McCollister, Claudius B.
    by J Munro


Claudius B. McCollister was an employee of  R. W. Holsinger (P48008)working at Holsinger's photography studio in some capacity; dates of employment thus far are only known with certainty to be 1914-15, when he and only one other employee are listed (William E. Eutsler) in the Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15.

Likely he was assisting in setting up the studio, cameras, developing the film, assisting with the sitters, and even operating the camera himself (although Holsinger, as owner of the studio, would be attributed as the photographer, as is typical of the time period). 

The Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15 lists "McCollister Claudius B, photo University Studio h[ome] 715 W Main" (p127). Note that his home address, 715 W Main, is nearby to Holsinger's Studio of 719-721 W Main. Also at this address was Irvin McCollister (below):





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Charlottesville City Directory, 1914-15 [Hathi Trust]


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