Mr. Forbes Kicks a Slave (1834)
    by Emily Richards, Undergraduate Research Assistant (Architecture, 3rd year)

On the morning of January 26, 1834, students William P. Braxton and John M. Forbes asked to receive their breakfast in their dormitories. Their hotel keeper Mr. Rose refused the request but sent his servant, an unnamed male, to fix up the beds.

Frustrated by the refusal and by the servant’s alleged incompetence, Mr. Forbes kicked him and reported to Mr. Rose that if he did not become more competent, he would be forced to report and whip him, as well. Mr. Forbes and Mr. Braxton then went on to Keller’s Confectionary to have their breakfast, since none was served in their rooms.

The faculty felt the boys’ conduct was inappropriate and chose to suspend them for a fortnight. Remarkably, the sentence came exclusively as punishment for their appearance at Keller’s drinking house. No punishment was issued for kicking Mr. Rose’s servant.

University of Virginia. Faculty Minutes. Vol. 3.4 (27 January 1834): n.p.
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Faculty Minutes; Volume III: Part IV: Lines 2537-2565