----, DICK
    by Julia Munro

Dick (last name unknown), adult male, is mentioned in student Charles Ellis's Diary. Ellis, who boarded at Hotel E while at the University in 1835-6, mentions servant Dick or "Old Dick." It is unclear who owned Dick, though likely he worked for Hotel E, which was owned by Mrs. Sarah Carter Gray (P43865) at the time. In an entry dated Sunday December 6, 1835, Ellis writes, ". . .Dick then brought me a snack had several men in to assist-me in demolishing it, which was quickenly done, but getting rid of my visitors was not so easily done. . ." Next, on Thursday December 31, 1835, Ellis writes, "Was rather mortified on finding that I had slept till nearly nine O’clock and thereby lost my breakfast, however took it in pretty good humor, and after having dressed, ordered a breakfast from old Dick, a famous hand for procuring suppers, snacks, and other such articles of a student’s wants."
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Charles Ellis Diary, edited transcription, 1835
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Ellis, Charles. Diaries and Letters [Manuscript], 1834-6. Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. MSS 8745
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