by Julia Munro


Alexander Garrett was the Bursar of the University of Virginia from 1825 to 1851. In this position he held from the university's start, he was part of early transactions in hiring slaves, as detailed in the Proctor's Daybook:

  • "Bills payable to Dr. A. Garrett, Bursar, for a draft for the payment of the hire of Peter (P47534) for 2 years Bonds taken in - $98.25" (February 5, 1827)
  • "Labour acct. draft to A. Garrett Bsr. for this amount of Susan Maloy (P47535) for making clothes - $8.75"  (February 10, 1827)
  • "Sundries draft to A. Garrett Labour acct. for hire of "hand" ANON0054 (P47536) of A. Garrett - $2.50" (November 12, 1827)

In letters to John Hartwell Cocke (P43616), Garrett also refers to slaves in his possession. In a March 12, 1828 letter, for instance, Garrett writes, "Recollecting your kind offer to give me some of your variety of peaches and supposing this a good time to set them out, I send Harry (P47926) for such as you can with convenience spare."



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Proctor's Daybook=NOT YET DIGITIZED 


Garrett to John Hartwell Cocke, March 12, 1828


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Proctor's Daybook [Manuscript], 1821-1828. Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. RG-5/3/2.102


John Hartwell Cocke Papers [Manuscript], 1725-1949. Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. MSS 640 




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