by Julia Munro

Uncle Peter, adult male (last name unknown). A biographical article on Henry Martin, perhaps the most well-known of African American employees of the University of Virginia in the nineteenth century, mentions other employees who also worked in the capacity of janitors, mechanicians, and the like. The 1915 article quotes a passage in College Topics that describes Martin as "one of the best type of the negro of the old South . . . [with] none of the buffoonery of that almost equally famous University character, 'Uncle Peter'" (600). The quote reflects more on the attitudes of the time period than on the actual individuals; more information about Uncle Peter will be added as found in other JUEL records. 
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Patton, John S. "Henry Martin, 1826-1915." Alumni Bulletin ser.3 vol. 8 (October 1915), pp.597-602.
- Transcript of Patton's "Henry Martin, 1826-1915" here
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