by Julia Munro

JUEL ID/KEY: P47369 

Anon0048, male, adult; a servant of Mr. Edwin Conway (P43888), the Hotelkeeper of Hotel A (PL8432) from 1825 to 1845. The Chairman describes questioning the servant about smuggling liquor to students in an entry in the Chairman's Journals dated February 17, 1837:


"Today on examining a basket which one of Mr. Conway's servants was bringing into the University, I found two bottles, one of rum, & the other of whiskey, which he said were for himself. I have no doubt that the rum at least, & most probably the whiskey also, were for students. The Proctor, whom I informed of the circumstances & requested occasionally to examine the baskets [etc.] brought by the servants into the University, reported to me in the evening, that he had just detected two of Mrs. Gray's servants, one bringing into the University a bottle of rum & the other a bottle of wine; which they stated to be for themselves. 


As, if the Hotel servants are allowed to bring spirituous or vinous liquors within the precincts for themselves, they will whenever detected bringing them for students say they are for themselves, it is necessary that they shall be prohibited from bringing them at all. And as we cannot well enforce the prohibition by action against the servants themselves, we must in some manner make the master responsible for its violation. I shall therefore propose to the Faculty, to pass a resolution declaring that if any Hotel servant shall bring within the precincts any vinous or spirituous liquors, except by the order of his master, or shall have any such liquors within the precincts, the Hotelkeeper will be required immediately to dismiss him from the University." 




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Chairman's Journals, February 17, 1837, Session 13



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Journals of the Chairman of the Faculty [Manuscript], 1827-1864. University of Virginia Library. Call Number: RG-19/1/2.041



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