Alumni Bulletin Topics: Staff and Family 1826-1870
    by Julia Munro

The selections below are articles that mention early staff members and family of the alumni and faculty of the University, drawn from the Alumni Bulletin from 1894 to 1915. Clicking on the links will take you to the full-text, digitized scans of the articles.  

Alumni Bulletin Vol.1 (May 1894-Feb 1895):

Alumni Bulletin Vol. 2 (May 1895-Feb 1896)

Alumni Bulletin Vol. 3 (May 1896-Feb 1897)

Alumni Bulletin Vol. 4 (May 1897-Feb 1898)

Alumni Bulletin Vol. 5 (May 1898-Feb 1899)

Alumni Bulletin Vol. 6 (May 1899-Feb 1900)

Alumni Bulletin New Series Vol. 2 (1902) 

Alumni Bulletin New Series Vol. 4 (1904)

Bulletins of the University of Virginia New Series Vol. 6.1 (May 1906). 

Alumni Bulletin
 New Series Vol. 7 (1907)

Alumni Bulletin
3rd Series Vol. 1 (1908)

Alumni Bulletin
 3rd Series Vol. 2 (1909)

Alumni Bulletin 3rd Series Vol. 8 (1915)


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