by Julia Munro

James Brockman is mentioned several times in the Proctor's Daybook, in entries that describe his role as overseer. An entry dated February 24, 1823 was for $6.50, for "Labour acct. draft to A. J. Brockenbrough (P43627) for this sum paid to James Brockman for his expenses to Louisa (PL4338) [town in Virginia, for] hiring laborers." A February 21, 1824 entry for $120.00 states, "Labour acct. draft to Overseer acct. for Js. Brockman services 1823." The remaining entries indicate his role in overseeing services related to slaves:

  • February 7, 1824: "Labour acct. for draft to Js. Brockman for this sum for Mary Collins (P47208) for making clothes for laborer $2.00"


  • January 8, 1826: "James Brockman for hire of Humphry (P47035) [owned by James Nelson (P47034)], draft J. Nelson (P47034), $37.50 Bond"


  • August 6, 1828: "Sundries draft to A. S. Brockenbrough Labour acct. for cash paid J. Brockman for making John's (P47207) clothes $0.75" 

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