Winn, Captain John
    by Julia Munro


Captn. John Winn was involved in the sale of slaves with John Hartwell Cocke (P43616). Two items in the John Hartwell Cocke Papers mention Winn: "A List of Hirelings to be Sent to Captn. Winns" (January 1, 1828) and "JH Cocke to Winn, List of Hirings for 1835." It is not stated clearly whether Cocke sold the slaves to Winn; more likely he contracted them out to Winn based on the prices listed (see the links below for full transcripts of the letters). 

The 11 servants total that were to be sent to Captn. Winn in 1828 were: 

Dinah (P47885), Polly (P47886) and "her child anon0064 (P47979) and nurse anon0065 (P47980)," Dilcy (P47887), Bibbianna (P47888), Aggy (P47889), Emily (P47890), Jenny (P47891), Louisa (P47892), and Fanney (P47893).


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- "A List of Hirelings to be sent to Capt. Winn by John Hartwell Cocke 1st Jany 1828"

"JH Cocke to Captn. Winn, List of Hirings for 1835"



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John Hartwell Cocke Papers [manuscript], 1725-1949. Special Collections, University of Virginia Library. MSS640 



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