions to stop the Students; acknowledges his having been with the party who insulted and stripped the servant girl of her clothes that this was done under the impression that she was one of the women who had infected the Students with disease; that Mr. Crawford had agreed to compromise for the sum of $10."

"It was moved and carried, that Messrs. Turner Dixon and George Hoffman, having been implicated in an indecent outrage upon a female and in an attack upon Crawford's house be reprimanded at the heads of their classes and that their parents of guardians be informed of their conduct; that it be stated, in the reprimand , that the faculty is inflicting so light a punishment, having taken into consideration that the parties appeared sorry for the offence committed, and had promptly, of their own accord, made a reparation which was accepted by the injured Party."

"Mr. Key (P43622) voted in the negative upon the foregoing motion "because he thinks the case should be left to the civil authority and, that, if the Faculty do act, they should act with more severity. Dr. Emmet (P43625) also voted against the foregoing motion from a belief that it does not exhibit sufficient severity for the offences."



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Faculty Minutes, September 20, 1826, Session 2


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Minutes of the General Faculty, September 1826. Volume 1. University of Virginia Library. Call Number: RG-19/1/2.041 v.1-4, Box 1



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