by Julia Munro

Anon0047, male (name unknown), youth. Described as a "boy" and "negro" in a June 25, 1833 entry in the Chairman's Journals. The entry records the complaint of student Archibald Cary (P41338), who presumably lived nearby Dr. Blaettermann (P43621) and his family, the latter of whom lived in Pavilion IV (PL8450) from 1825 to 1838: 
"Archibald Cary complained that the boys of Dr. Blaettermann's family were so constantly engaged in playing on the violin that he was unable to study he [79] said that on his complaining, they seemed to play more loudly & frequently and that he had applied to Dr. Blaettermann himself for relief, but he had refused to interfere. He was told that the Faculty possessed no power over any member of their body and that so far as his complaint was well founded, the Visitors alone were competent to remove the cause. It was thought to be an aggravation of the nuisance that one of the boys was a negro who was receiving instructions in music."
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Chairman's Journals, June 25, 1833, session 9  
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Proctor's Daybook [Manuscript], 1821-1828. University of Virginia Library. RG-5/3/2.102
Journals of the Chairman of the Faculty [Manuscript], 1827-1864. University of Virginia Library. Call Number: RG-19/1/2.041
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