by Julia Munro

Patsy Fossett is known for her having been owned by Thomas Jefferson (P43611) and Professor Charles Bonnycastle (P43623). Records of Monticello state that she was born on May 11, 1810, making her seventeen years old at the date of the Monticello (PL8532) dispersal sale, on September 29, 1827, following Thomas Jefferson's death (on July 4, 1826). At the sale, Jefferson's estate, including 140 slaves, were put up for sale. Patsy Fossett was bought by Charles Bonnycastle for $395; it is unknown as of yet how long she remained in his service, although she was not named as part of his household in his Will of 1841 (following his death on October 31, 1840). 
Patsy's parents were both slaves at Monticello as well: her mother, Edith (Edy) Hearn was a cook and her father, Joseph (Joe) Fossett was a blacksmith. Joseph was one of a few slaves freed by Thomas Jefferson. Unfortunate yet typical of slave sales at the time, the Fossett family was broken up and dispersed by the auction. Patsy was one of eight children who, along with their mother, were bought by four different masters.
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"Sale of Monticello." Melvin Urfosky, 2001. 
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