by Julia Munro


Stephen Coram was a freed man of colour who lived in the area surrounding the university. He is mentioned in the John Hartwell Cocke papers in a discussion between John Hartwell Cocke (P43616) and Alexander Garrett about the purchase of property once owned by Robert Battles (P47363). Garrett writes, "I fear you are too late in urging Nelson to make the purchase of the mulattos who hold the remainder of Battles’s original lot, I know you did desire Nelson to make the purchase. . . yet I understood from Dinsmore on yesterday, that he had purchased Coram out; (Coram you will recollect holds one acre at the upper end of the lot opposite Dinsmore’s gate) whether it is on his own account or for you I cannot positively say . . ." (c. 1825). 




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Robert Battles and John Hartwell Cocke Deed March 8, 1825 



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