by Julia Munro

The Alumni Bulletin: An Overview of Topics, 1894-1915 

The Alumni Bulletin periodical was first published May 1894. It was begun, according to the editorial, to meet:

. . .the positive demand for some medium through which the University of Virginia may indicate or express the lively and abiding interest and pride she feels, and has always felt, in the distinguished careers of her devoted sons; through which the Alumni may from time to time bear witness to their loyalty, upon which the weal of the University depends; and through which friends of the long ago may learn of each other, that the joyous associations of frank, unselfish youth may be revived, as memory starts at the mention of a name and imagination retouches the pictures of a happy student life. Alumni Bulletin, 1.1 (May 1894): 9

The quarterly was published continuously from 1894 to 1900; then, from 1902 to 1922. Of the many topics covered in the Bulletin, the following are of particular relevance to the scope of JUEL: 

- The Civil War (related: The Confederate Alumni, June 1912 Image Gallery)

- Construction, Buildings, and Landscapes of the University 

- Development of University / Thomas Jefferson

- Early Alumni: 1826-1870

- Early Faculty: 1826-1870

- Staff and Family 1826-1870

- Miscellaneous

- Slavery/Reconstruction