by Julia Munro


Trimpson (last name unknown), adult male. He was mentioned in a March 30, 1831 Chairman's Journal entry: "Servants gambling. Servant, named Thornton (P44757), who was whipped for theft, and turned away from the University, last session, was found by the Janitor, playing cards with Mrs. Gray's (P43865servant Albert (P46978), and Mr. Brockenbrough’s (P43627) man Trimpson (P47794). This affair was referred to the Proctor and Asst. Proctor."

Arthur Spice Brockenbrough (A.S.B.) (P43627) was Proctor of the University of Virginia from 1819 to 1831. In this position, particularly during the years of the academical village's construction, he was frequently part of early transactions in hiring slaves, as detailed in his own records in the Proctor's Daybook. Most of the transactions detail his hiring slaves on behalf of the university, while some record payments to overseers involved in procuring slaves for labor. Numerous entries were recorded in his Daybook from 1822 through 1827, involving the slaves Aaron (1826, 1827), Davey (1823, 1825-7), Dick (1827), "hands" (CB0931) (1825), "Harry of A. S. B." (1822), Henry (1822, 1827), "Jack of A. S. B." (1827), John (1827), Moses (1825), Ned (1827), Reubin (1825-6), "Old Sam" or Sam (1822-1827), "Young Sam" or "Sam jr." (1823, 1825-7), Simon (1823, 1825, 1827), and William (1823, 1824).  



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Chairman's Journals, March 30, 1831, Session 7a


Proctor's Daybook=NOT YET DIGITIZED 


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Journals of the Chairman of the Faculty [Manuscript], 1827-1864. University of Virginia Library. Call Number: RG-19/1/2.041


Proctor's Daybook [Manuscript], 1821-1828. Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. RG-5/3/2.102 


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